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12/07/23 10:39pm
Columnist Riane Lumer responds to arguments to eliminate testing accommodations by advocating for their purpose and denouncing stigma.
12/07/23 9:17pm
Guest Columnist Jason Hagler argues that Penn’s current climate plan is the climate change equivalent of “hopes and prayers.” We need to hold the university to higher standards, because if the university actually tried, it could make a difference. 
12/07/23 9:10pm
Guest Columnist Khadijetou Diagana insists on the need for Ivy League institutions such as Penn to provide free or heavily subsidized mental health resources for their Black-identifying students.  
12/07/23 3:38am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi expresses concerns over what she sees as hypocritical calls to protect open expression that are often empty and ignore real conduct-related problems on campus.  
12/06/23 8:17pm
Columnist Jessey Shin argues for a more nuanced understanding of accessibility at Penn and why it concerns all students. 
12/06/23 8:07pm
Columnist Mritika Senthil explains how Middle East Center director Harun Küçük’s departure unveils the Penn community’s complicity in upholding discrimination, similar to domestic tensions elicited by the Cold War and McCarthyism. 
12/05/23 10:07pm
Columnist Eric Najera reminds students to recognize and express gratitude for the resources they have access to and quality of learning they experience at Penn.
12/05/23 8:57pm
Columnist Allison Santa-Cruz argues the controversy surrounding Liz Magill reflects a broader threat to shared governance and free speech on university campuses nationwide. 
12/05/23 7:48pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian argues that Penn’s lack of days off is just another factor of the cutthroat, corporate-heavy, and pre-professional environment it fosters for students.
12/04/23 9:20pm
Columnist Cathy Li highlights Philadelphia’s emerging food scene against nationwide restaurant closures.
12/03/23 8:31pm
Columnist Brett Seaton calls for Penn to remove certain accommodations for students in special situations. 
11/30/23 8:28pm
Columnist Clever Earth argues that the tough-on-crime rhetoric encourages a prosecutorial culture predicated on winning cases rather than achieving justice. 
11/30/23 6:50pm
Columnist Eric Najera explains why long-shot candidates should drop out early. 
11/29/23 7:01pm
Columnist Sangitha Aiyer encourages Penn students to consider the causes and effects of our University-wide drinking culture.
11/28/23 11:17pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board examines the methodology of FIRE’s 2024 college free speech rankings and the history of the organization. 
11/28/23 6:40pm
Columnist Jack Lakis urges members of the Penn community to attend the upcoming, annual University Council Open Forum. 
11/28/23 12:02am
Leftist Jewish student group Penn Chavurah argues that Penn has censored the screening of the film Israelism this fall, demonstrating Penn’s disregard for free speech, Jewish safety, and Palestinian human rights. 
11/27/23 9:27pm
Columnist Mritika Senthil shares how uninformed stances and apathy overshadow productive dialogue on the Israel-Hamas conflict, particularly amidst the considerable rise of intolerance at Penn.
11/16/23 11:16pm
Guest columnist Ariel Koren argues that President Liz Magill has weaponized false narratives of antisemitism to stifle antiwar activism led by Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and Jewish students and faculty. 
11/16/23 5:17pm
Columnist Chloe Chen shows that it’s possible to be a budget-conscious foodie at Penn.