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09/30/11 12:48am
If Penn is to continue on “making history,” more women should be sought after for elected student government positions. There has been no female class board president in at least a decade and counting.
09/30/11 12:41am
The correct response to cyber-bullying tragedies doesn’t lie in punishment.
09/28/11 11:20pm
Here are 12 applications that I can’t imagine being without as a Penn student.
09/28/11 11:12pm
Michele Bachmann’s comment that the human papillomavirus vaccine causes mental retardation has done a lot of damage to America’s public health.
09/28/11 12:03am
“Hi! My name is Bobby Frosh! Will you sign my petition for student government?” “Sure, Bobby, what exactly does student government do again?” “Uhh… we do whatever it takes to make your collegiate experience better!” “Really?
09/27/11 11:57pm
As Penn students, we like to believe we are immune to silly mistakes. You would, however, be hard pressed to find a Quaker who hasn’t accidentally replied-all to an email or booked a ticket on the wrong BoltBus.
09/27/11 12:04am
Penn is not the best university in the world. But we can be.
09/26/11 1:23am
Penn needs to reconfigure two of its alcohol-related policies.
09/26/11 1:19am
This fall’s new television shows copy the style of Mad Men, but miss its substance.
09/23/11 12:29am
I advise all future Penn leaders to not lose their minds this upcoming election.
09/23/11 12:25am
Our society has to confront a growing problem — people are beginning to see Facebook as an accurate representation of and effective alternative to reality.
09/22/11 12:34am
Fidel Gamboa died on August 28th. It is hard for me to explain what this means to anyone who doesn’t find the sentence striking at first glance.
09/21/11 11:57pm
Are there really some things that ethics dictate we’ll just never know? Who decides what is on- and off-limits?
09/21/11 12:52am
Fashion has long given preference to females, with general lack of male interest. By allowing talk about men’s fashion to be a taboo, we are shutting down opportunities for the man on the street to express himself.
09/20/11 11:40pm
Tracy Morgan shouldn’t have apologized for his offensive joke. Comedians only feed the audience what they want to hear — an exploration of the darkest machinations of the human mind.
09/20/11 12:10am
Penn needs a center for Tea Partiers and Flashers alike, a la the LGBT Center.
09/20/11 12:00am

Charles Gray | Rethinking intellectualism

A tactic that has been used by the media and many elements of the Left when handling the Tea Party is to portray it as a group of anti-intellectuals who are unsophisticated.
09/19/11 12:14am
The Palestinian strategy for statehood has flipped in a matter of eight years. The strategy now seems to follow a new script: statehood first, negotiations later.
09/19/11 12:05am
Netflix jumped the gun by convincing millions of its subscribers to choose between price and quality.
09/16/11 12:12am
Although Penn is making significant strides, the fact that in 2011 our campus still emphasizes how “gay-friendly” it is seems very redundant and counterproductive to the entire movement.