11/24/18 11:17pm
City officials recently found e-scooters to be classified as a “motor vehicle” — without meeting the safety and equipment standards for motor vehicles, they can’t be used on roads or sidewalks.  
11/21/18 10:36pm
Academic resilience is “using disappointment as a growth opportunity" and is consistent with Penn's focus on wellness, founding member of the Resilience Consortium Myrna Cohen said.
11/21/18 12:19am
The National Coalition For Men has filed similar complaints against other universities, and there is no evidence the complaint will result in any consequences for Penn. 
11/20/18 5:30am
Moore was named one of 32 American Rhodes Scholars out of 880 applicants who were endorsed by their colleges.
11/20/18 1:35am
The Wharton School was the most represented school among Penn’s honorees, with 13 Wharton graduates making the list, followed by the College of Arts and Sciences with nine graduates.
11/19/18 11:34pm
As their first semester in the UA leadership wraps up, Krone and Andrews have zeroed in on improving transparency between the UA and the student body. 
11/19/18 10:53pm
The bond will be used to support infrastructure improvements throughout Philadelphia, including street repavement, maintenance of the Schuylkill River, and various improvements to Penn’s Landing.
11/19/18 8:37pm
All four victims had a single gunshot wound to the head and were found in a house on the 5100 block of Malcolm Street.
11/19/18 5:59am
The Social Planning and Events Committee hosted the event featuring the former NFL star and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" television actor.
11/19/18 3:31am
Of the current first-year students at Penn Law, 75 percent have spent one or more years out of college before enrolling in law school. 
11/19/18 2:03am
The heirlooms were delivered to the Museum on Monday and will be displayed as part of the museum’s “Year of Hamilton" until March 2019.
11/18/18 11:53pm
The re-loadable debit card system will be used for Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break for this academic year. 
11/18/18 9:59pm
The Penn First Graduate Association formed earlier this semester to support first-generation, low-income graduate students. 
11/18/18 9:56pm
Peterkin Bell's profile from the Annenberg website has been deleted. The course listing for her course Urban Communications is no longer on PennInTouch. 
11/18/18 8:42pm
Professors from Penn and other local institutions help devise experiments to solve Philadelphia-specific problems such as littering and voting turnout.   
11/18/18 8:37pm
Flooding is not the only environmental issue threatening Eastwick. Some Penn faculty and students are examining the health implications of nearby landfills and energy plants.  
11/17/18 11:53pm
Formerly a student-run organization, PennImmersive is now a Penn Library initiative that has been exposing students to virtual reality throughout the past semester. 
11/17/18 11:31pm
Lead author Rajat Deo, an associate professor  in the Perelman School of Medicine, said the study illustrates a necessity for more resources in areas with large black populations.
11/17/18 11:01pm
Launched by sophomores at Drexel University, the company’s reach has exploded to include 48 markets across the US, and the Philadelphia headquarters is estimated to create 150 full-time jobs for the city.
11/17/18 9:22pm
Researchers analyzed more than 100,000 Yelp reviews posted between 2005 and 2017 and found that urgent care centers had higher percentages of five-star reviews compared to emergency departments.