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08/23/20 11:28pm
Penn Athletics recently announced that the school's baseball stadium will be renamed for former Dodgers player and manager Tommy LaSorda, but he has no apparent connections to the University. 
08/22/20 12:06pm
Ivy League rules state that students who graduate can no longer participate in athletic competition, so current seniors would have to remain enrolled through next fall to stay on their teams.
08/21/20 9:45pm
COVID-19 testing of asymptomatic students arriving in Philadelphia is available in the Hall of Flags in Houston Hall Monday through Saturday until Sept. 12.
08/20/20 10:12pm
Here's a roundup of what recent graduates are up to since their time on campus, from signing new professional contracts to transferring schools to continue their college careers.
08/20/20 10:11pm
Even though we can’t meet them in person, we can sympathize with Penn students who attended in fall 1918. Their past can inform our present. By using history as our compass, we can get through this together. 
08/20/20 9:47pm
Penn’s decision to limit on-campus housing and instruction is a positive one. However, this does not excuse the lateness of the announcement, which places an undue burden on students.
08/20/20 9:42pm
While President Trump can flaunt his Wharton degree all he wants, it does not mean he actually learned anything at our alma mater.
08/20/20 8:53pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Penn's Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé to discuss why Penn made the last-minute decision to close campus for the fall semester.
08/20/20 8:19pm
After switching to a completely remote semester, Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Wendell Pritchett froze tuition – keeping it at the same value as the previous year – and decreased the fall general fee by 10%.
08/20/20 5:38pm
Starbucks and Amazon@Penn at Class of 1920 Commons will be open. Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Health Service will provide both telehealth and in-person services.
08/20/20 4:55pm
To help Penn's new students navigate this uniquely challenging semester, The Daily Pennsylvanian asked upperclassmen and professors for advice about how to succeed in college amid the coronavirus pandemic. 
08/20/20 1:17am
Students said some labs were difficult to follow given the absence of immediate help and feedback from a teaching assistant who would typically oversee the labs in person.
08/20/20 12:12am
There are no doubts about the Vice President's athletic accomplishments in high school, but his college years are less clear. 
08/19/20 9:56pm
Many students feel that they should not have to incur expensive shipping fees or risk contracting coronavirus on the trek to the Penn Tennis Center or their moving company's warehouse to retrieve their belongings. 
08/19/20 4:57pm
After his final collegiate season was cut short, Andrew Hally decided to go out on his own terms.
08/18/20 11:20pm
Off-campus housing for RAGAs will not be subsidized if worsened COVID-19 conditions prompt Penn to de-occupy campus further and force RAGAs off campus. 
08/18/20 7:15pm
Penn will add four new recruits, all guards, to its basketball team this year. All were accomplished in high school and a couple have Ivy League familial ties. 
08/18/20 5:50pm
Whatever you choose to do, next year will bring about things that are weird and disappointing, but also ones that are new, exciting, and rewarding.
08/18/20 3:12pm
In early August, four Ivy League institutions backtracked on their initial plans for a hybrid fall semester and on-campus living.
08/17/20 10:19pm
Clubs overseen by SAC will use the platform Penn Clubs while those overseen by The Wharton Council will use Virtual Event to recruit new members and host group meetings over Zoom.