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03/01/17 10:25pm
Susan Sorenson, who serves as a professor of social policy in the school of social policy and practice as well as the Director of the Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence, performed a study in partnership with the Philadelphia Police Department on over 35,000 cases of intimate partner violence.
02/26/17 10:03pm
“It's highly unusual,” Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush said of the crimes.
02/22/17 9:34pm
Feb. 9: At 8:00 p.m. on the 200 block of S. 42nd Street, a complainant parked a vehicle on the highway in a parking space and found the vehicle missing on his return. The suspect, a 23-year old, unaffiliated male, was arrested.
02/22/17 5:33pm
Bystanders said the driver, whose identity has not yet been officially released, nearly hit a police officer and, in the process, damaged at least two other vehicles parked along Sansom Street, before ramming into a telephone pole.
02/21/17 11:12pm
Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush said Miller “got a little choked up” as he was called to the podium on his first day back.
02/15/17 10:20pm
At the Presbyterian Hospital located at 51 N. 39th St, a 29-year old unaffiliated man was acting disorderly while waiting to be seen by medical staff. He struck a security officer in the face and upper body. 
02/08/17 9:46pm
Jan 27: At 9:15 p.m. at Phi Kappa Psi on 3934 Spruce Street, three affiliated male complainants reported personal property missing from their residence during an event at the property.
02/05/17 11:49pm
Students returning to the Quad, many shivering in short sleeves and shorts, were not required by security guards to swipe their Penn IDs upon entering.
02/05/17 11:28pm
The case named Penn as a defendant due to alleged “unsympathetic, hostile and at times vindictive” behavior that administrators showed towards Singh after she reported being sexually assaulted as a freshman in her dorm room in Kings Court English College House by another student on on Jan. 16, 2011.
02/02/17 5:53pm
Jan. 23: A suspect jumped into a running vehicle on the 4100 block of Spruce Street at 6:21 pm and drove away. The vehicle was later found close by with all of its contents still inside.
02/02/17 5:31pm
A press release from Barrett explained that his clients were unaware of the risk of NTM infection during heart surgery, prompting them to file the complaint against Penn Medicine.
01/31/17 4:19pm
Adam Wright, who was last seen on campus on Monday night, was found on the bank of the Conneticut River at about 10 a.m.
01/28/17 1:09pm
Around 9:50 a.m., a Daily Pennsylvanian reporter saw the man on the road in front of Saxby's coffee shop with his bike underneath him.
01/25/17 8:51pm
Jan. 19: At the Kappa Alpha Society on 124 S. 39th Street at at 3:36 a.m., a complainant reported that an unknown person entered the residence, and then fled the building after contact with the complainant. There was no sign of forced entry and nothing was taken from the premises.
01/24/17 4:22pm
Earlier today, the Chipotle at 39th and Walnut Streets was shut down for health code violations. According to a notice posted by the Department of Health, the store was ordered to cease operations at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.
01/23/17 9:46pm

Mural collapses in Center City

Attached to a wall on a Broad and Race street Hahnemann University Hospital building, the 12,500 foot mural began shaking against gusts of intense winds coming from the day's Nor'easter. NBC 10 reports that the loosened portions of the wall finally collapsed under the storm's strain at around 10:30 a.m., damaging two cars parked below.
01/23/17 6:20pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian reached out to the former Economics Department head and eight professors who taught economics at the time. Only one agreed to an interview.
01/18/17 9:31pm
The institution had “become popular with athletes from nationally ranked universities” in the region.
01/17/17 6:46pm
Twenty-two of the 24 charges against Lorenzo Bonfiglio were dismissed. He pleaded guilty to the remaining two charges. He will not serve any prison time.
01/17/17 12:11pm
The email said the robberies took place "between 43rd & 47th Streets and Spruce & Cedar Streets, just west of our campus and Patrol Zone."