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01/15/14 5:48pm
I’m fairly certain if I met my celebrity idol Robert Downey Jr., he would shake my hand, sign the lunchbox I have with his face on it and then ask me, “So, Sara, what are your post-graduation plans?”
01/15/14 5:45pm
I understand people like the Wolf should not be idolized because it could encourage bad behavior, but there is no harm in admiring them for the entertainment value.
01/14/14 5:27pm
In this case, however, I didn’t have to. I photographed Jews, Christians and Muslims; tourists, citizens and people in between; Zionists and Pro-Palestinians; young students and grandparents.People wrote in Hebrew, English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Spanish, Romanian and Russian. All helped me convey a narrative, one that we called “An Israeli Collective.”
01/14/14 5:22pm
But like Snapchat and Facebook, Twitter is just a tool — and we decide what it’s used for. We can defame corporate giants and let policymakers know where we stand. Holding influential people accountable is one of the sexiest things you can do with your Twitter profile.
12/10/13 9:02pm
Most of these articles acknowledge that the conflict is “nuanced,” but after glossing over this point, they still try to cram their thoughts on a subject that spans almost 3,000 books in Van Pelt into half a newspaper page.
12/10/13 5:27pm
After talking to Shipman, I have gleaned that the preparation offered by CURF is on par with what I received at Virginia — and Virginia has produced more than two and a half times the number of Rhodes Scholars than Penn has.
12/09/13 8:17pm
In some ways, being at the bottom of the pole is a blessing. You can ask a million stupid questions and mess up, but it’s OK. The worst you’ll get is, “Silly freshman.”
12/09/13 7:26pm
Consumer products are beginning to improve our lives while keeping in mind natural necessities.
12/09/13 4:23pm
One of my idealized markers of maturity is the ability to give meaningful, interesting presents to people I love. Right now, I’m not really there.
12/08/13 5:48pm
In other words, through our viewership — which is a market signal — and the revenue it generates, we drive and make possible these wonderful acts of charity.
12/05/13 6:21pm
As we go through college, we seem to lose these moments of intense learning fueled by our curiosity, with no career strings attached.
12/04/13 3:35pm

Arielle Pardes | What's your number?

When we lie about our numbers, we simply reinforce those tired gender stereotypes and the problematic binary that establishes women as either promiscuous or prudish.
12/04/13 3:32pm
But I’ve been fed too many movies and stories where couples say to each other, “I can’t live without you,” or “I’d die without you.”
12/03/13 12:05am
The absence of understanding is not just misinformation, but with delicate foreign relations issues, often trepidation or hate.
12/03/13 12:03am
Many of the flaws we millennials are accused of — from being perpetually rude to being lost on the romantic front — might be helped with a spoonful of etiquette to serve as our guide.
12/02/13 4:40pm
While we may oftentimes be oblivious to how our existence on this land is predicated on the ethnic cleansing of indigenous peoples, we should not be blind to the fact that the same process is happening now.
12/01/13 9:53pm
I joined a Buddhist ashram in India, worshipped with Jews in Jerusalem and devoured agnostic and atheistic literature. Like the prodigal son, however, I always returned home to church.
11/25/13 5:20pm
Penn should require all undergraduate students to take an academically based community service course.
11/24/13 7:39pm
This Thanksgiving, I say we should be deeply thankful for the sheer ineptitude of the state.
11/24/13 6:46pm
As you may or may not have already heard, the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is “selfie.”