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Guest Columns

02/20/21 8:17am
In a guest column, Hakiem Ellison reflects on his life living in West Philadelphia and time as Penn student.
02/18/21 7:10pm
Mercedes Owens, UA President and College senior, reflects on her time at Penn and personal growth as a Black student leader.
02/15/21 10:01pm
Penn announced Tuesday that it would require all sophomores from the Class of 2024 onward to purchase a dining plan in addition to living in on-campus housing. Ostensibly an attempt to encourage community building, many see it as something else.
02/12/21 6:36pm
The rule of law does not run on autopilot — it requires active support, reform, and protection from all. Senate Republicans must vote to convict former president and 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump.
02/12/21 12:09pm
The parallels between the insurrection in Washington a month ago and the one in Rome nearly 100 years ago reveals important historical lessons about how fascism rose in Italy and how easily democracy can be lost.
02/07/21 11:03pm
In a guest column, Connor Gibson argues that the leaked slideshow shows Penn students still have a responsibility to build a more welcoming campus.
01/31/21 7:13pm
While 2021 features no big-ticket elections, the local candidates running for office will still have a large impact on those in the area.
01/28/21 7:34pm
Penn's faculty have too long been denied meaningful representation and a substantive voice in University decision making.
01/28/21 10:20am
Bloomers is moving away from being an all-female club to make a more inclusive space for those not on the gender binary. Other gendered Penn clubs should do the same.
01/14/21 8:57pm
Penn's year of civic engagement should encourage students to take ABCS courses. Why aren't they?
11/02/20 9:21pm
Those text messages, sent at 8:38 p.m. and 8:40 p.m. on Tuesday night to the entire Penn community, were an act of “public safety,” meaning they were a direct warning to us all that we should avoid that location. 
11/02/20 10:43am
Master candidates for Social Policy were given the opportunity to anonymously react to the decisions made surrounding MSSP 628 and  MSSP 710. The candidates expressed a variety of concerns, including a lack of transparency, equal treatment, and potential self-censorship.
11/01/20 9:01pm
At this critical crossroads of our nation’s history, we need a principled leader that can deliver the truth, unite the country behind a shared vision, and carry us forward to a better America. We need Joe Biden in the White House, more than ever. 
10/30/20 4:30pm
As graduate workers and members of GET-UP, we believe that for Penn to make good on its promise to support current students, the administration must guarantee a universal one-year funding extension for all doctoral students in every school and department.
10/30/20 3:44pm
Penn's administration should be ashamed that it has come to this point where students must boycott classes for their mental wellbeing and for the ability to vote on election day.
10/28/20 6:12pm
To all students, graduates, staff members, and faculty — please join us in signing this petition urging the University to take stronger action to protect Penn employees’ right to vote. 
10/26/20 10:03pm
Your vote counts just as much as anyone else’s, and the only time your voice is not equal to others is when you don’t let it be heard. That’s why we vote.
10/26/20 9:59pm
We’re not asking you to hide your principles going into Election Day or going forward; we’re asking you to be open to listening to and associating with those you disagree with.
10/26/20 9:56pm
Joe Biden can’t solve all of our problems, and for many of us, including myself, he wasn’t our first choice for president. But electing Joe Biden is absolutely necessary if we are going to make any sort of progress.
10/07/20 6:50pm
Please ensure that your vote is counted by making a voting plan and sticking to it. Because your voice matters.