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08/27/20 11:34pm
The Virtual Shopping Period, which is from Sept. 1 to Sept. 15, will give undergraduate students access to all courses' Canvas pages as an "observer" to view any published material.
08/20/20 8:53pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Penn's Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé to discuss why Penn made the last-minute decision to close campus for the fall semester.
08/18/20 3:12pm
In early August, four Ivy League institutions backtracked on their initial plans for a hybrid fall semester and on-campus living.
08/11/20 1:32pm
The University scratches its plans to conduct a hybrid fall semester that guaranteed on-campus housing for first years, sophomores, and transfer students in the College House system, according to The Fall Semester Planning FAQ.
08/11/20 11:24am
International students are “encouraged, but not required” to receive a coronavirus test before returning to the United States.
08/09/20 4:09pm
There is no doubt that campus initiatives create a space for sustainability education, but they are optional. We need everyone to be knowledgeable about the challenges we face with climate change. 
08/08/20 11:20am
With most of campus life going on-line, SP2 students won’t have access to collaborative study spaces, mental and physical health care, school-sponsored social events, in-person office hours, library resources, guest lectures, and all other resources that constitute the “Penn experience.” 
08/08/20 11:15am
Rising College freshman, Iman Ezzeddine, recounts witnessing the explosion from her living room in Beirut.
08/07/20 12:51pm
Contrary to popular belief, violence isn’t always physical. It encompasses the emotional, mental, sexual, and physical realms. 
08/07/20 9:44am
Since Penn is a school that focuses heavily on a variety of global experiences, it wouldn’t be surprising if the idle monotony of homebound quarantine reignited some students’ desire to resume traveling.
08/07/20 12:16am
The University decided to shut down both Williams Cafe and Benny's Diner for the upcoming semester in an effort to keep the community healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
08/06/20 11:46pm
The video series, titled “LGBTQ+ Tips: Navigating the New Normal,”  released an introduction video on June 22 and has since published three episodes.
08/06/20 11:22pm
The task force was created in response to faculty, staff, and students who experienced various forms of anti-Asian behavior, including slurs and verbal harassment.
08/06/20 8:17pm
Penn needs to be honest and transparent with RAGAs, and compensate them commensurate with the invaluable, dangerous work they do. 
08/06/20 7:04pm
Harvested and stored eggs help women outsmart the impending loss of fertility that begins when we reach our mid-thirties.
08/06/20 10:58am
Even in states that are “solidly” red or blue, increased turnout can send a message of what public opinion really is, while abstentions embolden those in power to continue to ignore other voices.
08/05/20 2:05am
What exactly will the fall semester look like and how will Penn administer testing throughout the semester? The Daily Pennsylvanian has answers to all of those questions and more — here is everything you need to know about Penn's fall semester plan.
08/04/20 11:11pm
Muslim students at Penn who were unable to go to their local mosque and gather in person on Eid celebrated with virtual communal gatherings and prayer sessions.
08/04/20 11:11pm
PennMedicineTogether's site was founded at the beginning of April and has had over 100,000 page views and 10,000 active users since then.
08/03/20 2:57pm
Having OCD does not equate to perfectionism, cleanliness, tidiness, or prudence — despite widespread media portrayal and cultural notions.