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Guest Columns

08/23/18 2:08pm
Please remember that reaching out to CAPS — for yourself or a friend — is a sign of strength!
08/20/18 4:42pm
Like many Penn students, Musk is hyper-competitive and accustomed to winning. When faced with a loss, we tend to impulsively take matters into our own hands in an attempt to recover, just as Musk did with his most recent Twitter escapade. 
07/20/18 10:04am
They remember the way in which the epidemic coincided with the emergence of gayborhoods in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, leading the media to perpetuate the misconception that HIV/AIDS was a “gay disease.” They remember friends who spent months and years hospitalized, without a single visit from relatives who abandoned them. They remember checking the obituary section of local and national newspapers quite regularly.
04/24/18 10:57pm
I’m angry that I don’t get to feel safe walking down my own campus, that, in that moment, I had to worry if I would get home safely.
04/23/18 2:29am
Professors frequently require the purchase of expensive textbooks and online course materials for students taking their class. This is a financial burden that disproportionately affects low-income students and significantly disadvantages those who are not able to afford them.
04/13/18 4:17pm
As a state, Israel is open to the same critical lens as other nations, and as residents of the United States, the Israeli military’s largest financial supporter, we have a unique obligation to scrutinize its unjust policies. 
04/12/18 5:44pm
Ariela Stein’s column last week displays less an earnest desire to understand than a show of power, demanding parameters of discourse when her side already dominates effective speech.
04/04/18 5:55pm
I am running for President because I’ve decided it is time that women get recognized for the work we’re doing. I’ve decided it is time that all of Class Board’s efforts, and the organizations we’ve partnered with, are acknowledged.
04/04/18 1:01am
This event does not promote the mutual respect needed to have a productive conversation on achieving peace in the region. 
04/03/18 11:54pm
I am Robert John Klopf III and I am running for President of Undergraduate Assembly not because I care about the UA, but because I love Penn.
04/02/18 2:30pm
We want you to elect us as your Undergraduate Assembly President and Vice President because we are the most passionate and most qualified candidates, and we will work hard for a better Penn.
03/28/18 8:36pm
The Pesach story is essential to an understanding of Jewish history and destiny, but some of its lessons would seem to be significant for anyone living through this frantic, globalized, postmodern moment.
03/27/18 12:42am
I believe that Dean Ruger's actions against Amy Wax at Penn Law — responding to public pressure no less — were reprehensible, and deserve to be condemned.
03/21/18 7:03pm
Rather than contribute to the volumes of verbiage that already take up so much space, and having listened to you for so many years, I thought I would just tell a story.  
03/18/18 10:09pm
Pressure to prove that we are a profitable connection, that we may be useful to know, is ubiquitous. We commodify ourselves, our friends, even our families.
03/14/18 10:57pm
If you were too busy to deal with the recruiting circus last fall, that’s OK. And if you did pursue positions and weren’t selected, don’t panic.
03/14/18 2:56pm
Reading that open letter was the first time in the nearly 40 years I have been involved with Penn Law that I truly felt embarrassed for the institution.
02/22/18 7:36pm
I don’t know why Professor Wax has engaged in so much misleading conduct. Maybe it’s a clear-eyed scheme to con people who gullibly swallow any horror story about universities.
02/22/18 2:17am
When people respond to anti-Asian sentiment with anti-blackness, we distance ourselves further from combating white supremacy.
02/20/18 10:25pm
Despite this widespread trauma and the demands that follow, our nation has yet to make real progress in enacting common sense gun reform.