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05/14/21 6:47pm
Former Daily Pennsylvanian Editor-in-Chief Max Cohen looks back at his time at the paper and how that has shaped and prepared him for a future career in journalism.
05/13/21 11:50pm
In her senior column, columnist Jessica Gooding reflects on how she has been able to find a platform for advocacy at Penn and through the DP.
05/12/21 10:21pm
In her senior column, former Daily Pennsylvanian president Isabella Simonetti looks back on her time at the DP and how it helped her learn about compassion and the truth through journalism.
05/02/21 7:44pm
GET-UP argues that the University's vaccination policy unfairly deprioritizies graduate students.
05/01/21 8:00pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian's opinion staff give final marks to the University's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
04/30/21 2:50pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen urges Penn students to become vaccine ambassadors for their communities at home to help the U.S. reach herd immunity.
04/29/21 7:28pm
Penn Leads the Vote encourages Penn students to vote by mail in the upcoming election to ensure their voices are heard.
04/29/21 3:18am
AAUP-Penn argues that Penn must return human remains and repay the Africa family for holding and displaying the bones of at least one victim of the MOVE bombing.
04/29/21 3:16am
The Daily Pennsylvanian's Editorial Board argues that Penn must take immediate, concrete steps to rectify holding the remains of at least one child killed in the MOVE bombing.
04/29/21 1:12am
Penn's Department of Africana Studies argues that Penn must "do more than simply appoint two members to investigate the use of these remains" and calls for "a complete inventory and physical accounting of ... collections held by the Museum".
04/26/21 9:07pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman argues that all of us need to be having conversations about women's issues, even when the news isn't covering them.
04/26/21 9:04pm
Nursing senior Jamie Chung remembers her halmoni, who passed away due to COVID-19.
04/25/21 2:24pm
Columnist Emily Chang argues that Penn should keep the pass/fail policy in effect for the 2021 fall semester.
04/23/21 10:49pm
Columnist Varun Saraswathula digs into when vaccinated individuals are able to hug their friends again.
04/22/21 1:25pm
Vyshnavi Kosigishroff and Eric Orts argue that the University's trustees must stand up against conflicts of interest and help change Penn's stance on the climate crisis.
04/22/21 1:17am
The Daily Pennsylvanian's Editorial Board argues that Penn needs to reduce the cost of summer classes given the pandemic's impact on internships and other summer opportunities.
04/20/21 1:10pm
In the absence of formal guidelines, AAUP–Penn proposes best practices on the length of instructional periods.
04/19/21 10:54pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj argues that Penn needs to be more assertive in combating climate change, saying that "milquetoast compromises won’t cut it" when the planet is at stake.
04/18/21 9:08pm
Two members of Fossil Free Penn write that the University's net-zero plan actually does little to combat climate change.
04/16/21 9:06pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi examines the complex outlook of the Republican party and right-leaning youth in a post-Trump era.