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The four panelists were activists who emphasized the importance of fighting gender-based violence through smaller, more individual movements. 
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2018 GSE graduate and GSE Wellness Coordinator Jinxi Yu said the group will meet weekly to discuss interpersonal relationships, identity, personal growth, and career exploration.
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The initiative, now in its second year, helps students from underrepresented backgrounds earn a master's degree and prepare for fast-track admission to Penn’s mathematics Ph.D. program.
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Both Penn and Philadelphia have their own sustainability offices, and similar to their carbon emission targets, Penn shares the city's overall goals while setting its own stricter guidelines. 
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Bank records were analyzed by the witness to show the money trail from Esformes' account to the Key WorldWide Foundation, which prosecutors allege was fraudulent and used to launder bribes from parents trying to gain college admission for their children, Law360 reported.
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Legend, who studied English at Penn, mentioned that he went to a "good school" and added that others are viewing the scandal "rightly as fraudulent and dishonest." 
03/18/19 3:51am
The website features “anti-resumes” from recent alumni, which include categories such as “Failures that seemed like the end of the world back then but doesn't matter in hindsight.” 
03/18/19 3:32am
On Feb. 27, four students sent a petition to Penn administrators calling for solutions to the frequent ceiling leakages and pest infestations in the building.
03/18/19 3:23am
The center, created with support from 1991 Wharton graduate and Stone Ridge Holdings Group CEO Ross Stevens, will support research in financial technology, or FinTech.
03/18/19 2:05am
At the Penn Bookstore on March 5, a suspect removed merchandise from the sales floor and attempted to conceal their origin by removing the tags and was subsequently arrested.
03/18/19 1:31am
Leprosy is an infectious disease that starts out as bacterial infection and affects the skin and the nerves. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 150 to 250 cases are reported in the United States each year.
03/17/19 6:18pm
Francis J. Doyle III, Dean of Harvard's engineering school, told the Crimson that information from these reports will be used to determine faculty bonuses. 
03/17/19 4:35pm
The resolution honors Mill, who grew up in North Philadelphia, for his work in reforming the criminal justice system.
03/17/19 3:28am
The new ties between Philip Esformes and William Singer were introduced in Miami federal court a few days after more than 50 individuals were indicted in the national admissions scandal.
03/15/19 10:57pm
The vigil included Islamic prayers, a song for peace, and Quran passage readings from Muslim Student Association members. "Our main priority is to protect our Muslim students and to be here for them,” MSA president and Nursing junior Tafshena Khan said.
03/15/19 6:54am
The program’s courses will be interdisciplinary and aim to teach students to become engaged citizens. 
03/15/19 4:59am
College senior Sabrina Qiao was chosen to complete the nine-day writer’s residency hosted by English professor Buzz Bissinger and his wife Lisa Smith at their home in the Pacific Northwest.
03/15/19 4:16am
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine professor Gerard Schellenberg led the research team, which analyzed data from more than 94,000 people. 
03/14/19 4:12am
Penn hired an outside consultant to review procedures after former men's basketball coach Jerome Allen pleaded guilty in October 2018 to accepting bribes to help a current Penn senior gain admission.
03/14/19 3:49am
The new Penn Spine Center, located in Pennsylvania Hospital in Society Hill, aims to provide centralized care for patients with spinal conditions and chronic back pain.