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Opinion Columns

03/22/11 5:53am

The Gray Area | Year of the Tipping Point

For Penn's theme year to become more widespread, it must be more prevalent in classes.
03/21/11 4:40am

Combat Ray-tions | Donations show support for victims and friends

Donating money won't solve Japan's problems, but the aid will show support.
03/18/11 5:26am

Last Call | On the road (trip)

We’re busy people with no time to waste. But on a road trip, we’ve resigned to taking the long way, and it’s okay.
03/18/11 5:09am

Hassall-Free Fridays | Fear, self-loathing and government

Almost all foreigners who have ever come into contact with it possess an instinctual fear of the United States immigration and customs bureaucracy.
03/17/11 4:56am

Scientifically Blonde | Not your elementary school gym class

Not only should Penn offer physical education classes — they should be mandatory.
03/17/11 4:06am

Smart Alec | End of the Age of Forgiveness

The internet has made our pasts permanent, ready to haunt us for the rest of our lives. If we can no longer forget, we ought to better forgive.
03/16/11 4:34am

Say Anything | Change we can’t believe in

Take away everything else, Penn. It’s okay. But do not take our e-mails.
03/16/11 3:37am

A Likely Story | The trouble with tutoring

Tutoring is not something that you can clearly fail or succeed at. It’s a constant struggle between accepting frustration and deciding to continue in spite of it.
03/15/11 5:18am

The Gray Area | The looting of Barnes’s vision

The relocation of the Barnes Foundation will lead to the death of one man’s lifelong dream.
03/15/11 4:53am

Peace Not Politics | Don’t throw students overboard

The GOP budget cuts over $61 billion from federal programs that directly impact college students, including Teach for America and Pell grants.
03/14/11 4:07am

Bank on It | A break from homework

As a way to help students deal with stress and unwind, Penn should discourage the practice of giving homework over spring break.
03/03/11 6:38am

Truth Be Told | Cut your hair, lengthen your lifespan

Penn's Cut Hypertension program is more than your run-of-the-mill public health PSA.
03/03/11 6:22am

Smart Alec | Inequality without reason

The reason behind denying transexual faculty and staff benefits is simple. It boils down to two things — perspiration and politics.
03/02/11 6:09am

The Half of It | Geek life: sisterhood scholars and fratastic GPAs

As an unaffiliated student, I can’t help but begrudge the academic support that Greek members get.
03/02/11 5:52am

A Likely Story | Post your secrets

Contrary to popular belief, secrets need to get told. After all, a secret is a mighty difficult thing to carry around. Welcome
03/01/11 7:13am

Tattle-Taylor | Buying an iPad — the $499 e-quation

When I see the costs associated with using the iPad as an e-reader, I find myself becoming disenchanted.
03/01/11 6:50am

The Gray Area | The calm after the storm

By emulating Newt Gingrich’s commitment to the issues, there is a real opportunity for us to reveal the power of substance over raw emotion.
02/28/11 5:56am

Combat Ray-tions | Let’s be a little more Penn-sive

One reason students don’t engage in stimulating activities more often is because the pre-professional atmosphere at Penn dissuades intellectual curiosity.
02/28/11 5:23am

The Gold Standard | A condom of our own

The Philadelphia condom is being introduced, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
02/25/11 6:29am

Duly Noted | Hipster goes mainstream

Maybe we should just accept that everyone’s a little bit hipster. Once a word stops meaning anything, it kind of starts meaning everything.