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09/13/22 1:49am
A reinspection report by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health's Office of Food Protection cleared Acme, located at 40th and Walnut Streets, to reopen to the public.
09/12/22 10:02pm
The 12-week paid program will consist of a cohort of 18 students who will train to work in biotech laboratories and in manufacturing cell and gene therapies. 
09/09/22 12:20am
The “Send Silence Packing” interactive display tours college campuses across the country and partners with local student volunteers to raise mental health awareness.
09/08/22 4:35pm
A recent inspection of the building found multiple instances of mice feces and a live mouse, as well as an accumulation of debris and grease in several areas of the store. 
10/09/18 11:54pm
This year, Penn's annual flu clinic that administers flu vaccines is free for all Penn students, faculty, staff, and post-doctorate students.  
04/15/17 12:22pm
A new contract between the University of Pennsylvania Health System and health insurer Independence Blue Cross is set to become effective July 1, 2017.
02/13/17 9:32pm
Annenberg professor Emily Falk led this study that demonstrated a positive correlation between a sedentary person's “mindfulness” and his or her self-reported “vigorous physical activity” after exposure to media content that encouraged them to exercise.
02/12/17 9:52pm
Counseling and Psychological Services at Penn will extend its hours to evenings and weekends and will expand its outreach by placing full-time staff members in professional schools.
01/22/17 8:48pm
“What’s happening in larger numbers this year is that people's symptoms are so bad that they have to be admitted to the hospital or the ER," Director of Campus Health Initiatives at the Student Health Service Ashlee Halbritter said. 
01/22/17 7:58pm
RAP-Line began in 1990 as a calling service and added letter writing as an additional peer support service in 1996. Now, RAP-Line will make Penn the third college campus nationwide — after Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where the service originated, and University of Chicago — to offer the Lean On Me text message service.
10/09/16 3:52pm
A federal judge has ruled in favor of Penn in a recent lawsuit against a neuroscientist who died after exposure to radiation while researching at the University. The plaintiffs plan to appeal the result. 
07/13/16 11:09pm
The total cost of the materials and reagents needed for the device is only $2, making it potentially more accessible to the masses. However, the device must still undergo more tests before it is ready for patient use — and according to the researchers, it will not be available before the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
06/23/16 12:05am
A green light indicates low calorie content, yellow indicates medium calorie content and red indicates high calorie content.
05/25/16 11:51pm
In the past couple of months, Penn Health has been the object of three separate lawsuits.
04/28/16 3:32pm
Some students are trying to streamline the paper process by adopting a completely electronic system instead.
04/27/16 9:58pm
This past Monday, the newly-formed LGBT Health and Wellness Working Group held its first meeting. The group operates as part of the LGBT Center Advisory Council, which also oversees other working groups focused on development, faculty diversity and student engagement. 
04/14/16 2:39am
Spring Fling is a defining part of the Penn experience — but for some students, the desire to have a good time can take precedence over concern about possible risks to their health and safety.
04/12/16 2:31am
April is Autism Awareness Month and Penn Speaks for Autism is working to get a dialogue started about Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD.
03/31/16 1:25am
The water crisis in Flint, Mich. has many Philadelphians concerned about the safety of the city’s drinking water.
03/24/16 1:02am
Physician and anthropologist Paul Farmer called on American research universities to do more to support global health equity on Wednesday.