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12/04/15 12:05pm
No shots were fired during this incident, and the suspect never took the gun out of the holster or pointed it at officers
12/04/15 3:18am
Local attorney Deborah A. Harley has been appointed, making her the second person to be hired for the position.
12/04/15 3:08am
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between Nov. 24 and Nov. 29.
12/03/15 12:38am
What would happen if the entire Penn Police force’s security communication system went dark due to a simple power outage or a natural disaster?
12/03/15 12:35am
Like on U.S. college campuses, the majority of sexual assault victims in study abroad are women. 
11/23/15 10:01pm
In January, he will serve as a judge on Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas, to which he was recently elected.
11/22/15 5:23pm
The results of the survey revealed that Penn students are disappointingly unaware of Penn’s resources, and were less likely than their peers at other schools to bring issues forward.
11/20/15 1:30pm
For the ninth consecutive year, the University of Pennsylvania was ranked as the best in safety and security by Security Magazine.
11/19/15 10:06am
Penn Police can now access live security camera feeds from the underground subway stations around campus through a partnership with SEPTA.
11/16/15 2:22am
The Penn Guardian app allows the Penn Police to identify and retrieve personalized information about each registered caller. 
11/16/15 2:20am
University Chaplain Charles Howard envisions a gun-free world, and has a plan to work towards it.
11/15/15 6:13pm
The man, estimated to be in his 40s, was pronounced dead on the scene.
11/12/15 9:27pm
On Thursday, Drexel University announced its decision to rescind entertainer Bill Cosby's honorary degree, which he received in 1992.
11/12/15 1:47am
A former Penn Medicine employee is suing the University for unlawful termination in what the University claims was a bogus age discrimination complaint. 
11/12/15 1:41am
The increase in sex offenses could be due to the implementation of new reporting procedures, which has resulted in a greater number of victim’s coming forward.
11/12/15 1:24am
The Division of Public Safety officials, Philadelphia Police, security officers, civilians and a dog or two made up the eclectic crowd Wednesday night.
11/12/15 1:23am
Of seven students interviewed who said they know Bonfiglio personally, none felt he was capable of intentionally starting a serious fire in a fraternity house. 
11/09/15 12:31am
Penn’s It’s On Us: Week of Action is a effort that is co-sponsored by Penn Dems, Lambda Alliance, Penn Association for Gender Equity, and Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault. 
11/07/15 2:00pm
Praise from all levels of the Philadelphia community was heaped on Penn Police and DPS during Thursday’s accreditation public hearing.
11/05/15 12:15am
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between Oct. 23 and Oct. 29.