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09/23/19 3:23pm
Together, we undoubtedly made history; yet, the need and opportunity for improvement remains.
09/22/19 8:19pm
Philadelphia administrators should have encouraged students to participate in the climate strike and helped to educate them to be active and caring citizens.
09/22/19 6:22pm
Penn remains steadfastly committed to your health and wellness. I am personally overseeing the transition at CAPS.
09/22/19 5:16pm
BRANDON LI is a College freshman from Montgomery, NJ studying Biology. His email is
09/18/19 10:57pm
These are some important questions Penn students can ask themselves before they become too blinded by their own biases. 
09/18/19 9:52pm
Penn, let sophomores live in Greek houses under the new housing policy. 
09/18/19 9:35pm
When someone is in crisis, the most important thing you can ask is, "How can I help you?"
09/18/19 2:48pm
Basically, if you’re going to truly be woke, you can’t pick and choose which issues to care about based on which issues affect you, and you can’t just do it because everyone else is. 
09/15/19 10:52pm
There needs to be greater consistency in TA grading across different recitation sections for the same course.
09/15/19 10:51pm
Penn needs to bring PVP back to campus
09/15/19 10:22pm
Penn’s decision to prioritize the reduction of labor costs over fostering positive student-staff relations not only contradicts its commitment to being a good neighbor by mistreating its workers from surrounding communities, but affirms societal concerns that higher education is a business in which academic institutions care more about their own financial well-being than about educating students or serving their respective communities.
09/15/19 7:00pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is
09/15/19 6:28pm
Thriving @ Penn makes no significant impact towards any of its targets. 
09/11/19 11:58pm
An avid "Grey’s Anatomy" fan, I’m reminded of something Dr. Meredith Grey told a young patient: “You don’t know this yet, but life isn’t supposed to be like this. It’s not supposed to be this hard.”
09/11/19 11:51pm
Seek out the help that is there for you.
09/11/19 11:47pm
By joking about dying or depression on a regular basis, it can make it much more difficult for a friend to know if you’re just kidding around and being dramatic or are genuinely giving them a cry for help.
09/11/19 11:43pm
We should understand how much of ourselves we can give to each other at different times.
09/11/19 11:33pm
While it may be intuitive, it is also easy to forget that helpers need help, too. 
09/10/19 11:10pm
SARAH KHAN is a College sophomore from Lynn Haven, Fla.
09/09/19 1:18am
Penn must reform the system that claims to prioritize equality, but in its current state fosters a culture that rewards donors.