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03/12/20 9:00pm
Penn has over a 14 billion dollar endowment. If a killer pandemic isn’t the perfect time to use some of it, I don’t know when is. 
03/12/20 2:53pm
We have decided to run a final print edition of the DP this Saturday, focused on how the coronavirus has changed life at Penn. After, we will pause print editions of the DP and 34th Street for the first time since World War II. 
03/10/20 6:07pm
Penn students, particularly those who hail from other countries or low-income backgrounds, deserve answers about how coronavirus will affect University life.  
03/06/20 1:52am
Considering the ways in which industries are evolving and requiring new skills from the workforce, there is an urgent need for Penn students to review the role/application of AI in our studies much more clearly. 
03/04/20 9:52pm
Penn professors and academic departments should be more lenient about sick days, both with class and on-campus jobs, so students can better self-isolate in case of illness.
03/04/20 8:52pm
Amid this uncertainty, any travel, domestic or international could heighten your risk of exposure.
03/04/20 7:28pm
As the ones paying the bill, it seems only right that students receive at least more information and price transparency on how and why these decisions were made.
03/04/20 6:25pm
Under the new tuition rate, Penn’s incoming class can expect to pay their school over $300,000 by the time they graduate. That is absurd. 
03/04/20 5:50pm
For student parents, not having access to adequate child care can erode the opportunity to obtain the education of your dreams.
03/04/20 11:13am
Following recovery from my own battle with an eating disorder, I feel a personal duty to help others suffering from this illness in any way possible.
03/03/20 4:38pm
When you start in July, Penn will ask you to be a trailblazer. We ask you to be a trailblazer for all 20,000 of us.
03/02/20 2:04am
Whether or not you believe Fresh Grocer was rightfully closed, we must use its closure as a way to discuss how we can foster better community engagement once we step off of Locust Walk.
03/01/20 10:50pm
Given that the players and coaches who will lose those championships did not commit any violations, the NCAA’s current sanctions are reprehensible.
03/01/20 9:27pm
Presently, the University of Pennsylvania bans the use and possession of firearms on campus, thereby making Concealed Carry Weapon Permits moot.
03/01/20 8:46pm
As a young Black woman who is a Wharton student, times like this make me feel a little prouder and more at peace with myself in this environment.
03/01/20 6:50pm
SARAH KHAN is a College junior from Lynn Haven, Fla.
02/26/20 11:41pm
A failure to understand that eating disorders are mental illnesses, where a rejection of food is merely a symptom, is literally a matter of life or death.
02/26/20 10:37pm
If Penn is willing to offer a postponement policy during the final exam period—a period that, by design, gives students extra time to study—the University should offer the same policy during a crowded midterm season. 
02/26/20 9:01pm
I urge you to put the books down for a minute, step away from your laptop, and introspect. Consider what motivates you. Is it passion or interest? Is it a career prospect? Is it money?
02/26/20 8:44pm
It is easy to look at Sanders’ numbers in the primaries and polls and feel as though he is destined to be the candidate. But Sanders’ political progressivism has never stood the test of the general public.