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Guest Columns

09/16/21 5:10pm
Guest Columnist and DP staffer Jesse Zhang argues that international sophomores students who weren't able to come to campus last year are being left behind by Penn.
08/31/21 12:02am
Penn president Amy Gutmann welcomes students and community members to the 2021-2022 school year.
08/13/21 4:39pm
Guest columnists Alan Cotler and Robert Litan argue that by allowing full merit and athletic scholarships, Penn (as well as the other Ivy League schools) can be competitive with other institutions in athletics as well as other disciplines.
07/28/21 7:06pm
Guest columnist Artur Vllahiu writes about how death doesn't need to be a source of fear. Citing different existentialist philosophers, Vllahiu makes the case for how thinking about death can actually make us feel better.
07/21/21 6:22pm
Penn Leads the Vote encourages students to vote on the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 26th amendment: the amendment that granted Americans 18 and older the right to vote.
07/14/21 6:24pm
Guest columnist and 2012 Wharton graduate Andrew Murray Dunn writes about the folly of achievement culture and blind pursuit of the rat race.
06/24/21 5:58pm
Guest columnist Maisy Sylvan argues that despite being popular attractions, zoos are immoral in their violation of animal wellbeing and that we should avoid them. She offers animal-friendly alternatives to frequent during the summer as we decide on post-pandemic plans.
06/19/21 11:46am
In a guest column for Juneteenth, Brian Peterson, the director of Makuu, writes about the history of Juneteenth, and how critical race theory can help us understand the nuance behind emancipation.
06/19/21 6:00am
In a guest column for Juneteenth, three undergraduate students write about the troubled history of Albert Kligman, a Penn dermatologist who performed experiments on a primarily Black incarcerated population in the mid-20th century. They call on Penn to apologize and honor those who were harmed.
06/19/21 6:00am
In a guest column, Zonía Moore, a medical student, writes about the ways that structural racism is embedded into the health care system, and the ways Penn Medicine can combat it. 
06/07/21 10:30pm
In a guest column, five graduate students write about the difficulty of accessing adequate transgender health care coverage through the Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP), featuring the story of one anonymous woman. 
06/06/21 10:55pm
In a response to Andy Yoon, guest columnist Jay Rosner writes about how standardized testing, which exacerbates disparities in higher education, has no place in our current college admissions process.
06/01/21 9:58am
In a guest column, Penn Glee Club writes about how, after 159 years, they have become fully gender-inclusive after a historic merger with Penn Sirens. 
05/24/21 3:23pm
In a guest column, Declan Cambey argues that the summer is an excellent chance for Penn students to get outside and truly explore the city of Philadelphia.
05/12/21 10:21pm
In her senior column, former Daily Pennsylvanian president Isabella Simonetti looks back on her time at the DP and how it helped her learn about compassion and the truth through journalism.
05/02/21 7:44pm
GET-UP argues that the University's vaccination policy unfairly deprioritizies graduate students.
04/29/21 7:28pm
Penn Leads the Vote encourages Penn students to vote by mail in the upcoming election to ensure their voices are heard.
04/29/21 3:18am
AAUP-Penn argues that Penn must return human remains and repay the Africa family for holding and displaying the bones of at least one victim of the MOVE bombing.
04/29/21 1:12am
Penn's Department of Africana Studies argues that Penn must "do more than simply appoint two members to investigate the use of these remains" and calls for "a complete inventory and physical accounting of ... collections held by the Museum".
04/22/21 1:25pm
Vyshnavi Kosigishroff and Eric Orts argue that the University's trustees must stand up against conflicts of interest and help change Penn's stance on the climate crisis.