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05/11/20 3:32pm
The problem with writing columns in the shower is that the water gets cold before you can end them. 
05/08/20 8:57pm
I’m writing to wish you luck in your finals but to also put everything in context for you as well.  As a Penn undergraduate student, I remember how stressful the finals period was and I’m imagining that in this virtual environment, this stress is likely amplified. 
05/08/20 6:51pm
Pinning responsibility on China is using them as a scapegoat, and the Trump administration cannot afford to live in the past when there are such pressing concerns in the present and the future.
05/08/20 1:24am
In this time, we graduate student-workers at Penn find ourselves wishing more than ever that we had a union to represent us in ongoing campus-wide conversations that affect all our futures.
05/07/20 3:10pm
For both students and faculty, being on campus means so much more than covering the content of facts and formulas.
05/06/20 3:01pm
By voting for Rick, you are supporting leadership vital in today’s pandemic and necessary for Philadelphia’s future. 
05/05/20 11:55pm
If students want to continue having the Penn administration hear their voices, they need to fill out Penn’s COVID-19 Pulse Survey.  
05/01/20 8:41pm
In light of Penn’s recent announcement that it would not accept 9.9 million dollars in CARE Act funds, it makes sense to wonder how those funds could have been allocated to help secure stability for vulnerable students. 
05/01/20 8:27pm
Yes, Americans ought to put pressure on well-established institutions and businesses to reject these funds. However, people should direct criticism to Congress and the Trump administration during this national crisis.
04/30/20 2:20pm
By using the PPA to proclaim itself a champion of sustainability, Penn is greenwashing the areas of its operations that are, and will continue to be, socially and environmentally harmful.
04/29/20 10:30pm
It’s okay to be scared and still make contingency plans. It’s okay to be frustrated with the ways in which Penn has often left us in the dark and it’s okay to be worried about the future.
04/29/20 5:00pm
The two most important aspects that need to be fulfilled in order to accommodate all Penn undergraduates are to allow the option to have letter grades and to mitigate the effects of circumstantial inequality. The best way to approach this problem is by having a Double-A grading policy, in which students are guaranteed an A-, or a double-A/fail policy, in which passing a course awards at least an A-. 
04/28/20 3:22pm
Even though there are massive problems in the world right now, small ones still hurt. And if anything good could come out of any of this, it should be a greater sense of urgency to be empathetic and kind.
04/27/20 4:38pm
While Penn’s focus on continuing to support staff under $70,000 is commendable, this is truly a moment for the Board of Trustees and the Penn administration to be more transparent about why fiscal austerity is falling on the backs of their employees and students.
04/27/20 4:30pm
With the federal government’s current social distancing recommendations, it is best for us to remain in our homes until the experts say it’s safe to come out again. However, once we return to campus, we should not fear the precious in-person connections that make Penn wonderful. 
04/24/20 9:49pm
Given the significant disruptions that high school students are facing, Penn Admissions should not require any standardized test scores for applicants in the coming academic year.  
04/24/20 12:48pm
What if, instead of bowing to political pressure, we demanded more news coverage and investigations? What if we gave Tara Reade the same credibility and respect that we gave Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in 2018?
04/23/20 7:14pm
As we navigate our lives during this pandemic, the designation of 2020 as the International Year of Nurse has become more profound.
04/23/20 5:25pm
I call for unity among Penn community ahead of the upcoming presidential election in support of Biden to restore the dignity of the office of presidency. I ask Penn for Bernie to endorse Biden for president despite all the disagreements.
04/22/20 10:02pm
In light of the fact that 25.9% of undergraduate women at Penn reported having experienced non-consensual sexual contact sometime in college, it is crucial that we address the many misconceptions surrounding sexual assault on college campuses.