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10/30/20 4:07pm
The team’s research provides new insight into a broadside collision between the Milky Way and a dwarf galaxy that occurred almost 3 billion years ago.
10/30/20 3:58pm
The coalition hopes to open, replicate, or expand at least 18 brick-and-mortar charter schools in Pennsylvania by 2025.
10/30/20 10:24am
Undergraduate students will be required to be tested twice weekly for COVID-19 and to enroll in PennOpen Pass as well as receive a flu shot before returning to campus.
10/30/20 2:59am
Inveniam, a newly launched program between Penn Engineering and Steppingstone Scholars, aims to provide underrepresented and underserved students in the Philadelphia area with free STEM resources and programming. 
10/30/20 2:55am
Experts said that although there are barriers China will have to overcome to achieve carbon neutrality, the pledge is a step in the right direction. 
10/30/20 2:53am
The class, MGMT 198: Managing Disruptive Change: Artificial Intelligence for Business, Finance, and Sustainability, gives students the opportunity to learn from and interact with top academics and practitioners in the field of AI. 
10/30/20 12:54am
Students in Philadelphia have access to some open facilities such as the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, Penn Park, the Hamlin Tennis Center, and the Penn University Archives Reading Room.
10/29/20 10:33pm
Temple University will push back the start of the spring semester by eight days to Jan. 19 and eliminate spring break to limit the spread of COVID-19.
10/29/20 10:23pm
A Wharton graduate and her husband, a Penn Law graduate, donated $5 million to support Wharton undergraduate aid and the final construction of Wharton Academic Research Hub, which is set to open in November.
10/29/20 2:41pm
Vindman confirmed he cast his ballot for former Vice President Joe Biden.
10/29/20 1:20am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with CAPS staff about what students can do in the coming weeks to reduce stress and anxiety related to the election, namely to stay in the present, check in with friends, and get off the computer. 
10/29/20 1:12am
In an email signed by Penn President Amy Gutmann and other Penn officials, Gutmann referred to Wallace Jr. as a neighbor of the Penn community, and his killing as a "death" with no mention of the word "police," escalating student outrage.
10/29/20 12:40am
Penn offers weekly COVID-19 testing that is mandatory for students, faculty, post-doctoral trainees, and staff that are living in on-campus housing or are on campus for “at least eight hours every week and whose activities are done in a congregate setting that involves at least 10 people.” 
10/29/20 12:22am
Students said the current deadline of Oct. 30 is too early for them to know how they are doing in their classes, citing the lack of grades so far in their classes and heightened anxiety concerning the online semester.
10/29/20 12:13am
Toobin was widely criticized for engaging in workplace harassment by masturbating with his camera and mic on in front of colleagues during a meeting, but in the op-ed, Zimmerman argued that the scandal was instead about society's unease with masturbation.
10/28/20 5:01pm
On Monday afternoon, two Philadelphia police officers shot and killed Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old Black man. The killing prompted protests near Penn’s campus on Monday night and throughout Tuesday.
10/28/20 9:03am
Penn Dems estimated that over half of the mail-in ballots of students who registered to vote with on-campus addresses, but requested their ballots to be sent elsewhere, were misdelivered by the city.
10/28/20 1:36am
While some professors have implemented anti-cheating measures like "live proctoring" on Zoom, students claim that many professors have failed to take necessary precautions against cheating even in the face of inflated class scores.
10/28/20 1:32am
Penn students participated in protests, including a Tuesday night march from Malcolm X Park in West Philadelphia through Penn's campus to Clark Park, to demand justice for Wallace Jr., calling to defund the Philadelphia Police Department and have the officers who killed Wallace Jr. arrested and charged. 
10/28/20 12:29am
On Oct. 22, Wolf announced at a news conference that the liquor license fee waiver would collectively save owners of 16,000 restaurants and bars $20 million and alleviate the economic burden from the COVID-19 pandemic.