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Occupy Movement

11/28/11 12:03am

Occupy not forced out of Dilworth Plaza

On Friday, Mayor and 1979 Wharton graduate Michael Nutter announced that the Occupy Philadelphia protesters encamped at City Hall had until 5 p.m. Sunday to leave the site. However, as of 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, no protesters were evicted. INTERACTIVE: Timeline of Occupy Philadelphia
11/18/11 12:05am

Philomathean Society examines Occupy movement

During a panel discussion on Thursday, several professors interpreted Occupy from their fields of expertise.
11/16/11 12:47am

Occupy Wall Street, broader movement reach crossroads

As Occupy Wall Street reaches its two-month anniversary, the protest — with 4,049 arrests, countless police raids and three deaths to its name nationwide — was raided by police early Tuesday morning. RELATED: Penn professors discuss Occupy movementTIMELINE: Occupy movement
11/15/11 10:48pm

Penn professors discuss Occupy movement

Wharton Politics and Business Association hosted the event, “What’s Behind Occupy Wall Street?,” which brought together five distinct voices.
11/14/11 11:13pm

Occupy march makes stop in Philadelphia

Occupy Wall Street marchers arrived in Philadelphia on their way to Washington, D.C.
11/13/11 11:15pm

Rape reported at Occupy Philadelphia

A 25-year-old woman was allegedly raped by another protester at Occupy Philadelphia on Nov. 12. Mayor and 1979 Wharton graduate Michael Nutter announced the city will employ a harsher strategy toward the movement.
11/10/11 10:00pm

Occupy Philadelphia prepares for cold temperatures

Occupy Philadelphia is intent on staying put in front of City Hall through the winter — meaning that the protest movement is going to have to find a way to combat the falling temperatures.
11/09/11 10:41pm

Some look to profit by trademarking Occupy

Attempts to trademark catchphrases from the Occupy movement have sparked unlikely controversy between protesters and those attempting to profit from their cause. TOPICS: Occupy movement
11/06/11 11:10pm
On the heels of several Occupy Philadelphia demonstration on campus, members of the new student group OccupyPenn held a teach-in on Friday to educate others on their movement. GALLERY: Photos of OccupyPenn teach-inGALLERY: Occupy Philly protests Romney fundraiser
11/04/11 12:05am

OccupyPenn plans teach-in on Friday

A new student group, OccupyPenn, will hold its first event on Friday: a teach-in on Locust Walk outside Huntsman Hall. RELATED: For some at Penn, Occupy movement fails to ring true
11/03/11 11:18pm

For some at Penn, Occupy movement fails to ring true

Some students feel that Wharton — as well as Penn as a whole — has been unfairly targeted by the Occupy movement. TOPICS: Occupy movementRELATED: OccupyPenn plans teach-in on Friday
11/02/11 4:22pm
The symbolic strike, held in solidarity with the Occupy Oakland movement, began at noon and lasted exactly 99 minutes long. TOPICS: Occupy movement
11/01/11 12:24am

Cantor, after canceling at Penn, speaks at other universities

Although protesters were enough for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) to cancel his speech at Huntsman, he went on to give income-equality speeches at other universities amidst protesting crowds.
10/30/11 11:16pm

Political activist Angela Davis speaks at Penn

Activist and scholar Angela Davis addressed a full house at Irvine Auditorium on Friday night.
10/30/11 8:49pm

Cantor protest pushes students to join Occupy movement

The messages of last week’s Occupy Philadelphia protests at Huntsman Hall are reverberating throughout campus, as Penn students become more involved. TOPICS: Occupy movement
10/27/11 12:12am

Marcuse Society hosts 1960s political activist Angela Davis

Right on the heels of Occupy Philadelphia protesters rallying at Huntsman Hall, a conference on critical theory is coming to Penn.
10/26/11 7:35pm
There are a plethora of alternate career paths available to students with the initiative and desire to explore beyond what is immediately available.
10/26/11 12:14am

Andrew Johnston | Missing spots in Occupy’s vision

A Ph.D. student of economics at Wharton responds to what he sees as missing spots in the vision of Occupy Wall Street. TOPICS: Occupy movement
10/25/11 12:07am
The Occupy movement has been criticized for lacking a cohesive voice, but one artist has a message and plenty of stories to tell — including her own.
10/24/11 9:57pm
Fifteen people who had participated in the protest were arrested Sunday for blocking 8th Street near Race Street. Those arrests represented the first since the protest began in early October. According to the Division of Public Safety, none of them were Penn students. TOPICS: Occupy movementMAP: Occupy arrests around the U.S.