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09/15/19 10:51pm
Penn needs to bring PVP back to campus
09/11/19 11:33pm
While it may be intuitive, it is also easy to forget that helpers need help, too. 
09/09/19 1:18am
Penn must reform the system that claims to prioritize equality, but in its current state fosters a culture that rewards donors.
09/05/19 12:26am
The issue is that the systems at play at Penn do more to shuffle students around and ensure that their suffering does not create a public relations problem for the University than actually mitigate the suffering itself.
09/02/19 8:48pm
Debate and resist not what causes minor malaise, but the despondent concerns that negatively influence the lives of everyone around us. Strive to be a better member of both the Penn community and our larger home in Philadelphia.
08/26/19 7:37pm
The point is, Penn doesn’t need your money.
08/22/19 5:47pm
While it’s reasonable to expect students and professors to try and make the most of the time they have for classes, if Penn wants to give students a serious chance to be prepared to hit the ground running, syllabi must be accessible prior to the start of classes. 
08/20/19 10:22pm
But freshman year is just as hard as it is exciting, and there are plenty of upperclassmen and professors that will give you unsolicited advice about how to make the most of your time here. 
07/29/19 3:37pm
The only remaining contribution to this store of knowledge Wax is capable of making, it seems, is as an example of the kind of bigotry that should be cast out of society.
05/01/19 10:56pm
As much as The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board believes our Quaker peers are the brightest in the Ivy League, we don’t think we’re that much smarter, and we’d appreciate some more time off.
04/28/19 10:04pm
We understand our diversity initiatives require dedication from student leadership as well as openness to criticism and suggestions from the wider Penn community. We want to hear from you about how we can continue to make the DP a more inclusive and diverse place.
04/24/19 7:43pm
Independent student journalism is crucial both for the campus communities student journalists cover and for the media industry at large. 
04/21/19 11:51pm
Restorative justice requires administrative action too, and alone isn't enough to solve a problem of this gravity. 
04/17/19 8:47pm
The high turnout in last week’s student government elections at Georgetown reflects the extent to which the student body there has taken an active role in determining how their school will address its historical ties to slavery. It’s time for Penn’s student body to do the same. 
04/14/19 10:37pm
Losing the Penn Book Center comes with a serious cost to our campus, but there is a solution. 
04/10/19 10:26pm
It’s sad to see a campus where people compete to see who can take the worst care of themselves. Have fun this Fling, but try to have fun the week after, too, even if you have a midterm and three GBMs.
04/07/19 11:46pm
When SPEC pays performers to come to Penn, it is sending a message that these artists are representative of the Penn community’s values. 
03/31/19 8:55pm
Because of Hillel's prevalence on campus and the building's prominent location, the University must respond to these allegations by working with Hillel to remove Steinhardt’s name from the building.
03/27/19 10:47pm
While we hope to see many of you on campus next year, we also want to provide as much insight as we can to inform your decision.
03/24/19 8:02pm
Penn needs a better solution to ensure the credibility of its athletic recruits and applicants.