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09/19/11 12:14am
The Palestinian strategy for statehood has flipped in a matter of eight years. The strategy now seems to follow a new script: statehood first, negotiations later.
09/19/11 12:05am
Netflix jumped the gun by convincing millions of its subscribers to choose between price and quality.
09/16/11 12:12am
Although Penn is making significant strides, the fact that in 2011 our campus still emphasizes how “gay-friendly” it is seems very redundant and counterproductive to the entire movement.
09/16/11 12:07am
Upon stepping into Penn Park, it becomes clear that the space is dedicated to serve a purpose — to provide a space for organized games, and not for simple lounging. It’s not so much a park as a collection of fields.
09/14/11 11:57pm
Like a faint electric buzz, excitement about new ways to use technology is permeating throughout campus. As your tech columnist, I’ll be doing my best to make you aware of some of the cooler stuff going on.
09/14/11 11:52pm

Sally Engelhart | The skinny on calorie counting

I’ll tell you why we really get fat. You might not like it. You probably won’t believe me either. But after reading some outstanding work by science writer Gary Taubes, I’m a die-hard believer.
09/14/11 12:25am
At an institution that constantly emphasizes the importance of building relationships with professional firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley via on-campus recruiting, I wonder if students increasingly overlook the value of building relationships with everyday people — people who play integral roles in our community.
09/14/11 12:20am
In recent years, however, the term “flash mob” has acquired a new meaning. Philadelphia’s non-violent high-school and college-aged residents need to reclaim the flash mob.
09/13/11 12:21am

Charles Gray | Glory outside the halls of Congress

While politics often brings out the worst in people, it can occasionally bring out the very best.
09/13/11 12:17am

Dan Bernick | Penn should sweat the small stuff

Penn should sweat the small stuff. Minor issues affect student happiness and create inefficiencies for the University.
09/12/11 1:13am

Rachel del Valle | Half Foods: the emptiness in nutrition

The superficial health-consciousness is troublesome. Many products benefit the companies that make them more than the consumers that buy them.
09/09/11 1:25am

Clark McCauley | Psychology of 9/11 revisited

Bryn Mawr College professor Clark McCauley writes that we were unable to predict how far our overreaction to 9/11 would go.
09/07/11 12:46am
Today’s average college student was between the ages of eight and 11 on Sept. 11, 2001. We were old enough to know there was a problem, to feel that something had been lost, to watch the events unfold on the news.
09/07/11 12:43am
Columnist Brian Goldman argues that the term ‘9/11 generation,’ invoked by the national press, is a bit misleading and even confining.
06/23/11 4:39am

Wiktoria Parysek | Uncovering the world of internationals

"Home" students have a lot they should learn about international students.
06/16/11 3:06am

Alec Webley | Trusting Penn’s Trustees

The Penn Board of Trustees needs to be more transparent with how it makes it decisions.
06/02/11 2:55am

Brian Goldman | Spread the (research) wealth

Gutmann can achieve her dream of "[making] our nation stronger, and our future brighter," by focusing on what Penn can do, not legislation.
05/26/11 2:47am

Sara Brenes-Akerman | Interning is an alternative

I thought that getting my dream internship was all-important, but now I realize an internship is an alternative summer plan, rather than the summer plan.
05/13/11 12:23am

Farewell Column by Jessica Riegel | Stop chasing perfection

We’ve finally learned to manage our lives here, and we have to move on. Do I know how to manage, motivate and challenge myself in new contexts?
05/13/11 12:17am

Farewell Column by Alec Webley | Dear Penn

We have to break up. It’s not you; it’s me — you know the drill. We both have to move on. Like any relationship, ours contained its good and its bad.