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11/09/20 2:28am
Marshak helped introduce several medical procedures for animals into the field, including cardiology, anesthesiology, and orthopedic surgery.
11/09/20 2:22am
Community colleges and historically Black colleges and universities are among those that have more students of color and less funding than schools with a wealthier and whiter student body.
11/09/20 2:19am
Although the University recorded 8 positive asymptomatic COVID-19 test results from October 21-October 23, the most recorded in any three-day period so far, the positivity rate within that timeframe remained at 0.15%.
11/09/20 2:19am
Penn is the only school in the Ivy League to make the list of 312 colleges from across the country.
11/09/20 1:25am
The panelists also discussed the potential for significant changes in public health legislation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic under a Biden administration. 
11/09/20 12:24am
Despite the celebrations, many students believe the nation must continue fighting for progressive policies in efforts to undo the nation's divisions exacerbated under the current administration.
11/08/20 10:59pm
West sharply critiqued the Democratic Party, especially its failure to protect and uplift the working class, and cited frustration with having to vote for Biden, whom he labeled a "neoliberal disaster."
11/08/20 10:37pm
The panel was a part of the Annenberg Conversations on Race, a series of discussions between experts outside Annenberg who examine anti-Black racism in American society.
11/07/20 10:20pm
Biden's win in Pennsylvania pushed him across the 270-vote threshold to become president-elect Saturday morning. Penn students and thousands of local residents filled the streets to rejoice the long-awaited victory.
11/07/20 11:34am
Biden, a 77-year-old Scranton, Pa. native, will be the third president with close ties to Penn, following Donald Trump and William Henry Harrison.
11/06/20 1:42am
Launched this fall, the Applicant-Support Program will pair each applicant with a current bioengineering Ph.D. candidate who will offer guidance and clarifying information throughout the application process.
11/06/20 1:41am
The “In These Times” podcast, whose six-episode first season focuses on the current and future impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, was created by OMNIA, a SAS magazine.
11/06/20 1:38am
No charges have been filed against the officers who fatally shot Wallace Jr., though an internal investigation by the police department as well as a criminal investigation by the District Attorney's Office are ongoing. 
11/06/20 12:49am
During the Walter Wallace Jr. protests earlier this week, Philadelphia police officers bashed in the windows of an SUV and beat the female driver and another passenger, and shortly appeared to remove a toddler from the car. An investigation has since been opened into the incident, and reasons for the violence remain unclear.
11/05/20 10:42pm
Biden's strengths as a bipartisan leader and ability to negotiate are important characteristics to lead the U.S. economy out of the COVID-19 recession, Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel said.
11/05/20 10:21pm
51% of victims of fatal police shootings were white, 27% were Black, 19% were Hispanic, 2% were Asian, and nearly 2% were Indigenous, Penn Medicine News reported.
11/05/20 10:09pm
Currently a Biden campaign healthcare advisor, Emanuel was also a special advisor for health policy to the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget from 2009 to 2011.
11/05/20 3:21am
Members of the Penn and Philadelphia communities masked up and voted in person at three different campus polling locations on Election Day. As ballots continue to be counted, tension and uncertainty hang over the city. The Daily Pennsylvanian sent a team of photographers to capture this unique election week.
11/05/20 2:08am
They span across six states and the majority are running for seats in the United States House of Representatives. Nine are incumbents, while seven are running for the first time. 
11/05/20 1:24am
The study found that while people tend to read from narrower sources on desktop computers, mobile phones diversify the sources readers access.