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04/10/19 11:58pm
The event, “Appraising the Future,” was organized by the Penn Wharton Budget Model and moderated by its faculty director Kent Smetters.
04/10/19 10:43pm
As of April 9, three Penn students have been diagnosed with mumps. To avoid catching the contagious disease, Student Health Service Director Giang Nguyen urges students to avoid sharing vaping products, drinks, and food, as mumps spreads through saliva.
04/10/19 8:35pm
The number of CIS majors at Penn has risen from 400 in 2015 to about 1,000 in December 2018, and about 40% of Penn’s undergraduate population takes at least one course within the CIS Department. 
04/10/19 7:02pm
The certificate program is free for current SP2 students, while SP2 alumni will need to pay $159 for the four-course program or $49 for each individual course. 
04/10/19 2:02am
The increase in cases follow an outbreak at Temple University that has sickened at least 140 students. 
04/10/19 1:51am
Semifinalists are currently formalizing their pitches with help of the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation staff and will give three-minute pitches during a “Big Idea Pitch Event” on April 25 to the public.
04/09/19 11:00pm
A major part of Delaney’s pitch focused on uniting the country in the face of increasing political polarization.
04/09/19 10:15pm
Both prizes award teams $100,000 for project implementation and $50,000 stipends for living expenses for each student in the year after graduation.
04/09/19 10:14pm
He said she started drafting the book as a high school senior and rewrote it during her junior year at Penn while drawing inspiration from her coursework.  
04/09/19 9:39pm
The course will be taught by Byron Pedler Sherwood, a senior fellow in the Biology Department, and will be offered to students from all four undergraduate schools with no prerequisites. 
04/09/19 8:45pm
This is the first data–driven study to link changes in brain function to specific symptoms in patients with clinical depression. 
04/09/19 12:11am
Wawa won its bid for two liquor licenses, paying the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board $186,357 for a location in Philadelphia and $160,357 for a location in Delaware County. 
04/08/19 10:55pm
The Penn Book Center will continue to host events in the store until the end of May.
04/08/19 10:43pm
The project was a part of MGMT 203's “Swag Day,” in which teams of students have to bring in an item or experience they obtained for free. 
04/08/19 10:24pm
This report follows the ongoing outbreak at Temple in addition to isolated cases at Penn and Drexel. 
04/08/19 8:08pm
Philadelphia might implement a fee for driving in congested areas depending on the outcome of New York City's similar plans for 2020. 
04/08/19 6:46pm
Scrapping the early decision student preview day, ConnectEd, this past February, Penn Admissions is changing the Quaker Days model – inviting ED students to join regular decision students on April 8, 10, and 17. 
04/08/19 2:04am
The symposium, which was a two-day event consisting of panels by historians and presentations by students, took place on April 3 and 4 and was co-hosted by the Program on Race, Science, and Society. 
04/08/19 1:13am
On March 23, on the 4000 block of Ludlow Street, at about 11 a.m., the complainant reported that his parked vehicle was damaged and had footprints on the hood, windshield, and roof.
04/08/19 12:53am
Penn will now be able to expand its funding efforts towards more students who seek financial support over the summer.