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01/22/13 12:52am
Obama has not had the opportunity to create a New Deal, Great Society, New Beginning or any lasting doctrine. This is not his fault — it is the result of partisanship, gridlock and vitriol.
01/22/13 12:48am
While Penn for Palestine’s proposal may have been well-intentioned, its analysis of the situation was littered with inaccuracies and the biases that perpetuate the exact conflict they denounce.
01/18/13 1:42am
Maybe if we were forced to confront that punishment, we actually could live in the most civilized country in the world.
01/18/13 1:40am
Although Gutmann is comfortably in the one percent, she deserves a break.
01/17/13 1:12am
This past Monday, I became an American citizen along with 60 strangers, altogether representing 31 countries. Again, “melting pot” etched its way across my mind, reminding me that identification comes in the form of a shared or inspired human experience, not the flesh that portrays it.
01/17/13 12:59am
Most of the time, the worst that comes of those extra shots is an embarrassing moment or an inside joke from another time at Smoke’s. Yet all too often, the results are on a much larger scale.
01/16/13 1:04am
Food is an integral part of the open rush process for both genders. This past week, fraternities and sororities each served up a different plat du jour, subliminally reinforcing their specific dose of gender stereotyping in such choices.
01/16/13 1:00am

Arielle Pardes | It's about time

“Girls‘” approach to sex is not only genuine — sometimes a little messy, sometimes a little kinky — but also definitively feminine.
01/15/13 12:14am
Recent studies demonstrated that self-compassion is a more effective motivator for self-improvement than self-esteem.
01/15/13 12:09am
I had never thought of the coffee I drank every morning as something exotic. I thought every country would have it, every bodega. I’d depended on it, really — I wasn’t prepared to go without it.
01/14/13 1:05am
The sad truth seems to be that we need a tragedy to occur in order to mobilize change.
01/14/13 12:58am
Creating a core curriculum could help with basic deficiencies in people’s knowledge and give the College of Arts and Sciences an identity.
01/11/13 12:26am
With Pell Grants, tax credits, federal direct loans and other aids, the federal government has accomplished the exact opposite of its stated goal — it has made a college education dramatically more costly.
01/11/13 12:09am
Certainly, it is troubling to read of robberies occurring one after the other. But the proximity of the two shouldn’t be cause for concern.
01/10/13 12:29am
My exercise was limited to taking the stairs to my room in lieu of the elevator — and I live on the second floor. The weather had started to turn chilly and hot yoga didn’t sound so bad after all.
01/10/13 12:14am
We aren’t addicted to our iPhones per se — rather, we literally love them, as we would a spouse or parent.
01/09/13 12:00am
Ali and Hayley here, and after a semester traipsing across the pond, we’re back!
12/15/12 9:58pm
No child, man or woman should be a political football — especially in a time of fragility and mourning — but there comes a point when a political conversation is necessary.
12/09/12 7:32pm
Although we fear staying in college for more than four years and falling behind, I invite you to consider taking a gap year and time out for yourself.
12/07/12 1:46am
This is my last column for The Daily Pennsylvanian. My goal for ‘The Ernest Opinion’ was to make you think and speak.