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7 hours ago
Gather, also known as, simulates buildings and classrooms on campus where students, professors, and teaching assistants can interact with one another through personal avatars during office hours. 
10/20/20 10:27pm
Van Pelt’s ground floor will be open for individual study from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday as part of the pilot program.
10/18/20 11:15pm
The research accounted for not only deaths due to COVID-19, but also deaths that stemmed from compromised economic, social, and healthcare circumstances during the pandemic.
10/18/20 11:11pm
The contact tracing program has been in place for years to deal with mumps outbreaks. The University expanded and reworked the program to make it more efficient in the larger-scale pandemic. 
10/15/20 11:22pm
The Penn Park Farm and its greenhouse, located at the southernmost tip of Penn Park, welcomed its first harvest of more than 300 pounds of cold weather produce such as kale, spinach, lettuce, and cabbage in September. 
10/14/20 11:12pm
Wolf also issued an executive order earlier this week postponing the application deadline for the program to Nov. 4. 
10/14/20 12:01am
International students called on administration for more support at a town hall meeting with Annenberg Dean John Jackson last spring after the pandemic amplified concerns about visas, traveling abroad, and the unstable job market. 
10/13/20 11:30pm
While some organizations have resumed some in-person services, student representatives from various religious groups say they are still struggling to maintain a sense of togetherness as operations remain largely online.
10/13/20 10:58pm
Philadelphia also loosened crowd size restrictions, but to a lesser degree than statewide regulations.
10/13/20 12:34am
Students who live in the building located at 3720 Chestnut Street estimate that there is a total of 40 to 50 first-year students living in The Chestnut. The building opened on July 1 and consists of apartments ranging from $1,800 to $6,100 a month. 
10/12/20 11:24pm
Six RAGAs participated in the pilot program, though there are around 95 of them currently living on campus. The program used an an app to regulate students as they dined during 30-minute time slots at 1920 Commons.
10/12/20 12:56am
Many Penn international students had no choice but to become “nocturnal” and operate on Eastern time in order to attend club information sessions and interviews this semester.
10/11/20 11:37pm
Penn Med experts were bewildered by the combination of treatments given to Trump, which are commonly used for severely ailing patients, against the backdrop of his and his doctors' portrayal of the illness as mild.
10/11/20 9:59pm
75% and 55% of Hispanic and Black residents, respectively, reported that they have faced financial hardship due to the virus, while only 32% of white respondents reported the same. 
10/09/20 12:36am
Harker said his prediction depends on a sustained decline in the rate of new infections, the availability of a vaccine by the end of 2021, and an additional trillion-dollar stimulus package.
10/08/20 11:54pm
Many students said the remote semester greatly diminishes the MBA experience where students can no longer network in-person or take advantage of Wharton-sponsored traveling and co-curricular activities.
10/08/20 1:06am
RAGAs can reserve a 30-minute time slot on the Penn Eats mobile ordering app to eat their meals at 1920 Commons.
10/06/20 11:47pm
Power condemned the Trump administration's lack of international cooperation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
10/06/20 11:45pm
Suzman's Tuesday afternoon talk was the first in a three-day event series hosted by PWH to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, titled “The UN at 75: Coronavirus and Competition."
10/06/20 12:24am
Last Wednesday, BIOL 101: Introduction to Biology A and CRIM 100: Criminology were 'Zoom bombed' — a term used to refer to hackers invading video meetings on Zoom.