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10/24/19 12:28am
Anomaly said he did not think the title would garner the controversy it has today in an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian.
10/23/19 11:51pm
Provost Wendell Pritchett said the University plans to expand staff members for Penn Violence Prevention and create a series of focus groups to analyze the survey responses. 
10/23/19 10:41pm
Experts say the city's liberal population would make the location an unlikely choice, but Philadelphia will still prove useful for Trump's fundraising efforts.
10/23/19 10:20pm
The Penn Fund, which is separate from the University's endowment, receives donations from undergraduate alumni and current parents that are used to enhance the undergraduate experience. 
10/23/19 9:39pm
This month, students voiced anger over Penn's decision to rename the design school and asserted that the Weitzman namesake does not accurately represent the school.
10/23/19 7:44pm
Students wielding signs that read, "Abolish ICE" and "No one is illegal on stolen land," gathered inside and outside of Perry World House before the event started.
10/23/19 6:45pm
The new bill would substantially limit e-cigarette sales in stores that allow children and teenagers to enter, such as gas stations and convenience stores. 
10/23/19 6:40pm
The study found that female researchers tended to have fewer followers, likes, and retweets than their male counterparts despite being equally active on Twitter.
10/23/19 12:28am
Penn is the best-represented school in the rankings and 24% of the Forbes 400 graduated from an Ivy League school. 
10/23/19 12:17am
The online petition demands that Penn revokes Homan’s invitation and cancels the "Detention and Deportation from Obama to Trump" event.
10/22/19 11:45pm
At the event, students, faculty, and community members shared passages from Morrison's works that held personal meaning for them. 
10/22/19 10:50pm
The panel topics included the predictions of risk in sexual assault situations and the similarities and differences between military and non-military sexual assault episodes.
10/22/19 5:10pm
The alert, which was posted at 4:56 p.m., described the suspect as a male, between 15 to 17 years old. 
10/21/19 1:40pm
The survey, conducted by the Association of American Universities, included input from 10,306 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at Penn.
10/21/19 8:48am
The panelists, who are current FGLI graduate students, answered student questions about the difficulties of finding housing and financial help as a graduate student. 
10/21/19 1:24am
The "Reimagining Mental Health" conference featured speakers from across the Philadelphia and Penn communities who discussed harm reductionist and trauma-informed approaches to health care.
10/21/19 1:23am
Administrators will hold focus groups next semester to figure out how to improve housing options for grad students. 
10/20/19 9:09pm
According to Penn Med News, the team of researchers found that cells in the outer region of spinal discs initiate a weak healing process post-injury, which can lead to disc degeneration
10/20/19 9:06pm
The study, led by communication professor Yphtach Lelkes, was part of a series of multi-part research effort looking into political polarization in the United States.
10/20/19 8:55pm
According to a Wharton press release, the name change is a result of the ubiquity of digital publishing, now a common tool to efficiently deliver content to readers worldwide.