01/31/19 6:05am
The salary, which is a 10.5 percent increase from her last reported salary of $3.5 million in 2015, makes her among the highest-paid university presidents in the nation.
01/31/19 4:43am
Admissions officers say there is no formal fact checking process in place and they do not intend to implement one.
01/31/19 3:26am
Ashmore was previously an associate professor at Penn and associate curator for the American Section of the Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. 
01/30/19 11:12pm
LPS alumnus Dillon Heffernan created the map to help track crime using information from police reports and social media. 
01/30/19 11:03pm
The team developed an idea for a catheter that has micro-sized crevices to prevent bacterial growth, which can cause infections. 
01/30/19 5:37am
In hopes of filling the vacant seat, two Wharton sophomores have formally declared their candidacies: John Casey and Chris Cherian. 
01/30/19 5:08am
“We have two standing full-sized shuffleboard courts, half a dozen arcade games ranging from Ms. Pac-Man to the Simpsons to virtual golf," The Post's founder said.
01/30/19 5:05am
On Jan. 17, when there was a suspicious package in the Quad package room and Philadelphia Police barred students from entering, a UPenn Alert was not sent out.
01/30/19 4:44am
Mayor Kenney's report highlights how Philadelphia saw its highest homicide rate in in more than a decade. The city now aims to provide aid in what has been called a "public health crisis."
01/30/19 4:38am
The Daily Pennsylvanian podcast will premiere its episode on the movement on Feb. 2.
01/30/19 4:07am
The room selection application has notably been combined into one application for all students, instead of three applications in prior years.
01/30/19 12:54am
Temple announced Monday that it has joined Apple’s student ID program, which allows student and staff members to tap their phones near contactless card readers in place of physical IDs.
01/29/19 5:38am
Rivera-Reyes, a democratic socialist, is currently campaigning for an at-large seat in the Democratic primary, all while balancing cancer biology research at Penn. The primary election will be held May 21.
01/29/19 4:35am
The open forum meeting operated the same as any regular UA general board meeting, all of which are already open to Penn students, UA Vice President and College junior Jordan Andrews said. 
01/29/19 4:31am
Blaze Bernstein, a Penn sophomore, went missing while home in California for winter break in January 2018 before his body was found in a local park.
01/29/19 4:25am
Penn Beauty will partner with Teen Health Week, a week-long program that promotes mental and physical wellness among teens.
01/29/19 4:23am
Once constructed, one of the paths will run north-south from Alaska to Patagonia and another will run east-west from Indonesia to Morocco.
01/28/19 10:04pm
The group of donations comes amid the recent launch of the school's “Power of Penn Law: Advocates for a New Era” Campaign, which aims to increase accessibility, alleviate student debt, and hire innovative faculty members.
01/28/19 4:28pm
In the past, graduate student misconduct claims were handled by deans of the accuser’s school, which students said slowed responses to claims.
01/28/19 3:12am
Peter Collins, director of public services and head of LIBRA at Penn Libraries, conducted a review of Van Pelt’s security system and decided they could move away from bag checks at the library's exit.