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03/31/19 9:06pm
We are humbled and excited to have the opportunity to lead the Undergraduate Assembly next year.
03/31/19 8:55pm
Because of Hillel's prevalence on campus and the building's prominent location, the University must respond to these allegations by working with Hillel to remove Steinhardt’s name from the building.
03/31/19 6:27pm
Because of the band’s integral role in publicity initiatives undertaken by the University and its highly visible presence on campus, the University should divert more funds to support the band’s efforts, and perhaps even pay its members for their services. 
03/31/19 3:21pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is
03/27/19 10:47pm
While we hope to see many of you on campus next year, we also want to provide as much insight as we can to inform your decision.
03/27/19 3:22pm
On Decision Day, my teacher made a point of looking directly at me, decked proudly in my Penn hoodie, as he told us why he considered affirmative action to be reverse discrimination. The message was clear: my spot in Penn’s Class of 2022 had been given, not earned. 
03/24/19 10:56pm
One thing college campuses tend to lack is comfort; they are chasms full to the brim with diverse people, backgrounds, and stories, but they don’t always radiate the feelings of warmth and support that people need.
03/24/19 10:49pm
There is certainly merit in our pursuit of a higher education and a better life — both spiritually and financially. But there are also costs to consider.
03/24/19 10:40pm
The point is practical: Everyone knows someone who is in need of help. Rather than waiting for someone else to step up to it, act upon it yourself. 
03/24/19 8:02pm
Penn needs a better solution to ensure the credibility of its athletic recruits and applicants.  
03/24/19 7:53pm
We can do more. And we should. 
03/24/19 7:15pm
Our University though, is only as good as its people. It remains the obligation of all of us to stay engaged. We all have a stake in this endeavor known as the University of Pennsylvania.  
03/24/19 6:55pm
Putting yourself ahead — whether through bribing coaches, doctoring resumes, or using unethical means to get extra time on exam — is destructive.
03/24/19 12:30pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College sophomore from West Covina, Calif.
03/20/19 10:06pm
High demand for these courses — from CIS majors, CIS minors, and students taking CIS courses as electives  — has left Penn students struggling to satisfy major and minor requirements because they are stuck on long waitlists for mandatory courses. 
03/20/19 12:39am
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is
03/19/19 8:01pm
While Penn is undoubtedly patting itself on the back for not getting wrapped up in the current college admissions scandal, it still has a long way to go to ensure that its affirmative action policy benefits its students.
03/19/19 7:17pm
The idea of running an election can seem daunting — having to gather names on a petition, setting up a social media campaign, not to mention going out and getting votes — but I would encourage you to take the leap if you are even remotely thinking about doing so. 
03/19/19 6:38pm
We all know life isn’t fair, and nobody has ever claimed the college admission process is just. 
03/18/19 8:02pm
Here, we get a free Penn Athletics t-shirt, a blue water bottle, and the utmost pride that comes with competing with Penn across our chests.