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08/01/12 10:06pm

Will Marble | Disconnected from distraction

Our generation lives on the internet. We wake up to new iMessages, “friending” people is an almost necessary social exercise, we are expected to respond to emails instantly and many of us run our own blogs. And suddenly I could not access any of that.
08/01/12 10:01pm
While today’s hot social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, serve mostly to feed our vanity and self-absorption, the blogosphere often provides a more productive outlet.
07/25/12 10:09pm

Spencer Small | A call to (un)arms

In the wake of the Aurora, Colo., shooting, the issue of gun control has resurfaced in a big way. But it looks like nothing is going to change. Since 1968, the number of Americans that have been killed by guns in the United States exceeds the number of U.S.
07/25/12 9:57pm

Arielle Pardes | Poly what?

“Infinite possibilities” describes polyamory at its core. Those who practice poly range from the lovestruck triad in Oliver Stone’s recent film “Savages” to full-on group marriage within an entire community of people.
07/18/12 9:39pm

Mohammed Alyahya | An open letter to Bashar al-Assad

I’ve been doing some research on potential retirement destinations for unsung despots. After an extensive process of elimination, I’ve isolated two that would not abhor your presence: North Korea and Mars. For logistical reasons, I highly recommend you sacrifice human habitability and opt for North Korea.
07/18/12 9:36pm
In many ways, acceptance to Penn is a blessing and a responsibility. It is a fortunate chance to launch a better life and an even greater task to maintain it. If you don’t feel a level of high spirits for such a worthy burden, then you’re just lying to yourself.
07/11/12 9:47pm

Editorial | Student debt solutions

With a student debt crisis mounting — Americans owe more student loan debt than credit card debt — and college tuition continuing to rise, the bleeding must be stopped.
07/11/12 9:41pm

Nina Wolpow | Why I want to be a writer

Writing is in my DNA. I’m stuck with it, and though most likely it won’t make me much money, it is my fittest gene.
07/11/12 9:38pm
The issues facing Sudanese citizens and those facing students of Philadelphia are not one in the same. They do, however, represent similar injustices.
07/04/12 1:45pm

Steven Jaffe | Carving a legacy

When Chief Justice John Roberts arrived at the tax question, he chose to uphold “ObamaCare” — a decision that may ultimately define the Roberts court.
07/04/12 2:37am
According to the Associated Press, 53.6 percent of Americans under 26 with a bachelors degree — 1.5 million — are jobless or underemployed. That could fill a lot of streets. So why are they empty?
06/20/12 10:03pm

Nina Wolpow | Saving summer

Summer in adult land is a season not unlike the other three. Sure, there are beaches and frozen cocktails in this universe. But gone are the unnumbered days: the Saturdays that feel like Wednesdays and the weekends you never knew had arrived.
06/20/12 9:57pm
Last Sunday night, we watched the first season of Dunham’s HBO darling come to a circuitous end: we started with Hannah eating, and we finish with Hannah eating.
06/13/12 9:47pm
Our societal mindset has shifted to thinking that racial slurs do not have the same impact as they did in the past. Many scholars and critics, arguing for the idea of a “post-racial society,” claim people see beyond race and more into individuality.
06/13/12 9:37pm

Arielle Pardes | A week you won't forget

I realize this might be awkward, but we can make it easy for you. In fact, you won’t even have to do the talking. Let’s just bring in a few sex educators, maybe a porn star or two and spend a week celebrating and learning about sex. We’ll call it Sex Week.
06/06/12 8:12pm
This failure seems to hint at a pervasive resistance to change that plagues our society. This problem proves most dangerous when our stubbornness to adapt allows obvious, and sometimes even easily solved, inefficiencies to persist.
06/06/12 8:08pm
I’ve realized so much of life is plain trial and error. As all of our moms used to tell us when we refused to try new food: if you never try it, how will you know that you don’t like it? The same applies to life.
05/30/12 9:03pm
That weekend, I tried to pair my observations of the mass actions with personal conversations — on both sides. I spoke to police and protesters, removing the blue helmets and black masks, asking whether the police are part of the 99 percent or part of a police state in which violence is the closest one can get to “dialogue.”
05/23/12 7:42pm

Josh Bolton | Will you accept the JRP Summertime Challenge?

But to be honest, “summer break” has never made much sense to me. Yeah, it’s a break from all the work and stress of the academic year — but sometimes all the work of the school year feels like a break from the “real work” we accomplish during the warm months.
05/23/12 7:29pm

Arielle Pardes | Sex and the summertime

While there isn’t a scientific consensus on why people tend to find romance during the summer, lovers in pop culture (think: Danny and Sandy in “Grease,” Noah and Allie in “The Notebook,” Johnny and Baby in “Dirty Dancing”) combined with our own experiences confirm that summer is the season for getting frisky.