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02/12/20 7:31pm
Humorous and performative moments of solidarity will continue to fall flat until real and obvious change is secured for the groups of people who deserve years worth of recognition. 
02/12/20 5:21pm
SARAH KHAN is a College junior from Lynn Haven, Fla.
02/11/20 8:30pm
This project reflects a well-intentioned effort from the UA to respond to student needs and increase campus wellness. However, this shuttle service is not the best way to accomplish these goals.
02/10/20 12:01am
In the wake of a widespread political wave where every major event has political commentary or leanings, there is a sincere need for us, especially as college students, to question more. 
02/09/20 8:18pm
Students should recognize the historic value of the Palestra and attend games to give support to Penn's basketball teams.
02/09/20 7:31pm
In order to be impactful, wellness measures must be adapted to fit within students’ existing incentive structures, and that means integrating them within students’ existing commitments.
02/09/20 6:15pm
SARAH KHAN is a College junior from Lynn Haven, Fla.
02/05/20 10:21pm
Whether through funding for relocation efforts for the cultural houses or in paying reparations, Penn needs to increase its advocacy on behalf of its Black students.
02/05/20 9:46pm
The issues that Bernie Sanders speaks to reflect important contemporary challenges, but his heavy-handed government solutions would further bankrupt the nation and dim opportunity for those who need it most. 
02/05/20 9:01pm
Penn fails its students, faculty, staff, and alumni by investing its multi-billion endowment in ways that will likely provide a lower financial return than it could with fossil fuel divestment.  
02/05/20 2:01pm
In academia, women first experience this culture of differentiating tasks between men and women within the classroom, originating in the way professors view and treat their students.
02/02/20 8:58pm
Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for many candidates associated with Penn in the 2020 primary and general elections. The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board recommends picking none of them. 
02/02/20 7:21pm
Penn students have the potential to play a significant role in the fate of the state of Pennsylvania and the nation as a whole, and we should help unleash this potential. 
02/02/20 7:19pm
Penn must apply pressure and encourage Bon Appétit to place a premium on broadening and improving Penn Dining’s offerings and food availability.
02/02/20 6:32pm
Amidst the notable accomplishments of this truly legendary athlete, it is important to acknowledge the entirety of his actions.
01/31/20 7:49pm
As former ICE director Homan stated during his talk, “walls work,” especially here at Penn when members of the University actively kept us out.
01/29/20 11:10pm
The University should offer more courses, and a variety of them, that fulfill each sector or foundational requirement to make it easier for undergraduates to explore different topics throughout their time at Penn.
01/29/20 9:58pm
The coronavirus is a serious health crisis, but we can’t use it to drive us towards hatred and fear.
01/29/20 9:39pm
SARAH KHAN is a College junior from Lynn Haven, Fla.
01/29/20 5:46pm
Now is the time to reflect on who we are as a University and how we wish to be seen.