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17 hours ago
While absentee ballots require the voter to list a reason they cannot vote in person– like traveling out of state during the election, or having an illness or physical disability – anyone can apply for and receive a mail-in ballot.
17 hours ago
By improving ELISA technology, the Titan lab and startup AlphaThera will enable faster and more sensitive antibody tests for COVID-19 patients. 
18 hours ago
A grand jury charged one of the involved officers, who had already been fired, for firing recklessly into a neighbor's apartment, but no charges were brought against the officers for killing Taylor.
19 hours ago
The Penn Vet dogs are able to detect the eggs' faint smell after rigorous training with up to 95% accuracy.
09/22/20 11:55pm
Four Penn professors held a press conference open to the public on Tuesday to discuss Penn’s obligation to pay PILOTs to Philadelphia public schools.
09/22/20 11:32pm
The increased workload and time "in class" has forced students to drop classes, work fewer hours at their jobs, and hone their time-management skills.
09/22/20 11:12pm
The new regulations now allow different third party advisors, who may be attorneys, to cross-examine students involved in the complaint, and they make the definition of "sexual assault" more narrow and subjective.
09/22/20 10:22pm
SHS requires all full-time students to submit a waiver to opt-out of PSIP by Aug. 31 each year, or they will automatically enroll them in the plan.
09/22/20 1:43am
Penn students from the West Coast  — many of whom remain at home due to the coronavirus pandemic — began the fall semester from areas with the most dangerous air quality on Earth right now. 
09/22/20 12:03am
According to data collected during the first three months of Philadelphia’s COVID-19 outbreak, 4.7% of people sent home after an initial emergency room visit for coronavirus returned to the hospital within just three days.
09/21/20 11:54pm
Despite the virtual and socially distanced Rosh Hashanah celebrations, students and spiritual leaders said the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a greater meaning to the holiday, which signifies a fresh start and new year. 
09/21/20 11:53pm
Chapters such as Phi Gamma Delta, commonly known as FIJI, and Sigma Kappa are only charging partial dues, while Sigma Delta Tau is waiving chapter dues entirely this fall.
09/21/20 12:20am
The food truck will be stationed near Clark Park and serve dairy foods such as macaroni and cheese, tomato basil soup, quesadillas, chili fries and "build your own" pasta options.
09/21/20 12:14am
Students fear the political consequences of her death under the leadership of Trump — who is expected to nominate a justice just weeks before the election. 
09/21/20 12:11am
Students said hot vegetarian and vegan meals such as vegan soup, pizza, and pasta tend to run out quickly, and many of the pre-packaged meals lay outside without being replaced for up to a week.
09/20/20 11:00pm
Although this testing is not mandatory, Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé encouraged all off-campus students, especially those with three or more roommates, to sign up for weekly testing. 
09/19/20 1:24pm
Penn placed second to last among the eight Ivy League institutions — outranking only Columbia University, which placed 15th.
09/17/20 11:34pm
Only 13% of Penn founders are women and raise just 6% of venture capital, according to Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association. 
09/17/20 10:53pm
After spending the morning with Latinx elected officials and community leaders during a closed-door roundtable discussion in Kensington, Harris made a surprise visit to the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee headquarters.
09/17/20 10:09pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with the two new leaders over Zoom to discuss their goals for the year, which include increasing accountability for administration and the UA.