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05/14/10 1:07am

Senior Goodbye from Emily Babay | The real crime

You don’t have to be a reporter to make the realizations I have during my time at Penn. Pursue your passions, whatever they are.
05/14/10 12:59am

Senior Goodbye from Rebecca Kaplan | Be true to yourself

If there’s any lesson that I could hope to impart, it’s this: Don’t shy away from the things that you love, no matter how difficult or different they seem.
05/14/10 12:52am

Senior Goodbye from Juliette Mullin | Page 217 revisited

When I applied to Penn, I wrote my retirement speech for my autobiography’s page 217. Today, I rewrote that speech.
05/14/10 12:40am

Senior Goodbye from David Lei | Four years of surprises

I could not have expected that the past four years would unfold as they did. And the narrative of my Penn experience has been full of surprises.
05/14/10 12:37am

Senior Goodbye from Julia Rubin | Figuring It All Out

I can confidently say I’m sick of the “then” and the “now” — I’m ready for the “next.”
04/29/10 2:36am

Senior Goodbye from Lindsey Stull | What a marathon

Penn has made me a suitable candidate to be a physician; the rest of the world has made me a well-rounded human being.
04/29/10 2:32am

Senior Goodbye from Alissa Eisenberg | Graduating is like poker

I’m certain that graduation is a time to turn uncertainty into opportunity and experiment as individuals with different paths for our lives.
04/29/10 2:28am

Senior Goodbye from Paul Richards | My advice: take it or leave it

I’m going to offer a little bit of advice. Take it, leave it, mock it, it doesn’t matter that much to me.
04/27/10 4:24am

Senior Goodbye from Ashley Takacs | The game of Penn

With my days at Penn numbered, I’ve become acutely aware that my time here is more like Chutes and Ladders than I’d like to admit.
04/27/10 4:21am

Senior Goodbye from Abby Schwartz | This is not a senior column

From where I’m standing — not a student yet not a graduate — I have a unique view of life before and after graduation.
04/26/10 4:25am

Slip of the Chung | Moving on, growing up

Despite knowing how important it is to find some place new, I have a hard time with the idea of leaving Penn.
04/26/10 4:21am

Wright-ing On The Wall | No need for my final advice

Those who have impacted us seniors during our time here have already given us more than I could ever share.
04/23/10 2:19am

Rea-lity Check | Here’s to Hey Day and beyond

I’m going to make a bold statement here and say I’m looking forward not just to senior year, but also graduation.
04/22/10 5:17am

A Dennie For Your Thoughts | Increasing a diversity weekend’s diversity

Now that Admissions is identifying LGBT applicants, it should take that extra leap and start inviting these applicants to Minority Scholars Weekend.
04/22/10 5:09am

Penn vs Sword | More openness in discipline

Sexual assault will always be a sensitive issue. But when it comes improving the efficacy of any justice system, a good dose of transparency goes a long way.
04/21/10 3:57am

Ash Wednesday | How I love Locust — let me count the ways

Maybe it’s all the fresh flowers, latent affects of fling or my own senior nostalgia, but I am in love with Locust Walk.
04/20/10 2:36am

In Case You Missed Me | A need for a sex ed program at Penn

The University does not attempt to provide a standardized sexual-health education. It needs to do so before freshmen come to Penn.
04/19/10 4:06am

That's What Schwenk Said | Don’t wait it out on the waitlist

So waitlisted students stalking, take it from someone who sweated it out on the waitlist only ultimately to be rejected: Choose a college before May 1.
04/16/10 1:23am

Scientifically Blonde | The truth about hangover remedies

The hangover remedies that are likely to be useful are probably the ones you already know and find unsatisfactory.
04/16/10 1:18am

Rea-lity Check | Not all about the booze

If you focus all your attention on getting wasted, you’ll miss how great Fling can be even without alcohol.