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09/30/20 11:45pm
Restaurants will still not be able to offer seating at bars and alcohol must continue to only be served with meals.
09/30/20 10:08pm
The previous messaging system for COVID-19 tests sent students emails with results, but the new system asks students to log into a portal and independently retrieve their results.
09/30/20 12:14am
Math professor Robert Ghrist said the Math department has replaced infrequent, high-stake midterms with weekly quizzes, tripling the workload for professors to generate assessments every week.
09/29/20 11:11pm
This round of funding comes in addition to the $13.3 million grant the city awarded to 2,083 businesses earlier this year through the city's COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund.
09/28/20 1:07am
FGLI students at Penn maintain that the pandemic has certainly hit FGLI students and students of color harder than other students, citing their struggles to secure housing during the pandemic and "disjointed" communication from administration.
09/24/20 12:19am
By improving ELISA technology, the Titan lab and startup AlphaThera will enable faster and more sensitive antibody tests for COVID-19 patients. 
09/22/20 11:32pm
The increased workload and time "in class" has forced students to drop classes, work fewer hours at their jobs, and hone their time-management skills.
09/22/20 12:03am
According to data collected during the first three months of Philadelphia’s COVID-19 outbreak, 4.7% of people sent home after an initial emergency room visit for coronavirus returned to the hospital within just three days.
09/21/20 11:54pm
Despite the virtual and socially distanced Rosh Hashanah celebrations, students and spiritual leaders said the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a greater meaning to the holiday, which signifies a fresh start and new year. 
09/21/20 11:53pm
Chapters such as Phi Gamma Delta, commonly known as FIJI, and Sigma Kappa are only charging partial dues, while Sigma Delta Tau is waiving chapter dues entirely this fall.
09/20/20 11:00pm
Although this testing is not mandatory, Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé encouraged all off-campus students, especially those with three or more roommates, to sign up for weekly testing. 
09/18/20 12:39am
University of Pittsburgh physician Mark S. Roberts and his team developed a model to evaluate the impacts of closing and reopening schools, offices, restaurants, and stores.
09/18/20 12:03am
Students report feeling tired from staring at their screens all day, and say their courses and coursework take more time and mental energy than they normally would in person.
09/17/20 9:23pm
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian that the positivity rate uptick was driven mostly by three groups of students in shared community circles.
09/14/20 12:43am
While Bon Appétit workers will not receive pay this semester, the 113 dining workers directly employed by Penn are not furloughed and will continue to be paid for their typical 40-hour work week.
09/13/20 11:55pm
Penn has moved the coronavirus testing data to the COVID-19 Dashboard and is currently only reporting weekly positive results.
09/13/20 9:03pm
Grants may range from $100 to $1,000 and can cover expenses such as medical bills, technology repairs, winter and professional clothing, travel over school breaks, and graduate school exam fees.
09/11/20 12:11am
Dubé said the University will take a "data-driven approach" to testing asymptomatic individuals — essentially testing students based on various factors like location – throughout the rest of the semester.
09/10/20 11:53pm
Many students agreed that their social experience has been better than expected, citing opportunities to meet other first years through classes and virtual study groups.
09/10/20 12:06am
Students, overall, have found the access to Canvas pages useful in determining whether to enroll in classes, but not all classes' Canvas pages are available, as class material access is up to the discretion of the professor.