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04/03/14 6:59pm

Arielle Pardes | Why men should embrace Lulu

So if women are generally pretty generous with their ratings and they’re using the app to recommend their guy friends, crushes and ex-boyfriends to other women rather than to bash them for past experiences, why are men so afraid of it? Rather than being full of the vindictive reviews that men seem wary of, most Lulu scores are actually full of praise.
04/02/14 7:36pm

Frida Garza | 2048 — Not so great

In college, we’re all prone to procrastination — a quick game is more attractive than a problem set that will take eight hours to finish — but as we download the new big “thing,” we should be aware of our capacity for obsession. These games don’t offer instant gratification — they deliberately delay it. It’s tempting to submerge ourselves in activities that are less challenging than rewarding. Games like 2048 are one, but not the other.
03/31/14 6:39pm

Roderick Cook | What a drag

Expressing femininity in a way that I have been actively and passively told that I am not supposed to has been such a powerful and important experience. It’s helped me to understand my gender and myself in ways that I have previously not been able to.
03/27/14 7:12pm

Sam Sherman | 'And' over 'or'

I study chemistry and art not for the purpose of finding some superficial link between them such as art restoration, but rather to open my avenues of exploration of the world in a larger way.
03/26/14 9:15pm

Jonathan Iwry | Louder than words

Counselors like to advise people to put their problems in context. Sometimes, however, it’s the context that’s the problem. Smart and privileged Ivy League students are told to focus on how great they have it, but for many, college is far from great.
03/25/14 7:39pm

Roderick Cook | Trigger Happy?

Oftentimes,  it is not simply a matter of someone needing to “get over” their trigger. It may be impossible or extremely difficult to do so, and in any case,  it is not up to someone else to decide that it is time for someone to face these issues.
03/24/14 5:35pm

Alexandra Friedman | If at first, you don't succeed…

On my first day of spring break, I got the first of many emails about Hey Day.Stream of consciousness: What?! Hey Day?! But Hey Day is for rising seniors and I’m not a ... oh.
03/24/14 5:31pm

Sara Schonfeld | How to be a successful graduate

It has begun: my season of applying to programs, to jobs, and to — horror of horrors — internships. As I fill my days with applications, resumes, and cover letters, I’m beginning to wonder what it takes to be “successful” today.
03/20/14 7:54pm

Abel McDaniels | A Hollow Prize?: Rethinking Affirmative Action

This time last year, Penn (along with the rest of the higher education community) was anxiously awaiting the decision of a Supreme Court case that had the potential to seriously alter current admissions practices, Fischer v.
03/19/14 10:34pm

Frida Garza | Follow the (tech) jobs

New York City lore says: If you can  make it here, you can make it anywhere. Penn students have proven that we can make it in New York. Why don’t we want to go anywhere else?
03/18/14 8:04pm

Collin Boots | Hiding our history

If the ARCH building was flying the Rising Sun Flag by itself, I would probably advocate taking it down. Flying flags have always been a symbol of the present: who owns this ship, this fort, this hill, this public building. But when it’s a part of the walls, it’s a part of history. It becomes a symbol of the past and the meanings it had to the designer who put it there.
03/17/14 6:26pm

Diane Bayeux | In defense of a viral first kiss

Soko explained that while she wanted to kiss more, she also could not let go of the will to know her partner in the sense that once a connection is made, it is hard to let go of. This is one of the most beautiful things to take away from that video.
03/05/14 8:20pm

Collin Boots | Freedom from discrimination

Clearly we have decided as a society that, in principle, the Government has a compelling interest in disallowing certain religious observances when they counteract the public good.
03/04/14 7:27pm

Collin Boots | Freedom to discriminate

Religious freedom means you get to believe whatever you want. Religious freedom means you are free to practice your religion to the extent that it does not harm others.
03/03/14 6:39pm

William Zhang & Jason Choi | From the outside looking in

Because only when an issue no longer remains taboo, and when a community is willing to approach and accept the foreign and unfamiliar, can true dialogue and harmony exist.
03/02/14 8:53pm

Sara Schonfeld | Out of place at Penn

What do we have at Penn as a last hurrah? I guess it was supposed to be Feb Club, but these events have left me feeling like the estranged cousin at a family holiday.
03/02/14 8:06pm

Alexandra Friedman | The value of human life

What can be gleaned from this realization? There is a unique worth of human life in Israel unlike that of almost any other nation.
02/26/14 6:24pm

Roderick Cook | It’s not always about sex

When feminist spaces focus so heavily on intimate discussions of sex, they can very easily do a lot of harm to the same people for which they claim to be advocating.
02/25/14 6:26pm

Sara Schonfeld | Failing the Bechdel Test

For every female character, there are generally two male characters. Is it too much to ask that movies try a little bit harder to reflect reality? There are so many different types of diversity that Hollywood fails at.
02/25/14 6:19pm

Collin Boots | Robots don't kill people

Drones cannot be morally culpable for their actions. Using language attributing the actions of the operator to the machine needlessly distracts from the legitimate moral and legal concerns surrounding drone strikes.