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Letters To The Editor

11/07/11 12:28am

Your Voice | Responses to UA hazing allegations

Undergraduate Assembly members respond to two columns published in The Daily Pennsylvanian about hazing within the UA.
11/05/11 8:01pm

Your Voice | On the defense of Classics majors

A College senior majoring in classical studies responds to Rush Limbaugh’s critique of her field of study.
11/03/11 12:45am

Your Voice | PennApps made it “public,” not Cavitch

A College junior finds fault with The Daily Pennsylvanian’s coverage of professor Max Cavitch’s criticism of Penn Course Review
11/03/11 12:13am

Your Voice | The other side of the debate

A Wharton junior responds to Charles Gray’s column on the pro-life movement from the other side of the issue.
11/01/11 12:38am

Your Voice | An excellent calendar

Alec Webley, a former Undergraduate Assembly chairman, applauds Penn’s calendar reform for putting the interests of students first.
10/25/11 11:15pm

Your Voice | Give organs to organ donors

The executive director of LifeSharers responds to an article, arguing that organs should be donated to other organ donors.
10/24/11 1:27am

Your Voice | Graduate student statement of solidarity

More than 100 Penn graduate students express support for the Occupy movement express solidarity with the Occupy movement.
10/22/11 3:28pm

Your Voice | Cantor's cancellation

Readers sound off on Eric Cantor’s speech cancellation and the protest surrounding it. ERIC CANTOR: Wharton remarks, as prepared for delivery CHARLES GRAY: Get better, not bitter
10/22/11 2:46am

Your Voice | A man as great and as flawed as any other

A College sophomore wonders why Steve Jobs deserves so much more acknowledgement in death than countless others who have died.
10/19/11 1:00am

Your Voice | A simplistic and self-serving explanation

John LaVoy of the Educational Opportunity Center criticizes Charles Gray’s recent column on the roots of the financial crisis.
10/19/11 12:52am

Your Voice | Seeing beyond labels

Campus organizations and leaders show support for Wharton sophomore Tania Chairez, an undocumented immigrant.
10/16/11 11:30pm

Your Voice | Let would-be Americans live out their dreams

A Penn alumna is disappointed by online comments responding to Tania Chairez’s guest column on being an undocumented immigrant.
10/13/11 12:28am

Your Voice | Undocumented immigrants

Readers respond to a guest column by Tania Chairez, a Wharton sophomore and undocumented immigrant. GUEST COLUMN: Undocumented and unapologetic
10/11/11 11:57pm

Your Voice | Occupy Wall Street solidarity statement

95 Penn faculty members express their solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. TOPICS: Occupy Philadelphia GALLERY: 88 photos from Occupy Philly Thursday
10/09/11 4:33pm

Your Voice | Inequitable public school funding

When a K-12 public education system is based on property tax revenue, the poor will inevitably suffer.
10/06/11 12:41am

Your Voice | Shadowy fingerprints

Pennsylvania’s voter-identification legislation, HB 934, has the fingerprints of the shadowy, corporate-funded, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council all over it. Related: New state legislation may bar students from voting
10/06/11 12:32am

Your Voice | An unfocused effort

We need to change the protest paradigm that thinks standing around, yelling general statements like “We’re the 99 percent” and hoping to get maced will accomplish something. Topics: Occupy Philadelphia
10/05/11 12:17am

Your Voice | Unsuitable for Wharton audiences

A reader was saddened to learn that an actress from the CBS comedy “2 Broke Girls” recently addressed students at Penn.
10/05/11 12:13am

Your Voice | Subsidize the solution

Penn professor David S. Barnes argues that the University does not support bike commuting. Related: Profs see biking as scenic and economical
09/28/11 11:05pm

Your Voice | Integrity in research

College senior Victor Galli writes that the University is failing to abide by national and Penn-specific animal research policies.