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02/26/20 10:37pm
If Penn is willing to offer a postponement policy during the final exam period—a period that, by design, gives students extra time to study—the University should offer the same policy during a crowded midterm season. 
02/26/20 9:01pm
I urge you to put the books down for a minute, step away from your laptop, and introspect. Consider what motivates you. Is it passion or interest? Is it a career prospect? Is it money?
02/26/20 8:44pm
It is easy to look at Sanders’ numbers in the primaries and polls and feel as though he is destined to be the candidate. But Sanders’ political progressivism has never stood the test of the general public.
02/26/20 8:32pm
With The Fresh Grocer’s inevitable demise in the upcoming weeks, Penn students and the University City populace should take advantage of the sales occurring before they run out.
02/24/20 12:16am
Whether it be from fellow Penn students to Uber drivers to random cat-callers, many people find it more socially palatable to use explicitly racial terms towards Asians — as if they were forms of “complimenting” or “flirting.” 
02/23/20 10:50pm
Rather than relying on symbolism alone, the University should honor Du Bois’ legacy by taking tangible steps to improve the lives of students of color.  
02/23/20 9:00pm
By putting some grades in before the drop deadline, students can assess if they are taking a class that is the right level for them.
02/23/20 8:04pm
Nurses have a responsibility to understand what proper nutrition means and how to impart this knowledge to their patients.
02/19/20 10:53pm
In the wake of Milken’s pardon, Wharton must implement stricter ethics requirements to directly address white-collar crimes and avoid future incidents of criminal alumni. 
02/19/20 10:19pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is
02/19/20 8:08pm
SARAH KHAN is a College junior from Lynn Haven, Fla.
02/19/20 8:05pm
Cringey. That word appears in my mind when I think about my experience with Spanish 110
02/19/20 7:12pm
By spending a summer here, we can better integrate ourselves into a community that often views Penn as an affluent island in a city where many are just trying to stay afloat.
02/19/20 5:49pm
If you’re unsatisfied with the career path that your selected major will afford you, find a career path that will make you happy and run with it.
02/16/20 11:37pm
While this issue may seem like a far off worry for Penn students, child care should be of significant concern to us as we enter the workforce.
02/16/20 10:44pm
Penn owes its students the best education they can get, and active learning is part of that education.
02/16/20 8:45pm
Going to CAPS should not be viewed as taboo; it is an act of love. Love yourself and get the help you need.
02/16/20 8:23pm
Those who rely on this supermarket deserve to know the timeline of installing its replacement. 
02/14/20 11:10pm
For these reasons, and from our own experiences, we see the opportunity provided by the Biological Chemistry Seminar Coordinator position to be one that allows for both personal and professional growth, particularly for women, rather than one that is merely administrative.
02/14/20 11:05pm
At a press conference in Huntsman Hall on Feb. 13, I, alongside Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, announced March for Our Lives’ Pennsylvania Peace Plan.