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10/22/20 5:02pm
There is ample evidence showing that culture of origin is no indicator of assimilation and performance.
10/22/20 3:37pm
For the sake of its student body and those in the West Philadelphia community, Penn must do everything in its power to fight food insecurity and kick hunger off-campus. 
10/21/20 8:57pm
SARAH KHAN is a College junior from Lynn Haven, Fla.
10/20/20 9:07pm
It is crucial for us as students to draw a line in politics and separate political judgments from our daily interactions. 
10/19/20 10:01pm
I’m with Kenny Chesney when I ask myself the question: “Can’t we all get along?”
10/19/20 9:41pm
To prevent self-deprecation from becoming even more problematic, Penn students need to be more conscious of the language they engage in, as well as the language that their peers use.
10/18/20 7:40pm
On Wednesday, Oct. 21, we invite you to join us — remotely — for “Penn Remembers: A Virtual Vigil.”
10/16/20 2:18pm
In light of the economic harm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Penn students must do their part and support local businesses when they can. 
10/14/20 8:51pm
Though Penn leans liberal, I’m sure that there are Republican Quakers waiting to have a conversation, feeling marginalized by their peers.
10/14/20 5:41pm
Stress doesn't have to paralyze you. When it feels like everything is out of control, pause and think about the ways in which you are already in control. 
10/13/20 9:27pm
Feeling overwhelmed is all too common, but it should no longer be an inherent part of the college experience.
10/11/20 11:02pm
For a University that has designated this academic year as the Year of Civic Engagement, there is no better way to support civic participation than by suspending operations on Election Day.
10/11/20 5:08pm
Though all institutions seek to avoid the negative association with racism and slavery, it is an unchangeable aspect of Penn’s history and therefore must be discussed. 
10/08/20 6:47pm
Re-opening campus, even in a hybrid format,, will undoubtedly be challenging, but for the sake of the emotional and educational quality of the students, it is a challenge Penn should be willing to face.
10/07/20 8:39pm
It is necessary that those who can risk exposure and are eligible for poll work do their civic duty and help our election be safe and fair.
10/07/20 6:50pm
Please ensure that your vote is counted by making a voting plan and sticking to it. Because your voice matters.
10/05/20 8:24pm
The loneliness of previous years is nothing compared to how students feel now. 
10/04/20 10:15pm
Police Free Penn rightly points out the necessity to “reimagine police-free strategies for community safety and well-being.” But the gulf between imagination and reality runs deep.
10/04/20 9:51pm
To protect the mental health of its student body, while also protecting the physical health of West Philadelphia, Penn should add an additional mini-break of two days to the calendar.
10/02/20 6:04pm
Perhaps the only time when sleeping through your alarm and missing class is acceptable is when that alarm is for 3:00 a.m.