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02/09/12 10:07pm
Robert Wittman, a former senior investigator and founder of the FBI National Art Crime Team, spoke about art crime and his career.
02/06/12 10:17pm

Killing on 39th, Market streets remains under investigation

A 21-year-old male, was found dead inside his rented townhouse at 39th and Market streets around 4 p.m. The victim suffered two bullet wounds to the head and was pronounced dead at the scene.
02/05/12 10:36pm

Mayor Nutter lays out new plan for homicide prevention and punishment

Mayor Michael Nutter presented a new array of crime reduction measures for the city, including an extensive program to lower homicide rates.
02/05/12 8:29pm

Man found dead at 39th and Market streets

A 21-year-old male was killed his home on 39th and Market streets at around 4 p.m. on Feb. 5. The victim was found with two bullet wounds to the head and was pronounced dead at the scene.
02/03/12 12:26am

Center City assault not charged as hate crime

College senior Brian Goldman and his cab driver were allegedly assaulted by three juveniles last Saturday.
01/30/12 10:19pm

Penn professor creates crime forecaster

Richard Berk is fighting crime and busting bad guys with an algorithm as his weapon of choice. Berk, a Wharton statistics professor, has developed an algorithmic software to forecast crime.
01/29/12 10:36pm

'Black-on-black' see majority in Philly homicides

While the majority of Philadelphia homicides are black-on-black, a mere increase in policing might not be the best solution. Philadelphia homicides are concentrated in neighborhoods with young black men can be a disadvantage when trying to solve homicide cases.
01/27/12 1:46am
Penn students are eager to integrate themselves into the community and ensure that things change for the better. But it’s time to also gather momentum in combating an issue of life and death.
01/25/12 8:42pm
Not a single crime has yet to be reported at Penn Park. The 24-hour security and patrolling officers on cars, bicycles and electric three-wheeled T3 vehicles help keep the area safe. However, according to DPS, its surveillance system is no different from the one used on the rest of campus.
01/24/12 11:57pm

Philadelphia's homicide clearance sees three-year decrease

U.S. cities, Philadelphia’s homicide clearance rate — the rate at which its homicide cases are resolved — has fallen for three years.
01/24/12 11:09pm

Penn sees 5-percent drop in crime in 2011

Penn saw a 5-percent drop in crime during the 2011 calendar year, as well as a 7-percent drop in the fiscal year, which begins in July. GRAPHIC: Yearly crime rates, 2007-2011
01/19/12 12:34am

December crime increased 34 percent from last year

In 2010, the month of December had four cited retail thefts, while 2011 had 15.
01/17/12 9:43pm

Crime Log: Jan. 6 - Jan. 13

Crime log for the week of Jan. 6 – Jan. 13
01/13/12 1:40am

Former student responsible for Meyerson bomb threat scheduled for court

The former School of Design student who left an unidentified briefcase in front of Meyerson Hall on Dec. 10 is scheduled for a status hearing in court on Jan. 26.
01/12/12 10:21pm

Gosnell case spurs legislators to introduce new abortion clinic regulations

In response to the investigation of Kermit Gosnell — a West Philadelphia abortion doctor who now faces murder charges — Pennsylvania state legislators will introduce new regulations for abortion clinics. The Pennsylvania State House and Senate passed the bill last week, and Governor Tom Corbett is expected to sign it into law shortly. The new regulations will require the state’s Department of Health to hold abortion clinics to stricter regulations such as adhering to strict building codes and other state regulations. Proponents of the bill believe the bill will allow for safer abortions, while those against the bill believe it will be an attempt to make it harder for women to obtain abortions. Wharton junior and member of the Women’s Center Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention — a student group that raises awareness of sexual assault — Juan Carlos Melendez-Torres opposes the new regulations. “None of the current clinics uphold those standards [that are required by this bill],” Melendez-Torres, also United Minorities Council vice chair, said. He believes that when this bill becomes law, abortion clinics that currently uphold safe practices will be forced to overhaul their facilities, which will be very costly.
01/11/12 9:02pm

Philadelphia homicide rate highest in nation

The city saw 20.7 homicides per 100,000 residents in 2011, with Chicago following closely with 15.7.
01/10/12 5:34pm

Crime Log: Dec. 30 - Jan. 5

Crime log for the week of Dec. 30 – Jan. 5
12/21/11 1:35am

Case closed for former 'sex-for-tickets' LPS student

On Tuesday, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania overturned an attempted prostitution conviction of former College of Liberal and Professional Studies student Susan Finkelstein, who allegedly offered sex for World Series tickets.
12/11/11 10:21pm

Division of Public Safety prepares for winter break

The number of police officers and AlliedBarton security officers will stay the same throughout winter break, according to Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush
12/11/11 8:39pm
Neary was treated at Thomas Jefferson Hospital, where his neck was stabilized through a series of surgeries. His father, also named Joe Neary, told CBS on Friday that his son will be a quadriplegic.