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Guest Columns

10/27/18 6:05pm
When deans, department chairs, and peers of the accused are given the power to investigate sexual misconduct, allegations are often swept under the rug.
10/25/18 9:30pm
Why do Asian communities with diverse political opinions and genuine concerns vote at such low rates?
10/21/18 11:21pm
The unforgiving definition of hazing (wherein almost any pledging activity could fall under the umbrella policy) has left students uninterested in amending their group practices in order to meet a seemingly impossible university standard.
10/10/18 12:52am
The survivor’s fears of not being believed or, worse, being blamed for the trauma they endured are overwhelmingly common and overwhelmingly devastating feelings experienced after sexual assault. 
09/26/18 8:37pm
By taking away the things that are good about Greek life, the school will create a truly broken and toxic system.
09/23/18 9:02pm
Not only is it our right, but it is our duty to be civically engaged.
09/19/18 12:50am
The time is long overdue for Penn to divest from coal and tar sands companies.
09/12/18 10:29pm
There are many organizations on campus that could have completely open membership if they changed their mindsets.
09/12/18 10:28pm
With numerous exclusive clubs on campus, the majority of applicants are rejected from their desired organization.
09/12/18 12:06am
If some of us graduate with a commitment to humanistic values and a respect for other cultures, it is despite Penn’s ethos, not because of it.
08/28/18 8:00am
It’s good to have you back and to welcome you to another exciting year at Penn!
08/23/18 9:56pm
It is our responsibility to help mitigate the cycle of poverty in West Philadelphia by being invested community members.
08/23/18 2:08pm
Please remember that reaching out to CAPS — for yourself or a friend — is a sign of strength!
08/20/18 4:42pm
Like many Penn students, Musk is hyper-competitive and accustomed to winning. When faced with a loss, we tend to impulsively take matters into our own hands in an attempt to recover, just as Musk did with his most recent Twitter escapade. 
07/20/18 10:04am
They remember the way in which the epidemic coincided with the emergence of gayborhoods in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, leading the media to perpetuate the misconception that HIV/AIDS was a “gay disease.” They remember friends who spent months and years hospitalized, without a single visit from relatives who abandoned them. They remember checking the obituary section of local and national newspapers quite regularly.
04/24/18 10:57pm
I’m angry that I don’t get to feel safe walking down my own campus, that, in that moment, I had to worry if I would get home safely.
04/23/18 2:29am
Professors frequently require the purchase of expensive textbooks and online course materials for students taking their class. This is a financial burden that disproportionately affects low-income students and significantly disadvantages those who are not able to afford them.
04/13/18 4:17pm
As a state, Israel is open to the same critical lens as other nations, and as residents of the United States, the Israeli military’s largest financial supporter, we have a unique obligation to scrutinize its unjust policies. 
04/12/18 5:44pm
Ariela Stein’s column last week displays less an earnest desire to understand than a show of power, demanding parameters of discourse when her side already dominates effective speech.
04/04/18 5:55pm
I am running for President because I’ve decided it is time that women get recognized for the work we’re doing. I’ve decided it is time that all of Class Board’s efforts, and the organizations we’ve partnered with, are acknowledged.