10/15/18 12:31am
This year’s Islamic Discovery Series is part of the Muslim Student Association’s continued efforts to spread awareness of Islam and mutual understanding in the current political climate. 
10/15/18 12:09am
1982 College graduate Ruth Turner and her husband 1982 College graduate and 1985 Penn Law David E. Schulman created a research fund to promote student research at the Center.
10/14/18 5:11pm
Originally created in 2016, Philadelphia Mobile CPR now has daily bookings to introduce interested groups to first aid free of charge. It also hosts a number of events which are open to the public. 
10/14/18 4:53am
The program currently employs four global guides — three from Iraq and one from Syria.
10/13/18 1:57pm
The suspect was wearing a red sweatshirt and ripped jeans when he entered the property Friday night, according to the Division of Public Safety.
10/12/18 11:32pm
Before he became a world-famous musician, the 1999 College graduate worked as a management consultant for Boston Consulting Group, where he picked up a valuable life lesson. 
10/12/18 6:37am
Symptoms of Acute Flaccid Myelitis can include weakness of the limbs and trouble with movements of facial muscles.
10/12/18 6:36am
One of Rothman's studies from 2013 found that one third of teenagers in the sample had consumed pornography to learn about sex. 
10/12/18 3:57am
History professor Kathy Peiss chronicled the paths of different pieces of literature tied to the Nazi regime after the end of World War II. 
10/12/18 2:29am
The Wharton finance professor was nominated by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon at a joint press conference earlier this week.
10/11/18 10:31pm
Philadelphia jumped 17 spots from last year to third place — the sharpest climb among the top 10 worst cities. 
10/11/18 6:41am
At the town hall meeting Wednesday intended to address housing policy concerns, the 18 students in attendance raised few concerns on the matter. 
10/11/18 6:40am
It's that time of the year again. Whether you're a freshman thinking about moving off campus for the first time or a senior interested to learn how Penn's college house system will evolve after you leave, the 2018 Housing Guide is a resource designed for you.
10/11/18 4:20am
The rally was organized by Philadelphia’s District 1199C, an affiliate of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees.
10/11/18 3:01am
The largest and most prominent off-campus landlord is Campus Apartments, which was founded in 1958 to serve Penn students. 
10/11/18 2:36am
On Wednesday, Hill likened the recent congressional testimony alleging sexual misconduct by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to her own testimony in 1991.
10/11/18 1:32am
In 2017, SFS estimated different costs for on- and off-campus housing for the first time, meaning less financial aid would be granted for those students living off campus.
10/11/18 1:31am
Now in its fifth year, PEEP welcomed 113 high school seniors from 32 states to campus for three days. 
10/11/18 12:46am
Vice Provost and Directors of Penn Libraries Constantia Constantinou emphasized her excitement to live and work in the city of brotherly love. 
10/10/18 11:34pm
Most affected residents have been allowed to return to their rooms, though there are still six rooms under mold remediation, which has forced approximately ten freshmen to relocate to nearby hotels for a week.