22 hours ago
All of these alumni are not remembered for what they studied or even what clubs they were involved on campus, but rather they are known for what they chose to do with their skills.
02/14/19 2:43am
Penn Dining must increase the scope of meal plans.
02/14/19 12:31am
We Penn students are entering that dangerous arena of adult love, and sometimes need to be reminded that with adult love there is the possibility of adult heartbreak.
02/13/19 8:12pm
A Penn alumnus can enact social change in education reform without sending their children to public school.
02/13/19 4:39pm
For the majority of encounters that make up “hook-up culture,” the benefits far outweigh the negatives.
02/13/19 3:20am
At Penn, a version of love, far from my own, seems to be the center of attention.
02/13/19 2:35am
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is fentonv@sas.upenn.edu.
02/11/19 4:42pm
BEN CLAAR is a College senior from Scarsdale, N.Y.
02/11/19 3:45am
Penn needs to step up and provide more resources to the FGLI textbook library. 
02/11/19 1:05am
Mac Donald may not see or understand how racism exists today, but we sure do.
02/10/19 11:21pm
With a Penn education comes a very real responsibility to make sure every child in this country is receiving an adequate education, regardless of their economic circumstances. 
02/10/19 8:26pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College sophomore from West Covina, Calif.
02/08/19 11:14pm
The second best time to hold people like Northam accountable is right now, while we have the chance.
02/07/19 10:04pm
Above all else, cherish and enjoy your remaining time at Penn as an undergraduate. The finish line is in sight! 
02/07/19 2:18am
The relegation of La Casa Latina, Makuu, and the Pan-Asian American Community House to a basement in the ARCH building is exclusionary.
02/06/19 2:26am
The very fact that we are students at Penn speaks to our intelligence. Some of us have never really felt overwhelming rejection or underachievement.
02/05/19 3:38am
Whether you are Asian, Hispanic, African American, or any other race, make Penn a new site for sharing stories about your culture and celebrating your family’s heritage.
02/05/19 3:18am
BEN CLAAR is a College senior from Scarsdale, N.Y.
02/05/19 3:13am
KRISTEN YEH is a College sophomore from West Covina, Calif.
02/04/19 11:24pm
In this new era of deep polarization, it is crucial that we maintain moral integrity.