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12/08/22 5:09am
Over the summer, the rule was enforced in the city and was framed as a way to keep children safe during the gun violence crisis. 
12/08/22 5:09am
The APPC presented its findings on Dec. 5 from an annual analysis of news coverage of the myth.
12/08/22 5:08am
Dani S. Bassett, a professor of bioengineering at Penn, will join their twin Perry Zurn, an associate professor of philosophy at American University, to talk about the process behind writing the book.
12/08/22 5:06am
The new building, which is expected to be completed in 2026, will be eleven stories and house the company headquarters, additional office spaces, and 136 apartments, including a penthouse level.
12/07/22 1:38am
The Mitchell Scholarship accepted only 12 students out of 306 applicants this year, and Balasubramanian will pursue a master’s degree in philosophy at Trinity College Dublin.
12/07/22 1:31am
Workshops for money resolutions and goal-setting will take place in January, followed by tax workshops and budgeting tips in February. 
12/07/22 1:30am
The study — titled “Giving Suggestions: Using Quantity Requests to Increase Donations” and published in the Journal of Consumer Research — found that quantity requests were more effective in increasing donations.
12/06/22 2:43am
The conversation will be moderated by PWH Senior Executive Director LaShawn Jefferson. The event will be offered both in person at the World Forum and on Zoom on Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 4-5 p.m.
12/06/22 2:40am
The 41-page suit was filed by Yale student mental health group Elis for Rachael and two current Yale undergraduates on behalf of all Yale students who have suffered from mental health disabilities.
12/06/22 12:03am
This election marks was the country's fourth general election in two years. 
12/05/22 11:11pm
James told The Daily Pennsylvanian that she hopes the book will help people recognize challenges as a means to better prepare them with navigating future unexpected situations.
12/05/22 11:06pm
An analysis by the DP found that seminars taught by Wax have seen a below-average enrollment compared to all Penn Carey Law seminars for at least six semesters. 
12/05/22 3:14am
The idea first stemmed from a desire to provide gender-affirming products like binders and shapewear to Penn students.
12/05/22 3:12am
The event asks participants to create a food-based representation of a book that is important to them.
12/05/22 3:10am
A total of 4,235 undergraduates filled out the Marriage Pact this year.
12/02/22 1:35pm
The decision brings Penn Carey Law into a group that includes Yale, Harvard, and other top law schools that which have also announced they will withdraw from the rankings.
12/02/22 1:44am
iECURE, which was co-founded by GTP's James Wilson, announced on Wednesday that the company has extended its Series A venture funding.
12/02/22 1:32am
This past Tuesday at Kelly Writers House, Sullivan read two excerpts from her new novel, focusing on the central themes of race, self-image, femininity, class, and sexuality.
12/02/22 1:31am
Scientific experts raised concerns about four papers that Tessier-Lavigne — a renowned neuroscience and former biotechnology executive — co-authored between 2001 to 2008.
12/02/22 12:40am
After an on-campus rally, students attended the University Council’s Open Forum, where they addressed the Penn's sustainability policies and the administration’s response to student protestors.