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10/14/19 12:11pm
It's that time of the year again. Whether you're a freshman thinking about moving off campus for the first time or a senior curious about renters' rights, the 2019 Housing Guide is a resource designed for you. 
10/14/19 1:50am
On Monday, Semenza was one of three scientists awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for "discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability," the Nobel Assembly announced.
10/13/19 11:57pm
For all students planning to live on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year, Penn's housing application process will open on Thursday, Jan. 23 at 9 a.m.
10/13/19 11:33pm
Are we a community that, despite how much we may disagree, will at least show a classmate basic respect for putting their thoughts out onto a public forum? Or are we a community that will destroy and belittle someone over a mistake? 
10/13/19 11:31pm
Legacy students, don’t hide your legacy status. Instead, acknowledge the privilege you hold in a faux-meritocratic system, speak out against it, and support others who share their struggles with the system. 
10/13/19 11:29pm
At 8 a.m., protesters will begin to march from the Starbucks located at 34th and Walnut streets toward the Sansom entrance of the Penn Law school building. The protest will then continue in front of the law school building until 9 a.m. when classes begin for law students.
10/13/19 11:28pm
A successful campus and democracy rely on healthy public debate. As a community, we must ensure that our discourse is grounded in challenging the perspectives of others and our own rather than cheaply personal shots. 
10/13/19 11:22pm
Here's a run-down of all your options, with fast facts about the college houses that can help you make the most informed decision on where to live next year.
10/13/19 10:37pm
Philadelphia laws uphold renters’ rights on myriad issues ranging from discrimination, rental suitability, evictions without “good cause,” and other unfair rental practices. 
10/13/19 10:35pm
Some Campus Apartments tenants are frustrated by the inconvenience caused by the new policy, which will require significantly more investment and effort when passing down a house from one set of residents to another. 
10/13/19 10:30pm
After a crushing conference-opening loss to Dartmouth, the senior running back stuffed the stat sheet on the ground and through the air.
10/13/19 10:24pm
Greek life leaders have since argued against the new rule, pointing out that chapter houses are mostly filled by sophomores.
10/13/19 10:22pm
In fall 2018, evidence of mold, moisture, and mildew was found in about 100 student rooms in the Quad, and forced over 10 students to relocate to nearby hotels for a week.
10/13/19 10:21pm
College senior Jacky Chan, who is living in what is now Lauder College House for her fourth year, said she met many of her closest friends through the college house. 
10/13/19 10:21pm
In this week's edition of Is Stat So?, Karekin Brooks puts up eye-popping numbers, Joey Bhangdia continues his League-leading season, and field hockey pulls off two overtime wins.
10/13/19 10:17pm
While The Radian, Domus, and Hamilton Court Apartments are well-established places to live among Penn students, here are some other luxury apartments in the area.
10/13/19 10:12pm
Duckworth said the goal of the class is to help students find and engage with their passion — the main part of the course will involve students picking a new skill and reflecting as they pursue and develop it further. 
10/13/19 9:59pm
Penn volleyball's first Ivy League win of the season highlighted the team's fall break weekend at the Palestra. 
10/13/19 9:47pm
So freshman: while yes, do file a maintenance request for that mold infestation, don’t forget to stop a moment and appreciate your housing situation just a little bit more.  
10/13/19 9:44pm
Renting a house or apartment for the first time is a milestone in the transition to adulthood, and as exciting as it can be, the decidedly adult responsibilities and obligations that come with it can make even the most assertive people feel intimidated and ill-prepared.