10/25/18 8:02pm
A UPenn Alert was sent at 3:30 p.m., indicating that the object was cleared and is no longer a danger to the community. 
10/25/18 1:00pm
The AKO Foundation, the charity branch of hedge fund AKO Capital LLP,  granted the donation which will also fund the Katja and Nicolai Tangen International Endowed Scholarship.
10/25/18 5:41am
Gazzaniga is an author of many standard Penn introductory psychology and neuroscience textbooks.
10/25/18 5:03am
Penn President Amy Gutmann said the fundraising campaign helps Penn expand global opportunities, including making programs more accessible for students from first-generation, low-income backgrounds.
10/25/18 4:53am
At a dedication ceremony with President Amy Gutmann and Provost Wendell Pritchett Tuesday, Ronald and Leonard Lauder, 1965 and 1954 Wharton graduates, respectively, presented the donation.
10/25/18 2:16am
The event, called the Penn Peace Project, was hosted by the International Affairs Association.
10/25/18 1:53am
The bill defines a new set of standards that four-year institutions must meet to become a Certified Suicide Prevention Institution of Higher Education and was sent to Gov. Wolf for final approval on Oct. 18.
10/25/18 1:37am
Penn has seen an increase in the number of cases of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease reported on campus.
10/25/18 1:37am
'We think that the increased use of our office in discussion of such matters stems from the new policy of confidentiality for the ombuds office and also from the MeToo movement,' University Ombuds Lynn Hollen Lees wrote to the DP.
10/25/18 1:36am
At least 12 students need to come together to propose an idea for a residential program, and the deadline to submit a proposal is November 2. 
10/25/18 12:16am
All the current SCOTUS justices hold law degrees from either Harvard or Yale, except Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She holds a degree from Columbia Law, but before transferring she attended Harvard Law.
10/25/18 12:08am
Penn's student focus group explored levels of frustration with racism and discrimination, the role of democracy and human rights in U.S. foreign policy, and the depolarization of political parties.
10/24/18 11:46pm
PennDesign studios have recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico as part of their disaster relief research and infrastructural improvement design efforts in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
10/24/18 11:20pm
The study was conducted on 227 pairs of identical twins. The twin subjected to less warmth at home was more likely to exhibit callous-unemotional (CU) traits.
10/24/18 6:34am
Penn's Career Services has been actively working to address the specific issues FGLI students face during OCR. 
10/24/18 5:12am
The class will study religion and its relation to public policy and government. Each week, a new guest lecturer, typically an expert academic in his or her field or someone from the government, will visit. 
10/24/18 4:26am
Kim was motivated to become a special victims prosecutor after she was sexually assaulted in college. Sexual assault prevention is now the top issue she campaigns on. 
10/24/18 3:29am
Harvard Medical School has found through an internal investigation that there is fraudulent data in 31 scientific publications from the laboratory of a prominent cardiologist.
10/24/18 12:32am
Penn Athletics is currently in the "final stages" of an internal investigation conducted by a hired outside legal counsel. 
10/23/18 11:43pm
The award, which was part of the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge, was also given to 19 other cities, including Pittsburgh, Boston, and Washington, D.C.