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06/27/20 12:32pm
We are all complicit in allowing systemic racism to remain alive if we do not do the necessary, dirty work of calling out microaggressions, dismantling harmful generalizations, and ridding our personal conversations of stereotypes. 
06/26/20 4:18pm
Penn is prioritizing the health of its community by announcing stringent tracking and tracing measures, following the example of other nations who have effectively curbed the rampant spread of the virus by implementing such digital systems.
06/26/20 3:17pm
To improve clarity of communication, Penn should turn away from vague language and instead release a comprehensive list of all courses with 25 students or fewer and the format in which they will be taught in. 
06/26/20 12:27am
Apenndx released its inaugural issue in early June, which features content primarily focused on student stories about being displaced or impacted in any way by the COVID-19 pandemic. The issue, last updated on June 22, includes personal essays, opinion columns, poetry, art, and photography curated from dozens of Penn Medicine students.
06/25/20 9:47pm
You would be wrong if you expect 10,000 18-22 year olds living in one place to exercise safe COVID-19 practices.
06/25/20 12:01pm
Penn will invite students back to campus on Sept. 1 for a hybrid fall 2020 semester with a mixture of in-person and virtual instruction. The remainder of the semester will be conducted online after Thanksgiving break.
06/23/20 6:23pm
Athletes share highlights, workout videos, and grades, as well as build relationships through the social media platform.  
06/22/20 1:12am
Six and a half percent fewer Democrats and 29% fewer Republicans voted in the 2020 Pennsylvania primary than in the 2016 Pennsylvania primary.
06/22/20 1:11am
The restaurant made zero revenue for three months while Parson planned how the restaurant would operate in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. 
06/22/20 12:32am
Despite contradictory interpretations of the tweets, however, Sarkar maintains that her comments are not Islamophobic, and said she was surprised by the backlash.
06/21/20 11:20pm
"[Reopening] has clearly not yet been the disaster that some predicted," Morris wrote in his data analysis which he published on June 10.
06/21/20 11:00pm
While PURM participants said they are disappointed that they are unable to conduct research in person, they remain optimistic about their projects, and appreciate how faculty mentors have worked to provide meaningful research opportunities.
06/21/20 8:17pm
Since announcing its temporary closure to the public on April 10 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Museum faculty and staff have focused on expanding their online presence by offering free and accessible remote programs to the public.
06/20/20 12:32am
The undergraduate students, who live all around the world, are spending the summer away from their homes amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. 
06/20/20 12:21am
The initiative, called Equilibria, aims to connect students from across the country when they are separated from each other. 
06/18/20 2:03pm
It is up to us, as consumers, to support small, local businesses. We can do this in our hometowns and when we are able to return safely to campus.
06/18/20 12:06am
The Wharton On Series will include two separate online programs, Wharton on the Markets and Wharton on Financial Management, which began on June 15 and will run for six weeks.
06/17/20 11:43pm
The suit, filed on April 20, argued that the city's current jail conditions increase the likelihood of incarcerated people contracting the virus and becoming seriously ill.
06/17/20 1:33pm
Our nation is slipping back into the grasp of a pandemic, and we’re blindly letting it happen.
06/17/20 12:55am
After many internships were canceled or shifted online due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, students are coping with the new virtual formats of their work while at home.