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09/22/21 11:11pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian's Editorial Board discusses how systemic ableism manifests at Penn, and steps we can take to create a more inclusive campus for all.
09/22/21 12:35am
Chemistry professor Joseph Subotnik argues that the Program in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies misused Penn's name for political purposes when it signed on to a statement "in Solidarity with Palestinian Feminist Collective” that accuses Israel of “apartheid.”
09/20/21 4:49pm
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck discusses his experiences developing friendship at Penn.
09/19/21 5:47pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman discusses Penn's confusing web of COVID-19 policies and restrictions.
09/16/21 5:10pm
Guest Columnist and DP staffer Jesse Zhang argues that international sophomores students who weren't able to come to campus last year are being left behind by Penn.
09/16/21 1:53am
The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board argues that the University is not doing enough to encourage students to quarantine in case of COVID-19 exposure.
09/11/21 9:30am
Columnist and New Yorker Caroline Magdolen reflects on how her Brooklyn neighborhood comes together each year to remember those who died on and as a result of 9/11.
09/11/21 9:25am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi looks at how political apathy is already shaping our reactions to 9/11 and how it's imperative that we take "never forget" to heart.
09/11/21 9:22am
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck urges students to learn about family and friends' stories of 9/11 in order to preserve this part of living history.
09/10/21 2:01am
In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board urges readers to acknowledge all the legacies and repercussions of 9/11.
09/09/21 12:46am
Columnist Emily Chang encourages students to be aware of both Penn's safety resources and the history behind how they got there.
09/07/21 9:58pm
Columnist Daniel Gurevitch encourages Penn students to venture off Locust Walk to enrich their college lives.
09/07/21 2:02am
Columnist Surayya Walters discusses how Penn clubs can build a healthier, more inclusive environment focused on community growth.
09/03/21 12:35am
Columnist Matt Liu urges Penn students eager to partake in community service activities to investigate the true motives of Penn's community service organizations.
09/01/21 10:49pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board argues that the University must ensure Penn students have ready access to athletic fields and facilities on campus.
08/31/21 1:27pm
Columnist Varun Saraswathula discusses how letting go of expectations can help us better take the pandemic in stride.
08/31/21 1:24pm
Columnist Andy Yoon discusses how we can reduce perfectionism as in-person classes return.
08/31/21 12:02am
Penn president Amy Gutmann welcomes students and community members to the 2021-2022 school year.
08/26/21 12:11am
Columnist Isabella Glassman discusses how to approach NSO with an open mind, even if you already have a group of friends.
08/24/21 9:58pm
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck speaks to how we can improve mental wellness on campus, such as by keeping a gratitude journal.