Staff Editorials

02/11/11 10:47am

Editorial | Continue diversifying

We commend the ongoing efforts of the University to increase socioeconomic diversity at Penn, which enriches everyone's experience.
02/10/11 10:03am

Editorial | Mental help

The University must create a dedicated mental health center staffed with enough certified professionals to provide students with the help they need.
02/09/11 11:53am

Editorial | A salvaged exhibition

Although it is disappointing that the Chinese artifacts won’t be seen, we commend the efforts of the Penn Museum staff in salvaging the exhibition.
02/08/11 11:20am

Editorial | Minority report

The best way for Penn to advance the cause of equity in its faculty is to adopt a specific and unambiguous plan to increase minority representation.
02/07/11 7:20am

Editorial | The ban won’t work

Trying to ensure that no one smokes on urban campuses such as those of Yale or Penn would be an exercise in futility and a misuse of resources.
02/04/11 11:35am

Editorial | Pack the Palestra

In what is sure to be an exciting matchup, Penn basketball will take on Harvard University Saturday at the Palestra. So show up, get loud and go Quakers!
02/03/11 11:39am

Editorial | Allow local gun laws

The Pennsylvania Constitution must be amended to allow Philadelphia to enact its own, stronger gun laws. The City will not be a safe until that day comes.
02/02/11 11:39am

Editorial | Help the homeless

There are already many resources in place to address homelessness. We believe the Division of Public Safety should lead the way in publicizing them.
02/01/11 11:17am

Editorial | Stay on track

SEPTA announced that it has finally made progress on its plan to implement an electronic fare system. It is imperative that it stays on schedule and does not miss its mark.
01/31/11 12:08pm

Editorial | Blizzard blues

Given the transportation problems caused by last week’s blizzard, the University should have declared a snow day to accommodate those who travel to campus.
01/26/11 12:29pm

Editorial | Foster acceptance

A climate of LGBT acceptance in the Greek community can be achieved through personal efforts by fraternity members, not through a mandatory workshop.
01/25/11 11:04am

Editorial | Alert us of the process

We encourage DPS to publish guidelines that govern its decision to send alerts. DPS will be doing students and itself a favor by expressly defining when the broadcast of an alert is justified.
01/24/11 11:43am

Letter from the Editor | Raising the bar

The DP’s new Executive Editor, Lauren Plotnick, reaffirms the 127th Board’s commitment to clarity, honesty and fairness in its writing and reporting.
01/21/11 10:37am

Letter from the Editor | 132 issues later...

After 132 issues this year alone, it’s finally time to hand over this amazing company to a new group of editors and managers and a new Executive Editor.
01/20/11 12:15pm

Editorial | Accountable accounting

The fact that SAC's finances are in such a sorry state that it was compelled to institute a moratorium on new-group funding demonstrates a lack of responsibility.
01/19/11 10:21am

Editorial | Financial reform

Instead of suspending funding for new groups, SAC should restructure its electronic request system to make the process more transparent and develop a more judicious way to allocate funds.
01/13/11 10:14am

Editorial | Presidential impact

Penn students should take pride in the strong national presence their school possesses and take advantage of opportunities to participate when they arise.
01/12/11 9:12am

Editorial | An end to the divide

Now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is no more, we can attempt to overcome past frictions and reconcile the LGBT and military communities.
12/13/10 10:28am

Editorial | Cheers and Jeers

The 'DP' presents its end-of-year cheers and jeers, recapping all the great things that happened — as well as everything that went wrong — in the past several months.
12/10/10 10:58am

Editorial | D. C. disappoints

Students should call senators and voice support for two measures that failed to pass in the Senate yesterday — the DREAM Act and the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell."