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11/18/09 5:10am

Maya Brandon | A time to DREAM big and make action

Penn students should become more involved in the DREAM Act.
11/18/09 5:06am

Emerson Brooking | I came, I saw, I majored

When I came to Penn, I couldn’t tell you the difference between Plato and Cicero. Moreover, I wasn’t sure why it mattered.
11/17/09 5:32am

Jonathan Wright | Defining dressing for success

The historically-black institution and alma mater of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has implemented an “Appropriate Attire Policy”
11/17/09 5:30am

Lindsey Stull | It's still free speech under fire

As a total geek, librarians have been some of my best friends. Bert Chapman, a Purdue librarian, will never be one of them.
11/16/09 3:08am

Heidi Khaled | Everyone's got a story

As a social art form, storytelling is unique in its ability to attract a wide variety of both participants and actors. But most importantly, it teaches us to do something we often forget to do — sit back, and listen to what someone else has to say.
11/16/09 3:06am

Lauren Burdette | Making every course count

It’s that time of year! The onset of winter weather, the realization that your class has a second (or third) midterm, and those Halloween pictures you forgot about reappearing on Facebook: Yep, advanced registration is here.
11/13/09 4:33am

Rohini Venkatraman | Building social networks virtually

Before I could complete my story, one friend interrupted, “Oh, I’ve already seen the pictures on Facebook.”
11/13/09 4:32am

Katherine Rea | Accessing medication

After years of work, six universities — including Penn, Harvard and Yale — committed to make desperately needed medicines more accessible to developing countries.
11/12/09 4:48am

Dennie Zastrow | Aid for your financial aid application

Navigating Student Financial Services is a complicated task for any student. But for the Latino community, it can be much harder.
11/12/09 4:46am

Arielle Kane | Not a neatly wrapped box

The irony of a Jewish girl getting excited about the Christmas season will come as no surprise to many Penn students.
11/11/09 3:33am

Emerson Brooking | Once was enough

“The South Will Rise Again” is a phrase that evokes reminders of a dark and bitter chapter in American history — and it has no place at the sporting events of a public university.
11/10/09 4:41am

Sam Bieler | The People-Who-Voted-Nov. 3rd Society

Last year 3,833 people voted on campus. This year only 171 people took the 20 minutes needed to cast a vote.
11/10/09 4:38am

Lindsey Stull | When DNA is TMI

What if your employer knew more about you than you did? Sounds scary, but it could happen in the near future.
11/09/09 4:36am

David Lei | The dangers of tunnel vision

What amuses me most about the SEPTA situation is how liberals oppose strikes when they become an inconvenience.
11/09/09 4:31am

Lauren Burdette | The first 365 days

The hoopla surrounding Obama was clearly just delayed.
11/06/09 2:36am

Sally Engelhart | A shot of reality about the swine flu

For some it’s spiders, for others it’s clowns — but my irrational fear is needles.
11/06/09 2:34am

Katherine Rea | Thinking things through

The proposed direct elections for a student-body president have their merits and disadvantages
11/05/09 3:38am

Dennie Zastrow | A paralyzing strike to the city

hough Philadelphia residents do not rely on public transportation as much as New Yorkers do, the impact of losing access to SEPTA’s subways, trolleys and busses could prove to be catastrophic.
11/05/09 3:37am

Arielle Kane | Remembering to breathe

There’s a dirty little secret they don’t tell prospective freshmen on campus tours: midterm week? It’s a myth.
11/04/09 3:46am

Maya Brandon | It's never too early

A talk at the Women's Center opens eyes about the realities of breast cancer for college women.