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10/24/18 6:32pm
What started off as a nagging feeling of insufficiency a few months into freshman year has gradually turned into resounding self-confidence and unequivocal decision-making.
10/24/18 3:54pm
SARAH KHAN is a College sophomore from Lynn Haven, Fla.
10/23/18 9:59pm
BEN CLAAR is a College senior from Scarsdale, N.Y.
10/22/18 2:11am
KRISTEN YEH is a College sophomore from West Covina, Calif.
10/21/18 11:21pm
The unforgiving definition of hazing (wherein almost any pledging activity could fall under the umbrella policy) has left students uninterested in amending their group practices in order to meet a seemingly impossible university standard.
10/21/18 9:03pm
Students who aren’t members of a “Penn dynasty” can be just as invested in the University’s history and mission.
10/20/18 5:01pm
The free press is too valuable to dismiss this incident as the work of “rogue killers.” 
10/18/18 8:51pm
GIRL, I’ve heard this one before and it’s something that’s a bit tricky. 
10/18/18 8:12pm
If a student has three midterms in a day, they should be allowed to postpone one to another day. 
10/17/18 9:14pm
Wax and Judge, now Justice, Kavanaugh together share an extraordinary gap in human empathy which renders one unfit to be a teacher, and the other unfit to be a judge.
10/17/18 8:53pm
You don’t have to be a raging Republican to go to a shooting range.
10/17/18 12:13am
If you think someone has a condition, wait for them to open up to you. If they never do, that’s their prerogative. 
10/16/18 11:38pm
The pressures of OCR and landing these internships and jobs have created an incredibly toxic environment for upperclassmen who are right in the thick of it. 
10/16/18 9:42pm
BEN CLAAR is a College senior from Scarsdale, N.Y. 
10/14/18 7:28pm
A state or district politician gains approval by reaching out to seniors on their birthday, responding to complaints about potholes, you know … the boring stuff, the bugs in the system.
10/14/18 6:17pm
As we continue to discuss Dr. Ford’s Congressional hearing, it is worthwhile to remember former Vice President and Penn professor Joe Biden’s conduct during Hill’s hearing 27 years ago.
10/14/18 4:58pm
Slapping a pink ribbon on the front of your store window and claiming it’s for breast cancer awareness is a shallow, self-servicing appropriation of true struggle.
10/14/18 2:25pm
SARAH KHAN is a College sophomore from Lynn Haven, Fla.
10/11/18 6:54pm
To some Republicans, the presence of snowfall in the winter is proof that climate change is a liberal hoax.
10/11/18 12:45am
Despite the stigma around being “undecided,” I believe that a lot of people are very unsure or insecure about their major choice or their undecided status.