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Guest Columns

04/25/16 11:27pm

Guest column by Ansley Bolick | Part of the problem

Like most Penn students, I spent Fling partying outdoors in the sun. It was wonderful, but when I recount my weekend to friends later this week, there’s a part of the story that I will want to leave out.
04/19/16 11:51pm

Guest column by Rebecca Brown | Wall of Rejection

The impact of Penn’s high-pressure environment on mental health has been a trending topic over the past few years.
04/18/16 10:22pm

Guest column by Ritika Philip | We need to rethink success

This past Monday, we all suffered a great loss. I was shocked and saddened to hear that a Penn student took her own life, but as cavalier as this may sound, I wasn’t too surprised.
04/13/16 9:10pm

Guest column by Trudel Pare | Reopening old wounds

When Emma opened the door, I saw the extra pair of feet first. "Hi, I'm Jennifer," she said. I shook her hand and sat down.
04/12/16 10:58pm

Guest Column by Debbie Rabinovich| Here's what I really think about Penn

I am so frustrated with Penn. I am a freshman who chose to come here because it was supposed to be the best of all worlds and the best in the world.
04/06/16 10:28pm

Guest column by Loujeine Boutar | Sorry, you didn’t make it to the interview for our student-run club

As an incoming transfer student last fall, I came with all the enthusiasm I could. In particular, I thought I was finally going to participate in extracurricular opportunities — the main facet of the American educational system that brought me all the way from Tunisia.
04/04/16 11:15pm

Guest column by Lucas Lipatti | SDS supports peace, the CIA perpetuates war

On Friday, April 1, 2016, Philadelphia organizers, brought together by Penn SDS, shut down CIA Director John Brennan’s speech at the Penn Museum.
03/29/16 11:21pm

Guest column by Kat McKay and Sola Park | To a productive year

Every year when UA elections come around, the student body is given the opportunity to elect a new President and Vice President.
03/29/16 11:20pm

Guest column | McKay for the UA

This week, we’re voting for Kat McKay and her running mate Sola to become the first all-female team to lead the UA.
03/28/16 12:14am

Guest Column by Julia Slater | Leadership Conference expands feminist dialogue on campus

With the help of dedicated feminist leaders on campus, the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies department has organized a robust leadership conference for this Friday, April 1.
03/23/16 11:36pm

Guest Column by Jeff Shafer | The Ivy Tournament

In typically delusional, short-sighted and hypocritical fashion, the Ivy League leadership has decided to follow the crowd and institute a conference tournament for men’s and women’s basketball.
02/29/16 10:07pm

Guest Column by Barbara Dianne Savage and Camille Z. Charles | Africana Studies: History matters

Africana Studies at Penn has at its center the study of Africa and peoples of African descent around the globe.
02/28/16 9:46pm

Guest Column by David Scollan and Tunmise Fawole | African Studies is not Africana Studies

Following the announcement of the closure of The Africa Center last spring, students mobilized in protest against what we rightly perceived as a marginalization of the study of an entire continent, its 1 billion people, their cultures, languages, histories, economies and institutions.
02/15/16 10:55pm

Guest column by Fossil Free Penn | Response to PSR's Debate on Propriety

As many of you already know, there is ongoing campaign to convince Penn to divest its endowment from fossil fuels, or in other words, to eliminate all of the University’s investments in the coal, oil, and gas companies that pollute the atmosphere and cause climate change.
02/10/16 12:13am

Guest Column by Marissa Priceman | The Real Noise on Campus

  My experiences within the Jewish community at Penn have almost exclusively pertained to politics and religion.
01/28/16 12:06am

Guest column by Jeremy Jick | Seeing past the noise

Israel is often misrepresented at Penn. Whether through the placement of black flags on College Green or the construction of an “apartheid wall” in front of Van Pelt Library, Israel is depicted as an abominable tyrant and the substantive facts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are deemed insignificant.
01/20/16 11:29pm

David Hartman | Powerball lottery

There is a line of reasoning that goes as follows: playing the Powerball lottery may not make much financial sense, but the joy you get from dreaming about winning over a billion dollars is well worth the $2.
01/18/16 8:16pm

Guest column by Alex Miller | An apology on behalf of my people

The idea that Donald Trump speaks for white American men or Wharton grads or even all Republicans is absurd. Equally absurd is the idea that the beliefs and dispositions of all Muslims are represented by the images and videos of terrorists we are constantly exposed to in our media feeds.
12/03/15 1:02am

Guest Column by Caroline Simon | On Penn, feminism and chubby-cheeked babies

As I realize what I am about to say, I can practically feel the earth shake as bra-burners of days gone by turn in their graves.
11/30/15 12:41am

Guest Column by the Hamlett-Reed Mental Health Initiative | Thank you, Penn

After three months of deliberation, Penn administrators have agreed to take substantial steps forward in making Penn a healthier campus.