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12 hours ago
The Education Association of America aspires to change education at the local and national level by writing articles and remodeling school curriculum based on research and data.
12 hours ago
Markey, academic director at Johns Hopkins University's SAIS Global Policy Program published "China’s Western Horizon: Beijing and the New Geopolitics of Eurasia" in March. 
12 hours ago
While some first-year students have chosen to bypass the on-campus housing requirement due to concerns of possible COVID-19 spread in the dorms, others are opting to pay one month's extra rent to break their leases to live on campus in the spring.
12 hours ago
From Nov. 15 to Nov. 21, the University conducted 6,499 tests — over 1,000 more than any week prior — with the total positivity rate reported at 1.54%, slightly above the 1.29% average for the semester.
15 hours ago
In this week's crime log, four thefts from Acme, a bike theft, and a confidential case of sexual offense were reported.
11/23/20 10:57pm
LGBTQ leaders and students applauded Penn's support in building a strong LGBTQ community, a forte which proved to be the deciding factor for some students when deciding to come to Penn.
11/23/20 10:26pm
These student groups operate within the Toll Public Interest Center, Penn Law's public service hub, and have adapted previous projects to the virtual environment in addition to creating new ones specifically for COVID-19 relief. 
11/23/20 9:43pm
The study relied on a satisfaction survey of renters which included questions about dating and outdoor recreation, and the number of single people in the area.
11/23/20 9:40pm
In a 37-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann issued a blow against the Trump campaign’s attempts to potentially invalidate the votes of nearly seven million Pennsylvania voters. 
11/23/20 12:43am
Penn's test results website states that results could take up to 72 hours or longer. For some students, this unexpected change in timeline, coupled with other COVID-19-related concerns, has altered their Thanksgiving break plans.
11/23/20 12:13am
Fierceton will pursue a Ph.D. in social policy and conduct research on the foster care-to-prison pipeline, representing a disproportionate risk of incarceration for young people in foster care, at the University of Oxford beginning in fall 2021.
11/22/20 11:15pm
In an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian, Bok, the current vice chair of the board, spoke about the University’s plans to reopen in the spring and refused to budge on students' calls to divest from fossil fuels and make Payment in Lieu of Taxes. 
11/22/20 11:08pm
Penn College Houses and Academic Services and Residential and Hospitality Services held a series of events in honor of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. 
11/22/20 11:05pm
Philosophy professor Kok-Chor Tan highlighted three principles: benefiting people and preventing harm, prioritizing disadvantaged nations, and equal moral concern. 
11/22/20 11:04pm
The complaint alleges that the City of Philadelphia violated the Fifth Amendment by taking private property without compensation. The plaintiffs also allege that the city violated the Fourteenth Amendment by depriving restaurant owners of property without due process.
11/22/20 10:34pm
Of the total 38,000 STEM workers in the city, 57% identify as white and two-thirds are male, according to the data from SmartAsset.
11/20/20 12:26am
Prior to the new guidelines, Smokes had been operating at 50% capacity, or a maximum of about sixty customers seated in the restaurant at a given time.
11/19/20 11:55pm
The recent surge in cases and city restrictions have caused many students to doubt Penn's plans to open on-campus housing this spring, particularly as some students claim that there continues to be large indoor gatherings and parties off campus.
11/19/20 11:10pm
Salecl said the pandemic is impacting the social choices people make in terms of interactions with and treatment of themselves and others. 
11/19/20 11:05pm
Construction is expected to begin in March 2022, and completion of the facility is anticipated in fall 2024.