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07/11/21 11:14pm
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck writes about how Amy Gutmann transformed Penn during her tenure at Penn, and how her successor should prioritize listening and open communication with Penn's student body.
07/11/21 11:08pm
Columnist Matthew Liu argues that members of the Penn community should not expect significant changes with the University president that succeeds Amy Gutmann. He writes about how criticisms directed towards her often reference issues that are inherent to all large institutions. 
07/06/21 1:33pm
Columnist Andy Yoon writes about the folly of American exceptionalism and how the United States isn't always going to be on top — unless we do something about it.
07/04/21 5:07pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi writes about the 4th of July, and how celebrating it is not incommensurate with valid criticism of our nation.
07/04/21 3:59pm
Columnist Matthew Liu writes about how one of our Founding Fathers — Thomas Paine — was the surprise progressive at the heart of America's inception.
07/03/21 10:20pm
Columnist Surayya Walters writes about the Tulsa Massacre and how important it is for Americans to learn about it in all aspects of academics, including business. 
07/03/21 9:49pm
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck writes about constructive patriotism and how criticism isn't a sign of disrespect — it's a sign of love for one's nation. 
06/27/21 3:08pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen writes about ranked choice voting and how it is a better way of electing candidates compared to the standard winner-take-all system. She argues that we should include ranked choice voting wherever we can — starting with the clubs and organizations that we are a part of. 
06/26/21 10:47pm
Columnist Lark Yan writes about cooking, a habit she developed in the wake of COVID-19. She describes the excitement, friendships, and joy that resulted from her pandemic-inspired time in the kitchen. 
06/24/21 5:58pm
Guest columnist Maisy Sylvan argues that despite being popular attractions, zoos are immoral in their violation of animal wellbeing and that we should avoid them. She offers animal-friendly alternatives to frequent during the summer as we decide on post-pandemic plans.
06/24/21 5:12pm
Columnist Asaad Manzar writes about the habits — both good and bad — that we formed over the pandemic, and how we should use the summer as a chance to recycle our helpful habits and kick the negative ones. 
06/23/21 4:49pm
Columnist Matthew Liu argues that profit-focused pharmaceutical companies undermine the humanitarian mission behind large-scale vaccination efforts that are needed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. 
06/20/21 10:38am
For Father's Day, columnist Jaden Cloobeck goes into family archives to celebrate two of his ancestors from centuries past.
06/19/21 11:46am
In a guest column for Juneteenth, Brian Peterson, the director of Makuu, writes about the history of Juneteenth, and how critical race theory can help us understand the nuance behind emancipation.
06/19/21 6:00am
The Daily Pennsylvanian's Editorial Board argues that Penn needs to be more proactive, not reactive, in addressing concerns of race.
06/19/21 6:00am
In a guest column for Juneteenth, three undergraduate students write about the troubled history of Albert Kligman, a Penn dermatologist who performed experiments on a primarily Black incarcerated population in the mid-20th century. They call on Penn to apologize and honor those who were harmed.
06/19/21 6:00am
In a guest column, Zonía Moore, a medical student, writes about the ways that structural racism is embedded into the health care system, and the ways Penn Medicine can combat it. 
06/14/21 9:37am
Columnist Neil Kapoor argues that Penn should follow in the footsteps of peer institutions like Columbia and Stanford in creating a collaborative climate school, using its influence to combat one of the most emergent crises in modern history.  
06/08/21 8:54pm
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck writes about hazing, and how Penn's New Student Orientation fails to adequately introduce the subject to incoming students. 
06/07/21 10:30pm
In a guest column, five graduate students write about the difficulty of accessing adequate transgender health care coverage through the Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP), featuring the story of one anonymous woman.