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09/16/12 11:38pm
During the beginning of each school year, we are all involved in making sure freshmen know what’s what on campus. We want them to know about our club, our major, our leadership opportunities. Yet most of us don’t know half of what occurs at Penn.
09/13/12 11:34pm
While the media and politicians attempt to convince us that we live in a post-racial society, the truth is, self-segregation persists and is a natural instinct.
09/13/12 11:23pm
I have more in common with a moderate Christian than any Muslim radical who proposes violence.
09/13/12 12:39am
Many people believe that the playing field is leveled once students get to college, but in reality, inequality persists.
09/13/12 12:30am
Trying to get on top of your schoolwork? Take your books out. You don’t have to read them. Just open them up. Trying to catch up on email? Respond to one. See what happens.
09/11/12 11:26pm
Although the formalities of the old still echo the halls of the convention — there are voice votes, motions and even a gavel — it is no longer a place for a party to pick a nominee.
09/11/12 10:51pm
We rationalize away uncomfortable facts by thinking that if a lot of people think something is okay, then it must be okay.
09/10/12 10:32pm
Even with Dr. Franklin’s heart and Mr. Huntsman’s wallet, Penn should remember that it cannot not save West Philadelphia on its own.
09/06/12 10:19pm
Don’t just be a passerby on Locust Walk, that will only increase your chances of suffering a mid-college-life crisis.
09/06/12 10:15pm
Living in Philadelphia has pushed me further outside of my comfort zone than most of my classes at Penn have.
09/06/12 12:18am
I don’t want to know how much Romney’s horse cost. I don’t care to read Obama’s Occidental transcripts. I don’t have a particular interest in Michelle Obama’s shoe size.
09/05/12 11:43pm
The amount of almost-waving, half- smiling and awkward eye-contacting I see around campus every day is absurd.
09/05/12 12:37am
If there ever was a part of American democracy that a newly enfranchised democrat should see, this is it.
08/28/12 10:14pm

Adam Silver | Saying sorry to my subletters

Subletters, I know I told you that pets were not allowed in HamCo, but that is simply because it already comes with pets.
08/28/12 10:10pm

Divya Ramesh | An illness with no prescription

Now that I have moved in and Convocation is around the corner, I realize that the vaccines on my chart have failed to prevent one thing: homesickness.
08/01/12 10:21pm

Editorial | Guns on campus

The Aurora, Colo., massacre gives a renewed sense of urgency over the role of firearms in American culture. Being situated near a hotbed for violent crimes, Penn students in particular have a big stake in the debate over gun control.
08/01/12 10:06pm

Will Marble | Disconnected from distraction

Our generation lives on the internet. We wake up to new iMessages, “friending” people is an almost necessary social exercise, we are expected to respond to emails instantly and many of us run our own blogs. And suddenly I could not access any of that.
08/01/12 10:01pm
While today’s hot social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, serve mostly to feed our vanity and self-absorption, the blogosphere often provides a more productive outlet.
07/25/12 10:09pm

Spencer Small | A call to (un)arms

In the wake of the Aurora, Colo., shooting, the issue of gun control has resurfaced in a big way. But it looks like nothing is going to change. Since 1968, the number of Americans that have been killed by guns in the United States exceeds the number of U.S.
07/25/12 9:57pm

Arielle Pardes | Poly what?

“Infinite possibilities” describes polyamory at its core. Those who practice poly range from the lovestruck triad in Oliver Stone’s recent film “Savages” to full-on group marriage within an entire community of people.