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Guest Columns

11/10/22 9:25am
Guest columnist Jane Robbins Mize reacts to Penn’s response to students protesting
11/09/22 11:52am
Guest columnist Suvir Kaul asks that Penn administrators and trustees respond in caring, thoughtful ways to the Fossil Free Penn protestors.
11/08/22 10:14am
Guest Columnist Penn Leads the Vote argues that Penn students can shape the state’s elections and future by using their voice and being civically engaged.  
11/07/22 4:33am
Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s fight against adversity and commitment to the people of Pennsylvania is exactly what we need in our next U.S. Senator. 
11/05/22 9:13am
Former Senior Sports Editor Brandon Pride encourages more people to shed their fears and feel comfortable with themselves in going to the gym. 
10/27/22 10:39am
Penn College Republicans argue that voting in this November’s midterms elections should cause us to reevaluate our approach to politics, and more broadly how we will move forward as a nation.
10/27/22 10:39am
Penn Democrats highlight the importance of voting Josh Shapiro for Governor over Doug Mastriano this midterm election.
10/25/22 12:38pm
Guest Columnist Steven Kimbrough proposes how to preserve diversity and promote inclusion with low- and moderate-income residences in the University City Townhomes and more broadly.
10/17/22 7:28pm
Guest columnist Su Ah Kim argues that the NEC’s hearing process for a candidate who is accused of a campaign violation is inherently flawed, and shares her story with the hope to prevent such an event from recurring.  
10/17/22 10:05am
The Student Committee on Undergraduate Education encourages students to take a more active role in speaking up about what we want to see in our education at Penn. 
10/10/22 10:29am
The Coalition to Save the UC Townhomes, consisting of student activists and community organizers, clarify their movement to save the UC Townhomes at Penn.  
09/29/22 9:00pm
Penn's Senior Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli provides a University response to the sale of the UC Townhomes. 
09/25/22 7:57am
Seventy-three Penn faculty members express their concern over the efforts of the Center of Community Standards and Accountability to curtail the rights of Penn students to publicly protest on campus.
09/20/22 9:07pm
Penn Leads the Vote highlights Penn’s responsibility as an ambassador of civic engagement in Philadelphia.
09/18/22 8:29pm
Guest columnist Bridget McGeehan opens up about her abortion experience in an effort to foster important dialogue in the post-Roe era.
09/02/22 1:36pm
The Netter Center Student Advisory Board encourages students to step off campus and take advantage of transformative civic engagement opportunities.
08/30/22 8:11am
Penn President Liz Magill welcomes students and community members to the 2022-2023 school year. 
08/15/22 9:11am
Guest columnist Abdulrahman Bindamnan reflects on how education in Philadelphia and at Penn is made richer by the city’s variety and innovation.  
08/05/22 5:05pm
Columnist Ria Ellendula argues that wealth taxation reflects the values of American democracy and discusses why students should urge their politicians to support Biden’s Billionaire Minimum Income Tax proposal. 
07/11/22 2:25pm
Guest columnist Sean Deresh argues that the decision by the Supreme Court in West Virginia v. EPA will not completely hinder the transition to clean energy generation, transmission, and consumption.