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05/12/11 11:39pm

Farewell Column by Rachel Baye | Why can’t we be enemies?

Not all enemies are Sue Sylvester or Darth Vader. Not all enemies are even people.
05/02/11 7:09am

Say Anything | Ding, dong, the witch is dead

Maybe some day we'll tell our kids what terrorism was, not what it is.
05/02/11 6:20am

Duly Noted | Patriotism without party

I hope the unifying power of bin Laden's death will mark a new era for the nation’s political culture.
04/28/11 12:00am

Farewell Column by Sarah Beth McKay | Finally ready to leave a place like no other

Former '34th Street' Editor-in-Chief Sarah Beth McKay writes a farewell column about what makes this University unique.
04/27/11 11:49pm

Farewell Column by Luke Hassall | My advice to you: Disregard others’ advice

Former columnist Luke Hassall writes a farewell column advising students not to listen to other people's advice — except for his, that is.
04/27/11 11:38pm

Farewell Column by Jessica Goldstein | It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Former columnist Jessica Goldstein writes a farewell column reminiscing about her first tour of Penn and how she immediately liked the school.
04/27/11 11:23pm

Farewell Column by Pete Lodato | Worth a thousand words

In his farewell column, former Sports Photo Editor Pete Lodato writes about the unique perspective of Penn he's gotten from behind the lens.
04/27/11 11:17pm

Farewell Column by Evan Medina | It gets better

In his farewell column, former columnist Evan Medina refuses to believe that his life has officially peaked at the ripe old age of 22.
04/26/11 5:12am

Farewell Column by Sabrina Benun | Sandwiches and the city

You may laugh at me for reflecting on my college experience through a lens of sandwiches. But a sandwich is whatever you want it to be — just like Penn.
04/26/11 4:57am

Farewell Column by Colin Kavanaugh | It’s graduation, Charlie Brown

We all take different paths through Penn. Not only are we not going to be on the same chapter of our lives at the same time, we won’t even be writing the same book.
04/25/11 5:14am

Farewell Column by Emerson Brooking | My final paean to Penn

Farewell columns are invariably self-important and unavoidably pretentious. I’ve been looking forward to writing one for a very long time.
04/25/11 4:56am

Farewell Column by Katherine Rea | Mini life lessons

Rather than reminiscing, I thought I’d just share a bunch of mini life lessons from my past four years. Because mini things are better. And they take themselves less seriously.
04/22/11 9:45am

Duly Noted | A fresh perspective on prospectives

Remember that the kid with the Penn backpack, Penn folder and Penn T-shirt was once you.
04/22/11 9:15am

Last Call | Tripping with your class

Penn professors would be performing a great service if they incorporated a field trip or two into the typical course structure.
04/21/11 5:43am
For our response to Christopher Abreu's column to merely be a condemnation of racism confuses the symptom with the disease.
04/21/11 5:18am

Truth Be Told | Happiness — a primary goal

White coats come in different shades, and no one should dissuade future doctors from choosing career paths that make them happy.
04/20/11 5:19am

The Half of It | Senior societies shouldn’t have to tap that

Why the exclusivity in senior honor societies? Is it naive to think applications should be open to every student — not just those who have been tapped?
04/20/11 5:11am

A Likely Story | Value the learning process

All classes should be about something more than just doing well on the exam. Sure, it sounds simplistic put on paper, but it is a fact frequently overlooked.
04/19/11 4:57am

Peace Not Politics | The hidden danger of bracketology

Newt Gingrich’s criticism of President Barack Obama's bracket choices speaks to a more pressing issue — people simply expect too much from the president.
04/19/11 4:36am

The Gray Area | A faculty-initiated fix

When faculty members decide to get involved the University, they have the potential to make immediate changes for the better.