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Letters To The Editor

04/04/13 2:13am

Your Voice | Questioning real and pop science

I found the DP’s fawning interview with Adrian Raine disturbing and free of the skepticism that one would think ought automatically accompany broad claims about brain chemistry and criminal behavior. It read more like a PR release than an interview from an otherwise excellent newspaper.
01/18/13 1:47am

Your Voice | Drink wisely

I read with interest about the installation of water bottle filling stations at Wharton.
12/05/12 1:59am

Your Voice | Veganism: sweeping the nation

Vegan options are everywhere nowadays as a direct result of student pressure.
12/04/12 1:56am

Your Voice | Teach for America’s forgotten Penn connection

257 corps members are students at Penn’s Graduate School of Education.
12/04/12 1:52am

Your Voice | Penn students have a hand in Kazakhstan’s public education

One of the projects at Nazarbayev University is to establish Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools all over the country.
11/29/12 1:26am

Your Voice | Toward a homeless center on campus

A center for the homeless at Penn — similar to the Hub of Hope — could be a wonderful thing both for helpers and the helped.
11/27/12 12:47am

Your Voice | Architectural ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ threatened with demolition

I was saddened, if not surprised, by the University’s plans to demolish 400 S. 40th Street in order to build apartments on the site
11/16/12 1:51am

Your Voice | Finding the right proof

This summer, Penn asked all incoming freshmen to read the play “Doubt” as part of its Year of Proof.
11/08/12 1:49am

Your Voice | Response to 'Penn Leads the (Provisional) Vote'

No one is more disappointed about this than Penn Leads the Vote.
10/16/12 11:11pm

Your Voice | Let’s actually fix the debt crisis

Let’s take advantage of this crisis to make the structural reforms SAC needs for long-term viability.
09/26/12 12:06am

Your Voice | Working for an apology

If Harvest’s managing partner was accurately quoted, he has perpetrated a vicious insult and a gross slander on skilled workers who risk their safety, their health and their life every day to build what in this case is a non-essential luxury.
09/24/12 10:32am

Your Voice | Investing in dorm room entrepreneurs

The Dorm Room Fund offers us an incredible opportunity to expand this ecosystem and allow our entrepreneurs’ ideas to grow out of the dorm rooms and coffee shops and into dynamic seed-stage companies.
09/20/12 11:09pm

Your Voice | Cheers to Skimmer Fest

We’re pulling out all the stops.
09/10/12 10:21pm

Your Voice | Join the movement for educational equity

As Penn students who work with disadvantaged schools and communities in West Philadelphia, we believe in our students, all of whom never cease to amaze us.
06/06/12 8:22pm

Your Voice | Summer storm

I’ve been repeatedly welcomed to the “neighborhood” by people from other schools and departments, even taken to lunch.
05/11/12 4:16am

Your Voice | A message from Lovin' Life Ministries

Please take a moment to consider what’s most important to you in life. If your answer contains family, friends, relatives or a significant other within it, then it may be worth asking: What are you doing to invest into your relationships with these people? Could you use some support?
04/24/12 1:24am

Your Voice | Talk of the Campus

Taking note of the number of student activists taking part in demonstrations this year, the IAA sought this particular year, 2012, as a time to reflect on what it is Penn students do here to further their causes.
04/24/12 1:19am

Your Voice | Positive experiences with the Unification Church

I’m pretty sure that if your reporter had looked seriously, he would have found Penn’s Unificationists (past and present) to be a group of hard-working, sincere and conscientious individuals.
04/24/12 1:09am

Your Voice | Lovin’ Life Pastor responds

Where is the evidence that Lovin’ Life Ministries uses ‘high-pressure tactics’? I would like to make it very clear that we do not use any such tactics.
04/12/12 9:40pm

Your Voice | Do more about Molly

As a Penn parent, I am frequently disappointed by the passive response of the University to drug and alcohol abuse on campus.