11/09/18 9:12pm
Legend mediated a panel discussing both the benefits and drawbacks of the Opportunity Zone tax incentive, a bill passed by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
11/09/18 2:32am
Penn Medicine physicians are also calling for more rapid, coordinated response efforts as the use of fentanyl has become a growing public health crisis. 
11/09/18 1:15am
The campaign started last April when the ASAM UAB released an online video, which features several Penn students discussing what they have gained from their ASAM courses.
11/08/18 6:01am
University of Chicago topped the list, followed by Penn and then Colby College in Waterville, Maine. 
11/08/18 4:37am
In an effort to expand knowledge on autonomous vehicles, Penn Engineering professor Rahul Mangharam created the F1/10 Autonomous Racing Competition.
11/08/18 4:17am
In the 2018 historic midterm elections, Penn students turned out in record-breaking numbers at polling stations across campus.
11/08/18 3:22am
There are approximately 150 guides currently in the Kite and Key Society, each of whom are expected to lead one campus tour a week. 
11/08/18 3:00am
Penn announced it would require all sophomore students to live in a college house, starting in three years. New College House West's opening in 2021 will help accommodate these students.
11/08/18 2:30am
The newly passed amendment restores the voting rights of most convicted felons who have completed their sentences, with the exception of those convicted of murder or sex crimes.
11/07/18 9:24am
It's that time of year again: Street's annual Best of Penn issue is here. You voted on your favorite food, drinks, shops, occasions, and communities and the results are in. Here are the winners of this year's 26 Best of Penn categories, plus Street staff's favorites for some oppositional fun.
11/07/18 7:45am
"I want this to show how seriously we take our right to vote," Gutmann said. "The implications are very, very clear; young people’s voices need to be heard."
11/07/18 5:09am
Penn alumni Mary Scanlon, Conor Lamb, and Josh Gottheimer won their seats along with Trey Hollingsworth and David Scott.
11/07/18 4:25am
'As presidents and chancellors of leading American research universities, we write to express our deep concern and dismay at reports of possible withdrawal of federal agency protections for transgender people,' the letter wrote. 
11/07/18 4:04am
Through their interscholastic and award-winning magazine InLight, Max and Sam Strickberger aim to expand their goal of breaking down social injustice to Penn and Philadelphia.  
11/07/18 3:45am
One of the key organizers for the anti-gun violence protest in Washington D.C. is now a College freshman, and he's looking to continue the fight at Penn.  
11/07/18 2:20am
Rep. Dwight Evans (D-Pa.) was re-elected to the House, still serving as the representative for Penn's campus.
11/07/18 1:35am
The current U.S. ambassador to Russia and a former Governor of Utah, Huntsman Jr. received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Penn in 1987.
11/07/18 1:00am
The $40 million in funding will help Handshake expand into the European market.
11/06/18 2:36pm
When the polls closed, 864 votes had been cast in Houston Hall and 589 in ARCH. Poll workers said this was the highest turnout for the midterm elections that they had seen in years. 
11/06/18 6:38am
A large task force will be put in place in order to protect against voting fraud and monitor polling locations in Philadelphia on Election Day.