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10/09/16 3:52pm
A federal judge has ruled in favor of Penn in a recent lawsuit against a neuroscientist who died after exposure to radiation while researching at the University. The plaintiffs plan to appeal the result. 
07/13/16 11:09pm
The total cost of the materials and reagents needed for the device is only $2, making it potentially more accessible to the masses. However, the device must still undergo more tests before it is ready for patient use — and according to the researchers, it will not be available before the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
06/23/16 12:05am
A green light indicates low calorie content, yellow indicates medium calorie content and red indicates high calorie content.
05/25/16 11:51pm
In the past couple of months, Penn Health has been the object of three separate lawsuits.
04/28/16 3:32pm
Some students are trying to streamline the paper process by adopting a completely electronic system instead.
04/27/16 9:58pm
This past Monday, the newly-formed LGBT Health and Wellness Working Group held its first meeting. The group operates as part of the LGBT Center Advisory Council, which also oversees other working groups focused on development, faculty diversity and student engagement. 
04/14/16 2:39am
Spring Fling is a defining part of the Penn experience — but for some students, the desire to have a good time can take precedence over concern about possible risks to their health and safety.
04/12/16 2:31am
April is Autism Awareness Month and Penn Speaks for Autism is working to get a dialogue started about Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD.
03/31/16 1:25am
The water crisis in Flint, Mich. has many Philadelphians concerned about the safety of the city’s drinking water.
03/28/16 1:24am
According to multiple lawyers interviewed by The Daily Pennsylvanian, Hannah Sheetz's treatment by Penn Dining and SDS may even be in violation of laws protecting students with disabilities.
03/24/16 1:02am
Physician and anthropologist Paul Farmer called on American research universities to do more to support global health equity on Wednesday.
03/23/16 1:55am
There is a new demand for physicians to save lives — outside of the emergency room.
03/04/16 6:00am
It’s finally here. Spring break has arrived, and for many students this means travelling abroad.
03/02/16 1:16am
The group offers free weekly yoga classes in Harnwell College House’s rooftop lounge in collaboration with the Live Well program there. 
03/01/16 1:39am
People struggling to keep up with overly ambitious New Years’ resolutions may have found a solution: behavioral economics.
02/29/16 11:44pm
Yesterday the Philadelphia Department of Public Health reported that the first case of Zika virus was diagnosed in a Philadelphia resident.
02/24/16 2:33am
In the case that a student screened positively for the virus, SHS would draw a blood sample and cooperate directly with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to coordinate the sample’s processing and testing.
02/24/16 2:07am
Though nursing students question whether death is sufficiently addressed in the curriculum, patient loss can be a routine part of healthcare professions.
02/23/16 12:47am
The discussion focused on smoking prevention as well as the impact of SHS and CAPS.
02/20/16 6:00am
A research project at Penn was recently given a grant of 1.4 million from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to develop methods of preventing and managing chronic diseases.