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04/02/12 1:11am
When student input in selecting the commencement speaker is nothing more than a dog and pony show, administrators run the risk of backlash.
04/02/12 1:04am
This Wednesday, on the 100th anniversary of RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage, you can get your multi-dimensional Rose DeWitt and Jack Dawson on. You can yell at Rose to move over because there’s totally enough room on that piece of wood for the two of them.
03/29/12 10:40pm
In our digitized, connected world, we’re quick to judge those who lunch like Liz — by themselves.
03/29/12 10:28pm

Mitch Kurz | True, he's not Johnny Depp

I heard with some consternation that the selection of Geoffrey Canada as commencement speaker was met with some surprise and not a small amount of disappointment on campus. “Who’s that?” seemed to be a common refrain. The man Michelle Obama calls her “personal hero,” the man Mayor Bloomberg hails as “the greatest living New Yorker”?
03/28/12 10:48pm
If you witness a heart attack, you just have to do two simple things. First, call 911. Then, push hard and fast in the middle of the person’s chest.
03/28/12 10:42pm
Home is comfortable and secure — the easy option.But choosing what’s easy can be scary in its own right. If New York is too foreign, San Jose almost feels too familiar.
03/27/12 11:58pm
It’s been almost a year since I, along with other regular decision applicants, got into Penn. Even though March 30, 2011 seems like a while ago, I try to remind myself how fortunate I am to be at Penn.
03/27/12 11:47pm
My Seussical reawakening began when I went to see the new film adaptation of the 1971 classic The Lorax.
03/27/12 1:12am
Candidates should be judged for how well we think they’ll handle the unpredictable
03/27/12 1:08am
FOMO, or the fear of missing out, refers to the social anxiety students may feel from missing an event, falling behind or tumbling into social bankruptcy.
03/26/12 2:18am
Trayvon Martin is not dead — his memory is giving life to a powerful movement. And in his spirit, I’m asking this community to join the Million Hoodie March today at 5 p.m. in front of Du Bois College House as we march toward Love Park in protest.
03/26/12 2:14am
One could argue that Mad Men’s boost between seasons was owed as much to investment as it was to buzz.
03/21/12 10:43pm

Arielle Pardes | In defense of Dan Savage

When I sat down to chat with Dan Savage on Monday, he readily admitted that he can be quite inflammatory — but said that his strategy doesn’t obscure the bigger picture of fighting for LGBT equality.
03/21/12 10:35pm
The easiest thing to do when a campaign like KONY 2012 is brought to our attention is to pick apart everything that’s wrong with it. KONY isn’t perfect and its creator, Jason Russell certainly isn’t either — but neither is a world in which every day, children are kidnapped, sexually assaulted and forced to murder their parents.
03/20/12 11:17pm
At first, it was impossible not to be disappointed with what happened. Everyone I talked to told me that I would learn from this experience.
03/20/12 11:10pm
The study of creativity is relatively new. As students, we have the advantage of entering the workforce with more information about our creative tools than any generation before.
03/19/12 9:32pm
This spring break anthem, ever-present at St. Patrick’s Day-day parties, is the spurt of spring sunshine that has brought Penn out of hibernation.
03/18/12 11:29pm
Before yesterday, I’d never had personal contact with an Encyclopaedia Britannica. I was a little sheepish when I went to see them in the reserved section of Van Pelt. I didn’t want to have to be the one to break the news. You guys are obsolete. I’m really sorry. You can all go home now.
03/18/12 11:23pm
Everyone knows that if you want to get into Smokey Joe’s on a Friday night, you’ll need to show an ID. Last week, Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett signed a bill that would extend this same principle to the ballot box.
03/16/12 12:15am
Some people might find the idea of grabbing coffee with a stranger a rather weird and awkward activity. If someone I didn’t know had approached me a year ago, I would have been weirded out.