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11/12/19 5:34pm
The grant will be used to support a clinical trial aimed at preventing the recurrence of triple-negative breast cancer.
11/12/19 5:33pm
The Penn-led team of global researchers looked at phytoliths, or plant skeletons, and the environmental effects of burning them.  
11/12/19 2:21pm
Both SHS and CAPS were previously overseen by the Vice Provost for University Life.
11/12/19 1:59am
Carey Law Dean of Students Felicia Lin, along with three other administrators, held an hour-and-a-half lunch Q&A session on Monday for any law students concerned about the school's renaming. 
11/11/19 11:50pm
The event featured 1994 Wharton graduate Jeff Smith, Chair of Papa John’s International Inc; and Janet Foutty, Chair of the Board of Deloitte.
11/11/19 10:50pm
The announcement comes less than a week after the Philadelphia GOP lost one of two seats on the city council dedicated to the minority party. 
11/11/19 10:03pm
This recent breakthrough, spearheaded by Penn Med professor Hansell Stedman and his team, utilized a harmless virus to transfer genetic instructions to cells in the animal test subjects.
11/11/19 10:02pm
The research, which aims to improve treatments for chronic pain in an effort to alleviate the rates of OUD, comes amid the pressing opioid crisis.
11/11/19 9:40pm
Legend also questioned why many men feel intimidated by the prospect of having a female president.  
11/11/19 9:38pm
The show, which debuted Nov. 4 on SiriusXM's business channel, features interviews between professors and prominent business leaders on a range of topics. 
11/11/19 9:37pm
The new technology allows the transfection agents, which are positively charged transporters, to accept antibodies that they could not before.
11/11/19 9:23pm
The researchers argued that in may cases, people's immune systems destroy the infecting bacteria, but they retain an "immunological memory" to the disease. 
11/11/19 9:14pm
Early results indicate this method is safe and effective, Penn Medicine News reported Wednesday.  
11/11/19 9:05pm
Penn Med researchers began their trial in 2017, and have since performed the surgery as part of their investigation into the procedure
11/11/19 8:48pm
The panel explored a series of student and university programs increasing voting awareness among both college students and high school students in the city. 
11/11/19 7:52pm
The new system will replace tokens and tickets with an electronically reloadable card as the primary form of payment, but will require an overhaul of the current card reader system.
11/11/19 7:26pm
Grossman graduated from Penn Medicine in 1973 and completed residency in neurosurgery and radiology.
11/10/19 10:15pm
As early as fall 2020, students will be able to spend a semester abroad at the Stockholm School of Economics, Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo, or Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. 
11/10/19 9:13pm
Gregory is currently the only college house without AC. Construction will occur in the summer of 2020 and Gregory will be fully functioning with an AC system when students return next August for the 2020-2021 school year.
11/10/19 8:04pm
Freshmen who planned on studying actuarial science at Penn voiced frustration at the decision and the school's lack of a statement.