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02/10/11 4:35am

Smart Alec | Abolish University Council

In the place of the University Council (which is currently no more than a mothballed roundtable), create a “University Forum” where anyone can speak.
02/09/11 6:13am

A Likely Story | Just for the sake of learning

Students eagerly embrace preceptorials because they represent what is best in Penn students. These seminars are built on the belief in students’ willingness to learn.
02/08/11 6:17am

The Gray Area | My personal AlcoholEdu

Last Thursday, I turned 21 and, for the first time ever, I had an alcoholic beverage.
02/08/11 5:54am

Peace Not Politics | Appreciate the power of local politics

Penn students should be more aware of what Philadelphia's local government is doing. They should also maybe even vote once or twice.
02/07/11 2:57am

Bank on It | Cyberchondria: the dangers of self-diagnosis

Almost two-thirds of all Penn students have used WebMD for health information, but self-diagnosis may lead to the wrong conclusion.
02/07/11 2:34am

The Gold Standard | The two-year plan

Penn should offer special programs for students who wish to study for two years and then head off to join the workforce.
02/04/11 6:16am

Hassall-Free Fridays | Political apathy’s dishonest roots

With so many Penn students looking for jobs in the finance, is it any surprise that reining that industry in generates little political excitement?
02/04/11 5:59am

Last Call | NSO: New Student Obstacles

Although Penn offers undergraduates many resources for dealing with their academic, social and emotional issues, it could do more to help freshmen.
02/03/11 6:23am

Truth Be Told | Covering Giffords through rose-colored lenses

The media is turning Giffords' tragedy into a narrative of triumph, but being too optimistic about a grave and uncertain brain injury might be bad.
02/03/11 6:16am

Smart Alec | U.K. no longer A-OK

By ransacking its higher education to pay down its budget deficit and cutting immigration, the U.K. stands to lose great American students — including those from Penn.
02/02/11 6:22am

The Half of It | Account me in: finding warmth in Wharton

Wharton does not only cater to manic number crunchers and Wall Street wannabes. Let business take its place alongside arts and humanities.
02/02/11 6:02am

A Likely Story | Shrinking Penn

Finding a version of Penn that is somehow your own can be challenging, but it is the only way in which anyone can have a meaningful Penn experience.
02/01/11 6:03am

Tattle-Taylor | No strength in numbers

Group projects often lead to unfair work distribution and some students receiving grades that they don’t deserve. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our GPAs to do them.
02/01/11 5:52am

The Gray Area | Build a house of learning

Residences should continue the academic mission of the University — and there needs to be more student involvement to produce excitement and buy-in.
01/31/11 6:42am

Combat Ray-tions | Why tiger moms aren’t always superior

If Amy Chua intends for her book to serve as a parenting guide in any way, then what she forgets is that you cannot raise a child in a vacuum.
01/31/11 6:04am

The Gold Standard | Put the safety on

Let’s call upon our state and local legislators to forge a way forward that protects gun ownership rights while allowing Philadelphia to enact logical ordinances.
01/28/11 6:48am

Last Call | Capital gains

In their ongoing internship and job search, Penn students shouldn’t ignore the wealth of opportunities awaiting them in our nation’s capital.
01/27/11 5:43am

Smart Alec | Thinking past the crisis

President Gutmann should increase the general fee to give SAC the resources to pay fully for our least-funded academic division — student life.
01/27/11 5:21am

Scientifically Blonde | Zapping your brain to a 4.0

When I heard about a study from the University of Oxford that found that electroshock brain therapy makes you significantly better at math, my first thought was, “Where do I sign up?!”
01/26/11 7:24am

Say Anything | ‘Rape’ is a four-letter word

Casual misuse of the word ‘rape’ is abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable.