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10/25/10 12:40am

Wiki-Pedia | Saving energy = saving money

Saving energy is important for the world’s sake, but I’m talking specifically about the nickels and dimes. Students should be more aware of how they can save money by conserving energy.
10/22/10 2:38am

Hassall-Free Fridays | Study Chinese or beware in business

Fail to learn Chinese at your peril. Not only is Chinese one of the most useful languages for any person to know, it is also relatively easy.
10/22/10 2:30am

Penn Name | Alluding to understanding

I propose that the English Department require majors to take a religion class. It’s in Penn’s best interest to make sure students are capable of interpreting literature independently.
10/21/10 1:56am

Truth Be Told | When research becomes political

If you ever needed more proof that lives are decided by popular opinion then look no further than the current state of federally funded embryonic stem cell research in this country.
10/20/10 4:55am

Ad-Libs | Course investment, not class participation

Professors should replace the participation percentage with one that is more versatile and inclusive. Professors should grade students’ overall course investment.
10/20/10 4:45am

Amanda Please | Far from the real veritas

Apparently, the creators of The Social Network thought their viewers could not deal with the facts. The old Harvard has undergone a much-needed makeover.
10/19/10 4:13am

Ryu's Clues | More than just 'Survivor' winners

The Asian-American community needs more encouragement from leaders like Yul Kwon, particularly when pursuing careers in humanities- or social-science-related fields.
10/19/10 3:56am

Berry Nice | Think before you tweet

It’s time a certain social taboo is faced — we as college students need to re-evaluate what is and is not tolerable to publish on the internet.
10/18/10 3:44am

Cosmopoli-Tanvi | White, black, brown and yellow

We say people are tall or short. We say that they are fat or thin. We say that they are pretty or ugly. Why can’t we also say whether they are white, black, brown or yellow?
10/18/10 3:32am

The Sooner, The Better | Keep the fear alive?

Sarcasm aside, Penn seems to be doing a good job on the no-yelling front. Students could engage in legitimate discussion and debate policy issues — if only people didn’t write their opponents off as nut jobs.
10/15/10 4:01am

Lu-stick To The Point | Phantastic and safely monitored

The Philadelphia Police have a plan to handle riots if the Phillies win the World Series this year, and it seems like they will do a good job.
10/15/10 3:55am

Penn Name | The (out)source of job issues

I feel that not passing a bill like President Barack Obama’s anti-outsourcing bill will have dire consequences for our economy.
10/14/10 3:25am

Scientifically Blonde | The sickening truth about dishonesty

It seems that patients lie across the board. We lie about our bad habits, we lie about sticking to our treatment plans and we lie to get the medicines we want. This has me a little concerned.
10/14/10 3:19am

Smart Alec | Lessons from Voldemort

One of the ways to learn about leadership is to study the good and bad examples of others, so in that spirit I present the lessons we can learn from the example of Lord Voldemort.
10/08/10 2:26am

Hassall-Free Fridays | The admissions process culture gap

The organization of U.S. high schools means anyone can rack up leadership roles and be taught to write a good application essay. Those abilities shouldn’t have anything to do with Penn.
10/07/10 2:27am

Truth Be Told | More than just statistics and symptoms

It’s important for the medical community to remember that the whole of the patient is greater than the sum of his or her symptoms.
10/07/10 2:20am

Smart Alec | Elections gone overBoard

Class Board elections have little intrinsic value as exercises in democracy and deter each Class Board from fulfilling its mission to bring the class together.
10/06/10 4:15am

Ad-Libs | A website you can bet is problematic

The idea of is noble, but there may be serious problems with prompting students to perform better academically with money.
10/06/10 4:11am

Say Anything | Don't go for broke

Unpaid internships are inherently elitist. They prevent individuals from having equal access to the opportunities that will make them desirable hires in the future.
10/05/10 3:45am

Southern Comfort | Give me that old time religion

As a proselytizing faith, it can be difficult for evangelical Christianity to find its place in the framework of tolerance. And in doing so, it can compromise those very elements which set it apart in the first place.