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01/29/21 10:51am
With many first years now back on campus, it's up to us to be mature and follow covid guidelines, or else endanger our surrounding communities and classes.
01/29/21 10:44am
Biden's long history of bipartisanship was touted as a virtue on the campaign trail. Wether or not it will actually serve the United States well is not a cut-and-dry decision.
01/28/21 7:34pm
Penn's faculty have too long been denied meaningful representation and a substantive voice in University decision making.
01/28/21 2:34pm
Trump's ban from Twitter brought elation to many of Penn's left-leaning advocacy group. But with the precedent the ban sets, they may actually be celebrating on unstable ground.
01/28/21 10:20am
Bloomers is moving away from being an all-female club to make a more inclusive space for those not on the gender binary. Other gendered Penn clubs should do the same.
01/27/21 9:48pm
Penn’s decision to bring students back to campus generated negative reactions from many West Philadelphia residents. To mitigate the damage, the University must take steps to increase access to medical care, allow open communication, and solicit genuine feedback from the surrounding community.
01/27/21 12:03pm
Little has changed since the pandemic began, so why are Penn's deans trying to shift the culture of the pass/fail option which gives students the flexibility to avoid pandemic-induced educational disruptions?
01/21/21 10:01am
Penn's greek life community has the responsibility to set the tone for COVID-19 mitigation on campus.
01/20/21 7:22pm
As college students return to campus, it may appear that young America is "over" the COVID-19 pandemic. While this shouldn't come at a surprise, it does make it more likely that long-term goals of society will be prolonged for short-term gain.
01/20/21 6:28pm
Penn's first-years have returned to campus, but issues with partying and possible COVID-19 spread threaten the in-person semester the Penn community wants.
01/20/21 4:12pm
Penn was one of the few universities to keep the pass/fail grading option for the spring 2021 semester, a step in the right direction for grading equity and accessibility during the pandemic.
01/19/21 10:49pm
While the students on-campus may be the subject of the headlines, there is still a substantial number of students who will be learning from home, for health, personal, or other reasons. They, too, must be factored in as the semester progresses.
01/14/21 8:57pm
Penn's year of civic engagement should encourage students to take ABCS courses. Why aren't they?
01/14/21 12:17am
Schuyler’s interpretation of free speech, which skirts culpability through an allegiance to the Constitution, is in fact representative of a broad issue that we currently face with political dialogue: a distorted view of free speech.
01/06/21 11:26pm
The least the University can do is distance itself from its most famous graduate and set the record straight: Donald Trump may have earned his degree from Penn, but he represents the antithesis of the University's values and the fact-based pursuit of reason for which this school stands.
12/11/20 11:59pm
Let’s put our money where our mouth is and make capitalism sustainable.
12/10/20 12:58am
2020 has tested each of us, forcing us to build a strong will and resilient spirit. Don't lose that in 2021.
12/10/20 12:56am
The problems from this calendar year won't go away on Jan. 1, 2021. But better days are ahead.
12/07/20 5:45pm
If there’s one thing we should learn from the pandemic, it’s that alone time should be more appreciated.
12/03/20 10:40pm
Penn should take a cue from the recent events surrounding spring break and put greater emphasis on student and faculty feedback when making important choices.