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03/06/21 1:56pm
In this week's opart, the opinion section takes a look at some other things that are 50-50 at Penn.
03/06/21 1:51pm
In a guest column, Andrew Murray Dunn puts forth a proposal to reshape the Wharton school and reimagine business education for the 21st century.
03/05/21 2:04pm
In a guest column, Eric Orts and Stephen Sheller call on Penn's administration to look into allegation of admissions fraud against Donald Trump.
03/04/21 10:07am
Columnist Isabella Glassman argues that professors should keep exams open book when in-person classes return to decrease exam-related stress.
03/03/21 11:24am
The Editorial Board argues that the University should hold an in-person commencement, but must take precautions to do so safely.
03/02/21 7:46pm
Columnist Alex Eapen critiques Penn's pre-professional culture and offers suggestions on how students can find more enjoyment in their lives.
03/01/21 1:39pm
In a guest column, Brian Peterson reflects on his experiences as a member of the Penn community and director of Makuu: The Black Cultural Center.
02/28/21 7:38pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen investigates the status of sustainability at Penn and discusses how the University and its students can lead green lives at Penn.
02/27/21 12:57pm
Columnist Urooba Abid argues that Penn has an obligation to support the School District's reopening plan by providing testing for staff and students as they return to in-person schooling.
02/26/21 12:27pm
Columnist Surayya Walters makes the case that Wharton has long ways to go before becoming an equitable institution and uplifting the experiences of BIPOC women to feel comfortable in the workplace.
02/25/21 12:08pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi argues that Penn students should not disregard religion on campus and should see these organizations as a vessel for reflection and community.
02/24/21 11:01pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board argues that President Biden's comments about student debt and the Ivy League disregard the reality of debt at these schools.
02/22/21 9:07pm
The Editorial Board argues that new dean of admissions Whitney Soule must promote admissions policies that increase socioeconomic diversity at Penn.
02/21/21 4:58pm
Isabella Glassman argues that Penn should expand the reach of PennOpen Pass to protect West Philadelphia businesses and residents.
02/21/21 7:43am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi examines the history of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the use of his ideas in 21st century social movements.
02/20/21 6:22pm
In a guest column, James Nycz argues that the creation of a school of public service would be an important step in creating a more socially conscious Penn.
02/20/21 8:17am
In a guest column, Hakiem Ellison reflects on his life living in West Philadelphia and time as Penn student.
02/19/21 7:58pm
Columnist Andy Yoon makes the case that imposing a dining plan requirement on sophomores is not the way to build community.
02/18/21 7:10pm
Mercedes Owens, UA President and College senior, reflects on her time at Penn and personal growth as a Black student leader.
02/17/21 9:50pm
The University’s attempt to build a strong second-year experience is laudable, especially in light of the uncertainty created by COVID-19. However, making housing and dining choices on behalf of students does not accomplish this goal.