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12/08/20 11:03pm
For just the third time this semester, the positivity rate climbed above 2% for the week ending on Dec. 5. Penn recorded its highest weekly case count at 107.
12/07/20 12:58am
The panel, called “Coronavirus Vaccine: Addressing the Challenges in Distribution and Uptake,” took place virtually on Friday and was hosted by Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. 
12/04/20 12:36am
As the fall 2020 semester comes to a close, students who decided taken a leave of absence reflect on a time of improving mental health and exploring other interests — with some even realizing that finishing college might no longer be in the cards for them. 
12/02/20 11:16pm
The Penn community will now be screened for COVID-19 using saliva tests instead of nasal swabs that had been in use for the majority of the fall semester. The saliva testing method will enable the University to increase its testing capacity, especially as more students are expected to return to campus in the spring. 
12/01/20 11:24pm
Despite his newfound responsibilities to the Biden presidential transition effort, Emanuel said he will be fully engaged in his Penn teaching duties. His course PHIL 118: Ben Franklin & His World will examine controversial aspects of Franklin’s life such as his participation in the slave trade.
11/24/20 11:56pm
From Nov. 15 to Nov. 21, the University conducted 6,499 tests — over 1,000 more than any week prior — with the total positivity rate reported at 1.54%, slightly above the 1.29% average for the semester.
11/23/20 12:43am
Penn's test results website states that results could take up to 72 hours or longer. For some students, this unexpected change in timeline, coupled with other COVID-19-related concerns, has altered their Thanksgiving break plans.
11/22/20 11:15pm
In an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian, Bok, the current vice chair of the board, spoke about the University’s plans to reopen in the spring and refused to budge on students' calls to divest from fossil fuels and make Payment in Lieu of Taxes. 
11/22/20 11:05pm
Philosophy professor Kok-Chor Tan highlighted three principles: benefiting people and preventing harm, prioritizing disadvantaged nations, and equal moral concern. 
11/22/20 11:04pm
The complaint alleges that the City of Philadelphia violated the Fifth Amendment by taking private property without compensation. The plaintiffs also allege that the city violated the Fourteenth Amendment by depriving restaurant owners of property without due process.
11/19/20 11:55pm
The recent surge in cases and city restrictions have caused many students to doubt Penn's plans to open on-campus housing this spring, particularly as some students claim that there continues to be large indoor gatherings and parties off campus.
11/18/20 11:59pm
Wary of last-minute changes as seen with Penn's decision in August to close on-campus housing for the fall, students criticized the original Nov. 20 deadline to confirm on-campus housing without incurring the $500 cancellation fee.
11/18/20 10:17pm
The city's rush to close parts of daily life in response to the rise in cases has not motivated the University to reconsider its plan to open on-campus housing in the spring. 
11/16/20 11:50pm
Philadelphia's new coronavirus restrictions include limits on outdoor gatherings and a complete ban on indoor group gatherings of any size, with city officials encouraging residents to not celebrate Thanksgiving with anyone outside their own household. 
11/16/20 8:07pm
The study's results indicated that those more concerned with economic issues caused by COVID-19 were more likely to have deteriorating mental health. 
11/16/20 1:43am
In the eight months since campus closed, Penn employees have continued to come to campus to keep the University running. Here are the stories of seven essential workers who have risked their health since March to work during the coronavirus pandemic.
11/13/20 12:42am
The UA unanimously passed a resolution calling on Penn to institute two to five single day breaks on Fridays or Mondays throughout the remainder of the fall semester and the upcoming spring semester.
11/13/20 12:11am
More than 15 years ago in a small laboratory at the Perelman School of Medicine, professor of Medicine Drew Weissman made a groundbreaking discovery about mRNA vaccines. 
11/12/20 1:12am
Penn Leads the Vote conducted a survey on the effect of the 2020 election on students' mental health, and found that 80% of respondents reported that they were somewhat, moderately, or very anxious and stressed leading up to Election Day.
11/11/20 12:51am
As some students are deciding whether to return to campus for the hybrid spring semester, The Daily Pennsylvanian virtually sat down to talk with three students, each of whom offered a glimpse into their different fall semester experiences living on campus, off campus in University City, or at home with their family.