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Editorials represent the majority view of members of The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. Editorial Board, which meets regularly to discuss issues relevant to Penn's campus. Participants in these meetings are not involved in the reporting and writing of articles on related topics.

12/05/19 2:49am
It is incumbent upon Penn students to hold the consulting firm accountable and refuse to participate in its recruiting in the future.
12/01/19 10:41pm
This holiday season, donate belongings that no longer bring you any use to not only reduce the waste we produce, but also so someone else in need can stay warm this winter.
11/25/19 12:06am
To promote student well being and allow students greater travel flexibility, Penn must expand this break by adding the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
11/20/19 10:32pm
Even more important than its own season, Penn football has a chance to spoil rival Princeton's year, and will need the support of Penn students to do it. 
11/17/19 8:54pm
Any faculty at Penn that are still avoiding critical debates on our campus, like the fight for a graduate student union or payments in lieu of taxes, should take a lesson from the faculty and students willing to protest for a better future, and step off the sidelines. 
11/13/19 11:04pm
To better support students and promote educational practices that work for everyone, Penn should mandate that professors and TAs be evaluated in the middle of the term as well.
11/10/19 10:37pm
Penn should have consulted with students and stakeholders before taking this action, and must do so when making decisions in the future.
11/07/19 12:48am
Announcing an extension publicly, rather than reaching out to individuals, ensures a level of accountability and fairness to all those applying.
11/03/19 10:28pm
Penn’s own athletics director, M. Grace Calhoun, is a woman and the Ivy League generally has higher percentages of female representation than the D-I average. But the Quakers and the rest of their conference have a long way to go before reaching gender equity.
10/31/19 2:12am
By understanding the role that students play as residents, albeit temporary, of Philadelphia, they can help make this city a better place.
10/27/19 11:10pm
Penn’s admissions process is one of the most selective in the world, but the most important principle that must be respected is fairness.
10/23/19 11:43pm
Graduate students need a union, and letting them organize will make Penn a stronger learning environment and home for scholarship for everyone. Penn should recognize the union voluntarily when elections are held again.
10/20/19 10:59pm
The University needs to reflect on what was promised to students in 1973.
10/17/19 12:05am
It’s time to stop being "troubled," and start demonstrating some leadership.
10/13/19 9:37pm
Penn believes living on campus can be an enriching part of student life. The administration would find, if they lowered room rates, that demanding students live on campus is not necessary, as many more students would do so voluntarily.
10/13/19 9:03pm
Allowing students to fulfill Sector Requirements with courses taken pass/fail would not only encourage an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, it would make Penn a university that places value on learning and exploration.
10/06/19 9:32pm
Enforcing fees at the Ringe Squash Courts is classist and does not represent the purported values of Penn as an institution striving towards egalitarianism.
10/02/19 9:06pm
Penn must do what nearly every other person and institution in Philadelphia does: pay taxes.
09/29/19 8:05pm
Instead of laughing at Furda, Penn students should take a page from his book. 
09/25/19 10:42pm
Properly implemented, the policy on secular and religious holidays will affirm Penn’s goals of inclusion and community.