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10/05/12 1:29am
With such a deep history and continued commitment to Afro-American history, what could stop me from living in the house?
10/04/12 1:37am
Let’s explore some fecal matters.
10/04/12 1:33am
Even though my 22nd birthday is around the corner, I miss my parents and my brother and my mouse-free bedroom. I miss home.
10/03/12 1:37am
Come November, Romney will lose because a man who tries to stand for everything stands for nothing.
10/03/12 1:35am
Procrastination is a good thing — as long as it’s the right kind.
10/02/12 1:20am
Competition is why online education is here to stay.
09/30/12 10:22pm
In truth, the musical world is a big old love fest, with artists referencing, sampling and covering each other all the time.
09/30/12 9:41pm
I’d rather vote for someone that I trust as a person rather than someone I only trust to support my political beliefs.
09/27/12 11:16pm
Civic mentors may not be campus celebrities but they are the true unsung leaders on campus.
09/26/12 11:21pm
Our undergraduate degrees constitute one expensive but necessary line on our resumes that supports, but does not singlehandedly define, the parameters of our knowledge and skills.
09/26/12 11:18pm
I often think about the one grandparent I have left — my 89-year-old grandmother in Indiana. Every time I call her she asks when I’m coming to visit. And I can always hear the disappointment in her voice when I say, “When I can find a weekend that I have free.”
09/25/12 11:59pm
Last weekend, my mom and I went to two Bruce Springsteen concerts in New Jersey. I still haven’t found the guts to ask her whether seeing me or Bruce was more of a priority.
09/25/12 11:56pm
The crime Mumia Abu-Jamal was accused of happened in Philadelphia and there are hundreds like him who have gone through similarly complex and unfair legal processes.
09/25/12 1:14am
Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee may be badass, but are they beautiful? They can only fight so many battles for Asian masculinity.
09/23/12 10:43pm
Religious conversations with family will always be tricky. I struggle to decide whether to explain my lack of faith or brush their questions away to save us from an upsetting conversation. Either way, a part of me will remain hidden from them.
09/23/12 9:51pm
Yeah, I destroyed my health on my birthday weekend — not by killing my liver, but by eating junk food, staring at a laptop screen and not sleeping.
09/20/12 11:04pm
In many ways, Penn is the best it’s ever been. How many colleges can boast a no-loan financial aid policy for undergraduates, some of the most impressive (and newly renovated) dining halls or a president that can stand on her head? Not many.
09/20/12 10:59pm
I’ve blown my cover too many times to be considered a real American agent.
09/19/12 11:48pm
Pitchfork isn’t offensive. It’s hilarious.
09/19/12 1:31am
If we corral the polluted air in one place, if we quarantine the smoke, there’s a big chance that it’ll be easier to breathe everywhere else.