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03/23/15 1:06am
While teachers and administrators often focus on student's academic needs, a conference this weekend focused more on how to address students' needs as people.
03/23/15 1:04am
This past weekend, a number of Penn students went out into the West Philly community in order to provide services to others. Many returned with the realization that the community had provided a great service to them.
03/19/15 9:42pm
The push for PILOTs has gone from Penn President Amy Gutmann's house to City Hall.
03/05/15 10:51pm
Wilson, 30, was shot at a North Philadelphia GameStop during an attempted robbery Thursday afternoon.
03/05/15 12:42am
On Monday, Harker — currently the president of the University of Delaware — was named the next president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, effective July 1. 
03/04/15 12:56am
The city of Philadelphia will be launching its very own bike-sharing program this spring, akin to those already running in New York City and Washington, D.C. Unique to Philly will be the pricing scheme and, hopefully, the incomes of the customer base.
03/02/15 12:37pm
The decision comes after the SRC approved applications for five new charter schools. Wolf had urged Green to deny all applications. 
02/26/15 12:08pm
The Pennovation Center will contain space for entrepreneurs and startups from both inside and outside Penn.
02/26/15 2:03am
The suit opposes a contract stipulation that lets teachers work for the union while remaining on the district's payroll.
02/26/15 1:46am
The architect of St. Peter's Church also designed Fisher Fine Arts.
02/24/15 1:35am
Abraham is the second candidate to visit Penn this month, following Former City Councilman Jim Kenney’s visit last Tuesday.
01/31/15 10:00am
Penn President Amy Gutmann helped announce the launch of the Young Quakers Community Athletics Program on Franklin Field Thursday evening.
01/29/15 9:36pm
The longtime councilman’s resignation marks the last step before Kenney officially enters the 2015 mayoral race.
01/20/15 10:09pm

Guest Column by Luke Messac | Three steps for our new governor

For too long, the uninsured have gone without life-saving medical treatment or lived in fear of bankruptcy. Survivors fleeing abuse have been forced to sleep in the streets after their last lifeline of state assistance was cut off. The recently laid-off have waited in vain for help at County Assistance Offices.
11/13/14 7:46pm
The first meeting between the Graduate School of Education and the School District of Philadelphia was held yesterday as part of the Shared Solutions research partnership announced in September. The mini-conference held at the School District headquarters brought together about 100 teachers, administrators and community members to discuss current strategies and possible improvements for the district’s school reform efforts.
10/25/14 3:24pm
Before he became a Philadelphia public school principal, Ted Domers learned about how other school leaders ? from private, public and parochial schools ?
10/23/14 2:46am
For the last ten years, Hank Essex has protested against the “corruption and demoralization of America” at the corner of 36th and Walnut every Friday.
10/22/14 10:32pm
There is still hope for the development of a 132-unit, mixed-used complex
10/21/14 2:27am

Phila. decriminalizes pot, public school rules stay the same

If caught in school with marijuana, public school students in Philadelphia are still at risk for expulsion or suspension, since the School District of Philadelphia’s disciplinary produces will remain the same after decriminalization.
10/20/14 2:55am

Report highlights University City as neighborhood on the rise

Over the past five years, more than $4.6 billion has been invested in real estate development, with over 2,000 new housing units anticipated by the end of 2016, according to UCD’s "State of University City" report released on Wednesday.