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04/24/19 7:43pm
Independent student journalism is crucial both for the campus communities student journalists cover and for the media industry at large. 
04/21/19 11:51pm
Restorative justice requires administrative action too, and alone isn't enough to solve a problem of this gravity. 
04/17/19 8:47pm
The high turnout in last week’s student government elections at Georgetown reflects the extent to which the student body there has taken an active role in determining how their school will address its historical ties to slavery. It’s time for Penn’s student body to do the same. 
04/14/19 10:37pm
Losing the Penn Book Center comes with a serious cost to our campus, but there is a solution. 
04/10/19 10:26pm
It’s sad to see a campus where people compete to see who can take the worst care of themselves. Have fun this Fling, but try to have fun the week after, too, even if you have a midterm and three GBMs.
04/07/19 11:46pm
When SPEC pays performers to come to Penn, it is sending a message that these artists are representative of the Penn community’s values. 
03/31/19 8:55pm
Because of Hillel's prevalence on campus and the building's prominent location, the University must respond to these allegations by working with Hillel to remove Steinhardt’s name from the building.
03/27/19 10:47pm
While we hope to see many of you on campus next year, we also want to provide as much insight as we can to inform your decision.
03/24/19 8:02pm
Penn needs a better solution to ensure the credibility of its athletic recruits and applicants.  
03/20/19 10:06pm
High demand for these courses — from CIS majors, CIS minors, and students taking CIS courses as electives  — has left Penn students struggling to satisfy major and minor requirements because they are stuck on long waitlists for mandatory courses. 
03/17/19 11:32pm
When Penn honors a man who has broken federal law, it lowers the bar for the University, and sets a bad precedent for current students.  
03/14/19 12:18am
It is crucial that we pay close attention to how the University responds to this scandal, particularly at a time when the admissions process is under nationwide scrutiny. 
03/10/19 7:03pm
Reclassifying economics as a STEM major would affirm Penn’s commitment to such a prominent portion of its student body, and their futures after completing their undergraduate degrees.
02/27/19 6:15pm
Influencing or reversing a policy made by the administration may seem like an impossible task, but it has certainly been done before. We must continue to advocate for the change we want through hands-on activism.
02/24/19 9:59pm
If Penn truly values the services RAs provide and appreciates the fact that low-income students are the ones incentivized to provide them, they will stop creating a new set of problems for students who already have plenty to deal with.
02/20/19 8:45pm
Joe Biden's track record is flawed, and the Democratic party needs a new face to rally behind. We urge Biden not to declare his candidacy for president.
02/17/19 9:42pm
While one day off isn’t enough for most students to travel home or elsewhere off-campus, short, intermittent breaks during the semesters are far more meaningful in improving campus mental health.
02/13/19 9:43pm
Penn Dining must increase the scope of meal plans.
02/10/19 10:45pm
Penn needs to step up and provide more resources to the FGLI textbook library. 
02/06/19 9:18pm
The relegation of La Casa Latina, Makuu, and the Pan-Asian American Community House to a basement in the ARCH building is exclusionary.