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02/24/21 1:06am
The EMU has 12 beds where patients will be monitored by using recording equipment and monitor-advanced imaging. The unit will help treat patients whose epilepsy cannot be treated with drugs.
02/24/21 12:57am
A Supreme Court decision would have addressed the question of whether state courts have the right to change voting procedures set by the legislature. 
02/24/21 12:40am
On average, anomalous faces were more likely to be associated with negative personality characteristics, including untrustworthiness and anxiety.
02/24/21 12:34am
Brown University and Princeton University have recently canceled their plans to hold an in-person ceremony for the Class of 2020 this spring.
02/23/21 10:35am
Pottruck began a reopening pilot program on Feb. 3 after the Quiet Period ended, with plans to potentially reopen to all students. Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé told The Daily Pennsylvanian on Feb. 23 that the protocols taken during the pilot program “have been shown to work.”
02/23/21 1:31am
The Campus Compact Violation Data Dashboard, which will be updated monthly and was released on Friday, shows that 52% of violations resulted in disciplinary sanctions, 33% in educational interventions, and 14% in campus restrictions.
02/23/21 1:31am
Many students experienced fatigue, struggles with time management and concentration, and stress as a result of confinement and the illness itself.
02/23/21 12:39am
Good Pizza Philadelphia hosts "pizza drops" each week, offering a limited number of free pizzas to people with the request that they donate to local organizations.
02/22/21 11:23pm
The Sloan Research Fellowship is a two-year fellowship awarded to researchers who are early in their careers. 
02/22/21 11:13pm
City officials projected that Philadelphia will soon only have enough money in its reserves to run the city for three days.
02/22/21 11:03pm
Visits increased by more than 9,000% between 2019 and the period from March 2020 to February 2021.
02/22/21 2:29am
While some first years say the ability to meet others in person for the first time has been crucial in easing the transition to college life from an isolating first semester at home, others describe difficulties in balancing social distancing guidelines and forming new friendships. 
02/22/21 2:12am
Penn FLASH is an online platform through which FGLI students can connect with alumni mentors based on factors including their major, career prospects, and location.
02/22/21 1:56am
In a conversation with former National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President Ben Jealous, Abrams discussed hot-button political issues, shared her thoughts on the future of the Democratic Party in the South, and offered both personal and career advice for Penn students.
02/22/21 1:38am
Kaba, a community organizer and abolitionist, delivered the keynote address at BARS' second annual conference, titled The Path to Abolition: Envisioning the End of the Carceral State. 
02/22/21 1:16am
Although the studies focused on flu vaccines, lead author and Wharton professor Katy Milkman said the findings can be applied to COVID-19 vaccinations. 
02/22/21 1:07am
The clinic was open to people in phase 1b of vaccine distribution who live in zip codes the organization identified as "hardest hit" by COVID-19, including zip code 19104 where Penn is located.
02/22/21 12:21am
The city anticipates it may finish vaccinating residents by the end of July.
02/19/21 4:24am
Many students said they were happy with Penn's planned COVID-19 guidelines, but are anxious to see if the University will be able to enforce them in practice. 
02/19/21 2:44am
Akela Lacy, a politics reporter, and Alex Emmons, a national security reporter, discussed their hopes for the Biden presidency, how they interact with mainstream media, and what problems progressive journalists will face in the years to come.