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12/05/11 12:46am
With the limited job options and the seemingly limited desire to create new ones, I have to wonder if we, too, are all a lost generation.
12/01/11 11:59pm
On-Campus Recruiting has turned Penn’s very intellectual atmosphere into a pre-professional fiasco.
12/01/11 11:41pm
We need to embrace students from all economic backgrounds. There is no shame in being from a low-income family.
12/01/11 1:32am
Vitamin C, Zicam, echinacea, Airborne, Cold FX. Should you invest in homeopathic cold preventions and remedies?
12/01/11 1:27am
I’m a 25-year-old undergraduate. When I returned to school, I asked myself, “Would I be that older guy buying alcohol for his friends? Would I be out of shape academically after three years of no exams?”
11/30/11 1:52am
Don’t promote self-reliance as the major contributor to economic and social mobility until everyone plays by the same rules.
11/30/11 1:38am
At any age, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to look back, to consider where you have been and where you are going.
11/29/11 1:55am
Given the administration’s current student group funding structure, it’s very difficult to host political speakers.
11/29/11 1:41am
Penn should follow the example of nearly 600 other colleges and implement a tobacco-free campus.
11/28/11 12:18am
There exists no right that permits a group of citizens to permanently “occupy” public space.
11/27/11 11:53pm
We should welcome the move from Black Friday toward virtual holiday shopping on Cyber Monday.
11/22/11 12:04am
Hippies are ruining this country, and it is beginning to really sour my milk — if you know what I mean.
11/21/11 11:09pm
It is the unconventionality and conservatism of quarterback Tim Tebow’s offense that allows the Denver Broncos to win.
11/21/11 1:15am
Now that most of our movie franchises have grown up, does that mean we have to as well?
11/21/11 1:07am
We need to force elected officials to reform Social Security and Medicare so these programs are still standing by the time we are old enough to retire.
11/18/11 12:23am
Yes, I did get accepted into Penn because of affirmative action. But so did you — and everyone else.
11/18/11 12:19am
The community-service world does not need leaders to create more organizations with identical platforms; instead, the world needs more willing supporters.
11/16/11 11:53pm
Standardized patients afford a very valuable benefit to the overly anxious medical student — a margin of error.
11/16/11 11:34pm
I fell in love with romantic comedies. And my love has proven to be as enduring as the brand of romance that they so relentlessly attempt to portray.
11/16/11 1:16am
Having adopted Pennsylvania as our home, we need to think of ourselves as residents of the state rather than just as members of the Penn community.